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Colosan Powder £27.99

Colosan Powder
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product nameThis product is in stock and can be shipped on Wednesday 26th April if you order today.
Vegan  Vegetarian  
Reward Points 279
Price £27.99
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Get 500 reward points for writing your own review
product nameThis product is in stock and can be shipped on Wednesday 26th April if you order today.
Vegan  Vegetarian  
Reward Points 279

Many health practitioners contend that all disease begins in the colon and conversely that optimal well-being begins with a healthy colon. This is why we believe that for ideal health, it is critical to clear out the  accumulated feacal matter which colonic practitioners contend are typically found in the colon of the average person. There are many colon cleansing products on the market, but most of them do not have the added advantage of oxygenating the bowels at the same time. This is why we believe our colon cleansing products are the best currently available. Although some people swear by psyllium based products, for some people they cause bloating, don't work, and are occasionally allergenic. We also think that colosan is a better approach than using botanical laxatives, which are usually gut irritants. Because such products do not oxygenate the colon, they do not deter anaerobic micro-organsims.

Colosan is a magnesium based colon cleansing product which we originally sourced as an alternative for Homozon, as we were unable to obtain regular supplies. It contains a third more powder than Homozon and costs far less. The two products are basically very similar, though Colosan has a nicer texture. We have been selling it for over a decade, and we still have people buying it now, who have been using it for over 10 years. Clearly this is a product with a loyal following for those seeking good colon health.

Later on, we introduced another similar product at the request of two practitioners - Oxy-Powder - and later still another similar product - Mag 07. Of the three products, Colosan (in powder form) is the best value for money. As for which is the best, you'll have to try them out for yourself to decide that one. Some people get on better with one product, some people get on better with another one, even though in theory they are virtually the same.

Colosan is a compound of magnesium and oxygen in which the magnesium atoms form a loose lattice onto which oxygen is bonded by a catalytic process.


Magnesium oxide powder (which has been through a special oxygenation process). That's it!


Vitamin C is a wonderful nutrient which we believe is beneficial for pretty much 100% of people, but is not recommended within two hours of taking an oxygen product. No harm will occur if you do, but it has been hypothesises that they may cancel each other out.

Beware of fake Colosan

Please note, any product being advertised as “Magnesium Oxide (Colosan)” without the Colosan label, is NOT original Colosan, has not been through the same processing, and is not recommend by the manufacturers who we have direct contact with. Please note, the advertising for so called “Magnesium Oxide (Colosan)”  has copied the text of our old brochure text almost word for word, however this product has nothing to do with us.

Ingredients Label
Ingredients Label