Candida Article #6: Threelac Vs Fivelac
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Candida Article #6: Threelac Vs Fivelac

Threelac Vs. Fivelac

Buy Threelac here
Buy Fivelac here

Threelac and Fivealc are basically very similar, the main difference being that Fivelac has two additional friendly bacteria probiotics in it:-

Ingredient Threelac Fivelac
Bacillus coagulans 500 million CFU 500 million CFU
Bacillus subtillis 500 million CFU 500 million CFU
Enterococcus Faecalis* 500 million CFU 500 million CFU
Bifidobacterium longum None 500 million CFU
Lactobcillus acidophilus None 500 million CFU

CFU = Colony Forming Units.

Please note these figures below are based on the amount of live bacteria at the end of the products shelf life (i.e.. the expiry date). The amount of live bacteria at the point of manufacture is double that of the expiry date. Therefore the figures quoted below are conservative estimates of the number of live bacteria.

* Please note this is a non toxic strain of Enterococcus Faecalis, though some jealous competitors have posted slanderous and blatantly incorrect data about this on the Internet as a form of scaremongering. There is more detailed discussion on this in the FAQ's.

Is Fivelac More Effective Against Candida Than Threelac?

A message from Mark Lester, Director of The Finchley Clinic Ltd:

As you can see, Threelac and Fivelac are basically very similar, the main difference being that Fivelac has two additional friendly bacteria probiotics in it. Theoretically Fivelac shhould be be the better product. However the truth, as is so often the case where it comes to health, is not quite so straightforward.

We have had a some people who reported that they were normally Threelac customers, who decided to try Fivelac but thought that Threelac worked better, so decided to go back to using Threelac. I do not know the reason for this, since theoretically Fivelac is a better product, and anything I say would be speculation. No matter what the reason, and based on this feedback, our advice is that if you are already taking Threelac, and finding it's working really well for you, there is no reason to change to Fivelac. If you are winning the match, why would you take off your best player?

We have also had a large number of people who having tried both products, said that although Threelac had been very helpful, Fivelac had been better still. Occassionally  customers have told is that Threelac didn't wortk at all, but Fivelac did. This is more or less what I would have expected as it should in theory be a better product.

Since most customers tend to try Threelac initially and switch to Fivelac if they are not improving after a couple of months, most of our feedback has suggested that Fivelac is better. However you have to take into account that most of these people only used Fivelac because Threelac wasn't working as well as they hoped, or in some cases wasn't working at all.

However, my overall conclusion, however unhelpful and confusing it may be, is that

  • Fivelac is theoretically better than Threelac but...
  • This is not true for everyone in practise. Regard of the theory, some people find threelac works better for them.
  • I do not know the reason for this (this is usually the next question).
  • So perhaps it would be easiest just to say they are different.
  • The general advice I am giving these days is to try Threelac first.
  • If it doesn't seem to be working after a couple of months on at least 2 sachets per day, try Fivelac and see whether that works better for you.
  • What is far. far more important than worrying about which one to take, is to make a decision and take it persistently - anything from 1-6 sachets per day, depending on how sensitive you tend to be, and the severity of the problem. Our worst results, are ALWAYS with those individuals who dabble with products rather than taking them every day.
  • Although a tremendous number of people get better simply with Threelac and Fivelac, candida overgrowth syndrome can be a complex and stubborn problem. These products are in many cases only part of the answer. At the very least I always recommend them to be taken with one of the liquid oxygen products.
  • Educate yourself on this subject of candida, by reading the articles.


Buy Threelac here
Buy Fivelac here

One Last Thought

Just to add to the confusion, we have recently begun selling a rival brand of probiotic, which contains two out of three of the strains found in Threelac. The number of live bacteria per capsule is very low, yet it does seem to work in some cases where Threelac and Fivelac have not worked. This product is called Symbion Probiotics. Read the product page and consider this product if you are not satisfied with the results you are getting with Threelac or Fivelac. Remember, individual results vary. Yes, I know and agree that it's frustrating that you may have to try different products in order to find the best one for you, but unfortunately this is the way things are both with conventional and natural medicine.