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Candida Article #4: More Gentle Approach

Article By Mark Lester, Director of The Finchley Clinic

Should I always go for the most aggressive possible anti candida programme?
What to do if you're too sensitive to use our strongest anti candida products.

Although I get calls from customers all the time who ask me to suggest the strongest possible anti candida programme the truth is such a programme is unsuitable for some people. This may be because their candida problem is very severe, or it may be because they are very sensitive. These people tend to feel worse instead of better when they try to use what for the majority of people are our strongest products - Threelac, Fivelac, Golden Seal Formula E or F (especially the' F' formula) and Samento. For those who can tolerate them, these products is very often all they need, so they don't need to read the rest of this article!

However I do not recommend these products for those individuals (at least not initially) if they make your symptoms worse instead of better. Personally, I do not subscribe to the view that the most aggressive approach is the best one in every case, or that you need to feel even worse before you get better. The above mentioned products as with all natural approaches, are usually excellentproviding you are able to tolerate a reasonably robust approach and are sensibly persistent and patient.

But here's what I recommend if you are one of those people who require a more slow and steady approach. You will still be able to get better, it just may take a bit longer:-

1) For very severe cases: You probably need to deal with the candida toxins first and as a higher initial  priority than eradicating the candida, which can come later. This will also be the quickest way to get to feel better both physically and mentally.

Wild Endive Formula

Actually, this isn't a bad idea for most candida sufferers, but is especially true for the severe cases or sensitive people.
According to my mentor, candida produces over 150 known toxins, which are, as their name suggests, toxic to the body. These people should use our main product designed to help with reducing candida toxins: Wild Endive Formula or Wild Endive Formula A as their primary product (please read the web pages and then decide for yourself which one sounds more suitable for you, as it is almost impossible for us to give precise advice on this) for at least 2 months. Please note, as a precaution we do not recommend Wild Endive Formula for infants.
Please phone 0871 231 7399 if you want a recommendation of a product more suitable for very young children.

All or any of the other products in the section " Candida die-off" will enhance the effects of using Bayberry Formula. In the rare instances of those who cannot tolerate botanical food supplements, these should be used as an alternative for reducing candida toxins.

2) For those who are ready for attack the candida, but want or need to to do it gently:

You can still use Bayberry Formula, but you can add in more products at this stage.

We have quite a wide range of products, so this is not a fully comprehensive list. Also you do not necessarily need all of them. Read the detailed web pages and listen to your own intuition. If you phone me for advice as to which ones to use, most of the time I will only be making educated guesses.

The list below is of the products we regard as being on the gentler side. Although the stronger products generally work faster, this is not the case for everyone, as different things work for different people. Therefore anyone who is not getting better on any particular regime after 8-12 weeks may want to consider these products. We would like to suggest not to phone us to ask which one is the best. This is really a waste of time as their is no single product which is comprehensively the best product for all the people all of the time. But our favourites would include one or more of the following : -

* Another little note, at the risk of stating what should be obvious: These products may be used individually or combined together with any of the others. They can also be combined with any of what we generally consider to be the stronger products mentioned above to further enhance their effects.

Liquid Oxygen

Don't misunderstand these products - the fact that they are gentle does not make them weak. In fact I am of the opinion that all candida sufferers will benefit from using one of the liquid oxygen products. However because a small percentage of people cannot tolerate the 2 most popular brands we sell -   Oxygen Elements Plus and Oxylift, I wrote this section to mention the products that virtually everyone can tolerate.

Firstly there's Aerobic Oxygen. We suggest  starting on only half the dosage on the label and build up slowly. If loose bowels are experienced, reduce the dosage. Alternatively there's Aerobic K07  which is very similar to aerobic oxygen (see web page to read about the differences). As it has a lower label dosage, most people can start on the full dosage and can increase it to double the label dosage if they want a stronger effect, Lastly there's Mycocurb  which has very sensible label directions. We particularly recommend Mycocurb for children or mega sensitive types. It's probably worth mentioning that at £ 10.49, it looks cheaper than the others, but because it's in a smaller bottle, it's actually somewhat dearer for the amount you get.

We used to think there was no point in using more than of the liquid oxygen products at the same time since they were designed to do the same thing. But since a couple of customers did exactly that and then reported to us that they found the cumulative effects to be very powerful, we now suggest that you can try using more than one at the same time if you feel inclined to.

Remember although these products help combat candida, we think that the liquid oxygen products help tremendously with general health, especially with raising energy and vitality.

