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Colosan Powder
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Colosan Powder

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Date Added: Friday 24 July 2015
I don't personally have any problem with constipation/bowel regulation, but use Colosan for a general 'clean out' as and when I feel I need to. It has a positive effect on my energy levels and doesn't create any discomfort whatsoever. I take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with plenty of water (and lemon juice thereafter as directed) and it works within 3 - 5 hours. A great start to a 'detox' I find, especially if I've been overdoing it!

Date Added: Friday 24 July 2015
I tried Colosan to deal with occasional bouts of constipation, but have found it to be too harsh for my system, even in much-reduced doses. The "starting" dose was massively too high for *me*. It is *VERY* effective, but gave me explosive diarrhoea and unpleasant stomach cramps. I have a history of IBS, so that may be the reason for my *over-sensitive* reaction? I continue taking oxyegen products to deal with candida & adrenal fatigue, but find that OxyLift and Oxy-Powder are much kinder to my system. If Colosan is too harsh for you, I would recommend trying other products - I did, and found ones that suit me better. I additionally take OptiBac or Fivelac when I am awa ...(more)

Date Added: Monday 09 February 2015
If you suffer from IBS, fluid retention during your monthly cycle or indigestion and constipation during season changes, this product is the perfect remedy. First thing in the morning with hot water, it's easy to take, no taste or smell, follow it up with the recommended lemon juice or table spoon of apple cider vinegar and all day you will find you have regular bowels and no gas or bloating. After a week you will see the difference in your skin and feel the difference round your waist. Most importantly you will feel an increase in your energy levels through out the day. Better then any colonic or hot enema, because it is a daily ritual that works with your own body's flora and i ...(more)

Date Added: Tuesday 03 June 2014
This has to be one of my favourite products. It really is a fantastic colon cleanser as well as lifting energy levels. I regularly (excuse the pun!) recommend it to clients for constipation - one mum was absolutely delighted that not only did it completely eradicate her daughter's constipation but lifted her mood so much it brought her to tears to see how happy her daughter had become. Hebe Fearn Health Synergy

Date Added: Tuesday 04 February 2014
I would like to say that Colosan has made life so much better for my husband . He has been using Colosan now for 12 years and it works so well.he was in Hospital for 7weeks during November and December2013 and there was nothing they had in hospital that worked for him as well as Colosan . In the end they accepted that he could use Colosan and it was such a relief .

Date Added: Wednesday 08 January 2014
As constipation can be a problem for me, it does help. The only thing I have noticed with Colosan and some other oxygen products designed to help with bowel regulation is that if I just have slightly more than enough to stop constipation, I can get caught short. It has happened once or twice, so I have to make sure that with Colosan, I don't have any more than about three quarters of a teaspoon a day.

Date Added: Monday 30 December 2013
The product works very well, one may need to work out a programme or timetable to suit, but its good.

Date Added: Monday 09 July 2012
After suffering with constipation and that awful bloated feeling for a number of years on and off, i have tried EVERYTHING!! I purchased this product with a great deal of apprehension. I couldn,t believe it, this product actually works!! I have felt like a different person, more energy and lighter, i cannot recommend this highly enough! It has taken me a few weeks to sort out just the right dosage, but now i have its happy days for me. Thank you!

Date Added: Tuesday 08 May 2012
I have used ‘Colosan’ for around 7 years now. My daughter recommended it and I bless her for it. It is the only product I consider safe to use and the only product which will not cause pain in the gut, unlike other laxative or bulking agents. I had a sluggish bowel in my teens and I am in late middle age now. I have had persistent problems since then and they have increased with time. I have had different diagnoses - for many years it was referred to by doctors as a 'spastic colon' and any substance such as Senna was not recommended as its action would cause immense pain and often, bleeding. I have been hospitalised several times with this problem. Once when I was due to have a colonosc ...(more)

Date Added: Monday 12 December 2011
Colosan Powder is a VERY effective colon cleanser. You only have to "visually examine" the results to realise how very well it works. Also, it is an additional way to assist with weight control if used sensibly of course.

Date Added: Tuesday 22 November 2011
I had candida for years with a range of horrible symptoms. I was tired and felt toxic. Colosan powder gave the the quickest and fastest relief I have ever had. By the next day I had more energy, and felt less bloated, and normal basically for the first time in years. I now take it twice a week or as needed.

Date Added: Wednesday 21 September 2011
I like this product as I only need a small amount to ease constipation, and one dosage works for a few days afterwards. I also tried oxy-powder, which does work, but personally I get on better with colosan.

