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Antioxidant Supreme 90 capsules
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Antioxidant Supreme 90 capsules
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Free radical damage is considered to be responsible for the aging process and the underlying weakness linking all serious illness. An antioxidant is any substance which opposes free radical activity and therefore enhances longevity. Regrettably, we believe that everyone is deficient in antioxidants (even people on good diets are deficient, and those on poor diets are dreadfully and dangerously deficient). If you don’t believe this, just order the Free Radical Test Kit which costs about £15 from our friends at The Rainham Health Food Centre - Telephone 01634 861880 - and see for yourself. (Please mention you were referred by The Finchley Clinic).

This ubiquitous deficiency explains why I believe everyone, without exception, should take an antioxidant product critical for the immune system, preventing free radical damage, and slowing the aging process, indefinitely. I have been taking this product and Oxygen Elements Max (which also has antioxidant properties, due to the prescence of hydrogen ions, even though it oxygenates the body) continuously for some years for general health and virtually never get colds any more, even though I am not as disciplined as I should be in my diet and lifestyle. I felt it was a pity taking something for so long which I regarded as so critical to general health that I wasn’t making available to customers via the web shop (though I have been selling it to patients for a long time). Well now I have remedied that, and here is the product I use.

Of all the products we sell, this is one of the hardest to summarise in a few sentences. The reason is because there are entire books written on the benefits of most of the individual ingredients by themselves and they are all far more than just antioxidants. Nonetheless here are some key points:

Selenium forms part of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase, is an antioxidant that protects the body by defending the damaging effects of free radicals and reduces the harmful oxidation of fats in the blood, and in doing so may help to maintain a healthy heart and circulation. It is also part of the enzyme iodothyronine deiodinase, which converts the thyroid hormone T4to its active form T3. A sluggish thyroid will ensure that all body systems function at a low ebb (see page on Kelp Formula for more information about this). Professor Harry Foster claims in his book "What Really Causes AIDS?" that glutathione peroxidase is the primary cause of the progression of HIV to full blown AIDS, and that this can be prevented and even reversed with selenium supplementation. Please note that this is Professor's Foster's representation, and we are not able to verify it or claim that selenium supplmentation helps treat HIV or AIDS.

Zinc supplementation can lead to increased energy, less colds and infections, better memory, less PMT, prevention of hair loss, improved nail growth, increased libido, acne and other skin problems fading, and prostate problems receding. This is a mere handful of its many advantages.

Vitamin C deficiency has been associated with symptoms as diverse as premature signs of aging, anxiety, stress, high blood fats, fatigue, heart failure, high blood pressure, thrombosis, arthritis, susceptibility to colds and infections, PMT and depression. It is also anti viral. Severe deficiency leads to multiple haemorrages, joint disintegration, looseing of teeth, muscle pain, and eventually death. It is also associated with collagen formation and iron absorption.

Co-enzyme Q-10 has helped conditions from gum disease to heart problems, gives more energy and increases athletic performance.

Vitamin E contributes to a healthy circulatory system, aids in proper blood clotting and improves wound healing. Some studies have shown that vitamin E decreases symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Vitamin E supplements have been shown to lower rate of coronary heart disease by 30 - 40%.

Vitamin A presented to the body as Beta Carotene has been the subject of numerous studies demonstrating its helpfulness for heart disease, eye diseases (especially preventing cataracts). Researchers have also been exploring the nutrient's potential for treating chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer's disease, fibromyalgia, male infertility, and psoriasis.

Manganese is helpful in the treatment and prevention of oeteoporosis, arthritis and PMS. Its also an antioxidant nutrient that is important in the breakdown of amino acids and the production of energy. It is necessary for the metabolism of Vitamin B-1 and Vitamin E.

Copper is involved with energy levels by promoting iron absorption, helps to protect against heart disease & strokes, is good for healthy bones, good for the immune system.

Futhermore the Manganese balances the Selenium and the Copper balances the Zinc. This product is designed for long term use and disease prevention and it is not a good idea to give selenium and zinc long term without balancing them with these two extra minerals, as people are liable to become deficient in these extra minerals if they are given unopposed. This type of advantage is what makes the difference between this product and some of the cheaper brands found in health food shops.




Vitamin C (as mineral ascorbates) 225mg
L-Cysteine 150mg
Glycine 150mg
L-Carnitine 55mg
Vitamin E1 45iu
Grape Seed Extract 10mg
Co-Enzyme Q-10 7mg
Vitamin A as Beta Carotene from Dunaliella 3mg
Zinc Gluconate 3mg
Vitamin B6 3mg
Manganese (as Gluconate) 1mg
Copper (as Gluoconate) 200mcg
Selenium (as selenomethionine) 35mcg

Allergens: 1. From Soya 

Does not contain wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar,or yeast


Please note the prescence of Zinc Gluconate in our product (zinc oxide commonly found in cheap multivitamins is an ineffective source of zinc to the body) and Vitamin B6 (to enhance absorbtion of zinc)

Suggested basic dosage: 1 capsule with each meal. (3 capsules per day).
Suggested optimal dosage: 2 capsules with each meal. (6 capsules per day).

Contains 90 veggie (vegetarian) capsules.

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Antioxidant Supreme 90 capsules