We are getting calls quite often about whether we recommend a "new" product called MMS or Miracle Mineral Supplement. We have looked into this, and it seems to only be the same as Aerobic Oxygen cleverly marketed as something "new" when it isn't. Because absurdly high dosages are recommended, single dosages can be both very effective but make people feel absolutely awful in the short term. Does it do anything that you can't do with our existing products? Subject to being proven wrong, we doubt it, and that's why we decided at least for now, not to confuse customers by selling it when we have other products that we think are pretty much the same.

For those wanting to go into the subject of candida and oxygen a bit further, there's a nice little article about Aerobic Oxygen and candida found here.

If the affects even from the oxygen products are too strong (i.e. make you feel lousy), use your common sense to reduce the dosage to an amount which you can tolerate without feeling rubbish.

Oregano Formula

Like our Golden Seal formula, contains 7 herbs all of which are traditionally used to combat candida, but less aggressive. Like with all botanical food supplements, if you dabble with it, you are wasting your time and money. We recommend taking the label suggested dosage for at least 2-3 months to test whether its working, and often 6 months or more to eradicate candida. After our "strongest" products mentioned above, and the liquid oxygen, we feel that generally speaking this is probably the next strongest, mostly because as with most combination remedies, the whole is greater than the individual parts. Please note the emphasis on "generally speaking" as there are no hard and fast rules.

Oregano Formula is a blend of Oregano, Lemon Balm, Ginger, Yellow Dock, Cinnamon, Echinacea and Rosemary.


The active ingredient of this product, caprylic acid has long been extolled for its anti candida properties and is very widely used in natural medicine. Whilst this is true, we still regard caprylic acid based products as gentle rather than aggressive.

Micro Floraguard

A highly innovative product which combines probiotics and natural anti fungal & anti bacterial oils. The probiotic and oils sections are separately encased within the same capsule to be released at different times, so that they don't interfere with each other. This product was the winner of the "Best Product" award at the Natural Trade Show, Brighton 2004.

How It Works

Stage 1

Oils of Coconut, Cinnamon, Oregano, Clove, Ginger and Rosemary are released into the stomach. Stage 1 is dispersed before Stage 2 is released.

Stage 2

Acidophilus and Bifidobacteria with Garlic are released directly into the small intestine, protecting them from stomach acid and the plant oils.

Under normal circumstances these ingredients would be unstable when combined together, but the DuoCap unique encapsulation process separates sensitive ingredients and prevents them coming into contact with each other. It also allows for ingredients to be released at different times in the gut.

Bio Kult

Originally formulated for children, but frequently used by adults, this is a 14 strain multi probiotic which comes in a 60 or 120 capsule size bottle. I am not sure whether this proves anything, but we sell a lot of this product (it's our best selling probiotic after Threelac and Fivelac) so it would appear that our customers like it.

Any of our colon cleansing products will be useful both for the candida and the candida toxins. Did you really think you could eradicate candida if your guts were full of gunk?

Heal the Leaky Gut / Relieve Irritable Bowel

In most cases we take the view that one should eliminate candida toxins, then eradicate candida and then heal the leaky gut which accompanies virtually all cases. However some people whose guts are very inflamed may need to consider using products like Marshmallow Formula, Colostrum, MSM or Glutamine to soothe and heal their guts. These products are all found in this section of the web site. It's probably also worth mentioning that these products tend to help heal or at least reduce food intolerances.

How To Know When You Are Better

To a large extent it will be obvious because you'll feel so much better. You'll have more energy, have less aches and pains, your immune system will be stronger, digestive difficulties will diminish, in many cases anxiety and depression will lift and your skin will be radiant. However feeling better isn't good enough for you, we find this free test to be a reasonably accurate guide as to whether the treatment is working. We suggest doing it once every month or so to assess progress.

Wishing you all candida free good health
Mark G. Lester - Director, general busybody and clever cloggs, The Finchley Clinic Ltd

PS Stop Press: I can't leave you without mentioning that if you are using Oxylift, we are now offering a 25% discount on 6 bottles or more. Click here to take us up on this offer.

* Legal Disclaimer: The article above is not a substitute for conventional medical advice, diagnosis and treatment, and is not written by a medical doctor. Always discuss any health problem you are concerned about, and any product you are considering taking with your doctor. No matter how frustrating it may be if you don't think you are being taken seriously or  feel you are being listened to, which sadly we get a lot of complaints about, we are legally obliged to advise you to always consult your doctor on any health concerns you have.

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