Date Added: Monday 04 July 2011
I've been extremely ill since mid-April, have been so debilitated I've been signed off work for 2 months so far, with post viral fatigue. A friend recommended this product and I am gobsmacked at the effect. Literally 3 weeks ago I could barely walk, just did not have the strength, my joints were not working properly, had been through the extreme headaches, couldn't make a decision, could barely think, some days did not have the energy to get off the sofa, and couldn't read, both as I didn't have the strength to hold a book and couldn't translate words into sentences. I've been tested for eveything from glandular fever to rhumatoid arthritis and the latest test was for auto immune disorders.  ...(more)

Date Added: Wednesday 25 May 2011
I have bought and tried this product and it works. Where does it all come from!!!!! I feel so elated as have tried other products that in no way does what Colosan Powder does. I am so pleased to be a member of The Finchley Clinic and trust in this site 100% The service is excellent too.

Date Added: Monday 14 February 2011
I have been bloated for years and have tried EVERYTHING. At times, it would become so painful, it even hurt to move around. I was told i had IBS. I tried herbal laxitives which did help me go to the toilet but caused major cramps and would not help for the bloating at all. When people would ask me to go anywhere, i would worry as to how i would feel in case i bloated and felt uncomfortable. This is all until i tried Colosan - the best thing to happen to me EVER! Honestly, i would highly recommend this product! In fact, i've told many people about it! I never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable ever again. I can look forward to going places now and know that it'll be fine! I only have i ...(more)

Date Added: Friday 16 July 2010
I have coeliac disease and despite sticking to a rigid diet I had abdominal bloating and constipation. This product works for me, I now have a lovely flat stomach, have managed to lose weight and don't get a bloated stomach anymore. I hate the taste but some things are worth putting up with.

Date Added: Saturday 20 March 2010
Hello - just to say I am happy to pay more for the Colosan capsules to avoid the milk of magnesia taste followed by vinegar. Otherwise - thank you!

Date Added: Thursday 24 September 2009
What can I say... I've been using Colosan for almost 4 years now and I've only just got round to writing a review. I had a my first colonic about 4 years ago and as I left the clinic the therapist handed me a leaflet about Colosan and the finchley clinic. I duly went out and bought Colosan in the powder form and I havent looked back. I cant live without it. If I do go without it I notice I get very quickly "backed up", very tired, groggy and generally sluggish. If my colon isnt cleansed I generally feel rubbish. Doctors have in the past diagnosed me with IBS (rubbish) and recommended laxatives to me. I dont have IBS and I dont want to take laxatives. I just need to keep my colon  ...(more)

Date Added: Wednesday 08 July 2009
I have been using herbal laxatives for a couple of years and was getting worried about the harm I might be doing to myself. I have suffered from constipation since having a hysterectomy 15 years ago. The Colosan power really works for me, I take a rounded teaspoon at night with some PLJ (pure lemon juice cordial). I feel more confident that the Colosan is not harming my body in the same was as herbal laxatives.

Date Added: Friday 29 May 2009
Hi I have been using Colosan powder since 2006. It is simply an excellent product. At that time I changed totally my eating habits- I started to eat as outlined in the book Nourishing traditions and the site of Initially I used Colosan for 5 days- 2 x per day- and also eating only grapefruits/ oranges, water and herbal teas. The idea was to clean my colon. Then I took for a month a good probiotic- here on this website are many excellent probiotic products- and then continued with fermented home-made drinks. I take Colosan every time I feel I a cold is coming and I believe that it helps me to stay away from colds. Also when I feel constipated - usually when travelling  ...(more)

Date Added: Sunday 19 April 2009
Hi i have taken this for a few months now and cant belive that i have no pain and find it so much easier to go to the loo. I just take it twice a week now and although i thought it was a bit expensive it's not because i dont have to pay for med's from the doctor any more.

Date Added: Wednesday 01 April 2009
I have been using this producy for a month now and because of it I am finally off the herbal laxatives after about 8 years. It took a week or so to work out the correct dosage for me but since then I've been great. I take a bit extra around the time of the month to prevent getting constipated and bloated.

Date Added: Sunday 24 August 2008
I have been using colosan powder in conjunction with threelac. The first day (a working day) I took a half level teaspoon first thing in the morning. This had an effect akin to taking several grams of vitamin C but not liquid stools. After two days I increased it to a heaped teaspoon. Wow! It is unbelievable for its ability to cleanse totally without producing the strong urge to find a toilet for fear of embarassment that laxatives promote. I would recommend this for anyone looking for the ultimate safe cleanse in pursuit of their best total health.

