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Aerobic Oxygen 60ml & Aerobic 07 70ml
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Aerobic Oxygen 60ml & Aerobic 07 70ml
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Main page on Aerobic Oxygen
Main page on Aerobic 07

Aerobic Oxygen and Aerobic 07 are very similar - they both claim to contain 13,000 ppm (parts per million) of dissolved oxygen.  The dosage guidelines are different, but given their similarity, we can only assume that the manufacturers simply have different views on how much should be taken.

Individual results vary, and sometimes people do report that they found one more effective than the other one. But we can't say that one is consistently better than the other as for every person who finds Aerobic Oxygen works better, someone else says they found Aerobic 07 worked better. So there isn't much point in phoning us to ask which is the "best" one. Based on experience we know that some of you will phone and ask this question anyway, but the answer when you phone us will not magically change! So why not try both, save a couple of quid, and decide for yourself which one is better.

Aerobic 07
Aerobic Oxygen
Manufacturer claim tastes better because it's better made. We cannot verfiy this claim, but it does taste slightly better.
A bit bleachy. Not the worst tates in the world, but less pleasant than Aerobic 07.
Contains 70ml
Contains 60ml
Recommended dosage
6-8 drops 3 X per day & * Why
20 drops 3 X per day * Why?
Primary ingredient
The oxygen carrier is sodium ions.
The oxygen carrier is sodium ions
More popular one
Lower sales, but AO is better known, we advertise it more & have sold it for much longer.
Higher sales but is better known, we advertise it more & have sold it for much longer
Cost of 1 bottle
£19.99 for 70ml
£16.99 for 60ml
Which one is better?
Almost impossible to say as individual results vary.
Almost impossible to say as individual results vary.

* Why are the recommend dosages so different?

The suppliers of Aerobic 07 claim that you don't need to take as much because their product is superior. We are sceptical of this claim, firstly because it is not proveable, secondly because they both contain the same amount of dissolved oxygen.

We think it is simply that they have different views on how much to take. With both products if you take too much, it will cause loose bowels, and if this occurs, we suggest reducing the dosage. With both products this tends to occur more easily with small / slim individuals than larger people but in our experience almost never occurs below 10 drops 3 x per day with any adult.

With both products, you should use common sense, and adjust the dosage to whatever you can tolerate without causing diarrhea. There really isn't much point in phoning us to talk about this, as we are only going to repeat what we have just written, but if you want to hear somebody repeat what you just read, you are obviously welcome to call us.

Children's dosage:

Use a bit of common sense to lower the dosage relative to their size and weight compared to an adult.


Vitamin C is a wonderful nutrient which we beleive is beneficial for pretty much 100% of people, but should not be consumed within two hours of taking an oxygen product. No harm will occur if you do, but some practitioners contend that they may cancel each other out.

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Aerobic Oxygen 60ml & Aerobic 07 70ml