Date Added: Saturday 26 April 2008
I have been taking Colosan powder now for a couple of years after being admitted to hospital twice with a blocked bowel. I have suffered all my life with constipation and tried all the various tablets from my doctor and chemist over 40 years. Colosan has no side effects, no feeling sick or bloated. I would recommend it to any sufferer, give it a couple of weeks trial. It is such a relief to have found something that works.

Date Added: Thursday 27 March 2008
I suffered really bad constipation for years. Since being pregnant I have been worse. The colosan have been wonderful for me. I find that I need 1 heaped teaspoon per day.

Date Added: Monday 13 August 2007
I responded well to Colosan POWDER. Previously I had tried Oxy-powder capsules and thought that the Colosan worked better. However then I tried the Colosan CAPSULES (as the powder isn't always convenient) and found that almost nothing happened. So I am back to Oxy-Powder capsules (for travelling etc) and Colosan powder combination..

Date Added: Tuesday 05 June 2007
I am a nurse and Holistic therapist, I discovered Colosan and although I have always regarded myself as healthy I lost 7lb and my energy levels soared the first week that I used Colosan. I now use it regularly and recommend it to all of my Clients who have all had great benefits from using it. An amazing product, thanks for bringing it to us Mark! Rosemary Walker. Inverness

Date Added: Monday 02 April 2007
I am a new customer to colosan powder and find it absolutley brilliant. I have been diagnosed with a lazy bowel and IBS for the past 26years and spent £100's on prescription drugs and medicines and nothing seemed to help ease my problem. Aproxiamatley i have spent 4 months per year in agony, I cant describe the pain i have been in ? I contacted Mark and he advised colosan, I must say of all the things i have tried this product is FANTASTIC !!! I am starting to feel that i now have something to live for now and enjoy life more Big thankyou to Mark

Date Added: Sunday 11 March 2007
I love this product!! I can sleep better, my skin is clearer and best of all, I have been able to use it throughout my pregnancy, a time when constipation can be a nightmare!!! If there is one thing we should do to feel good from the inside out, then I think this is it.

Date Added: Wednesday 07 March 2007
Since using the colon cleanser my bowel movement has been regular. I no longer have to strain, am more active, enjoy eating again and my skin has cleared up. It\'s been like a miracle for me, when the medical advice to \"just eat more bran\" had done nothing. I have recommended this product to all my friends. I am your customer for life! Thank you

Date Added: Thursday 21 September 2006
I had a real problem with fluid retention and bloating. I also had problems with a sensation of crawling skin and pudendal itching. Overall, my symptoms were consistent with leaky bowel syndrome, so I was advised to start a programme of Colosan, Threelac and Oxygen Elements Plus to help sort it out. With virtually immediate effect, the main symptoms abated. I think the Colosan was the single most effective agent for rapid effect, because with a couple of days of taking this product, my fluid retention started to sort out, followed shortly by the diminution of the skin crawling and pudendal itching. The only word of caution is to be careful with the recommended dose better to follow the suppl ...(more)

Date Added: Monday 07 August 2006
I have recently switched back to Colosan after trying a bottle of OxyPowder. I found the Oxypowder to not work very well for my body in comparison to the Colosan. I had to take several daily doses of the Oxypowder usually (3-4 days) before any bowel movements would actually occur. I even tried adding lemon, thinking my stomach acids were not strong enough, but that did not make a difference. I find this very strange, as the first day I switched back to Colosan, I had movements the first day and every day there after that I have taken the Colosan without the use of any lemon juice. This leads me to believe my body takes better to the Colosan. The OxyPowder caused violent internal movem ...(more)

Date Added: Friday 07 April 2006
MORE THAN A COLON CLEANSER For more than a decade I have suffered with an incredibly lazy bowel, in other words, chronic constipation. In fact, over the years I've probably got through several novels whilst deliberating on the loo. I am fully aware that laxatives have to be used very carefully as they can further weaken the bowel bad thing. Fermenting waste hanging around in the bowel for more than a day bad thing again. I have tried all manner of remedies and sought medical advice as well, all to no avail. So, I am most relieved to have at last discovered a product that works efficiently without weakening the colon. Not only do you flush goodbye to years of compacted waste - very rewardi ...(more)

Date Added: Friday 13 January 2006
I am the guy who runs The Finchley Clinic. Nonetheless, I see no reason not to share my own testimonial concerning homozon and colosan with the public since I have been using it for longer than anyone else in the UK. I have taken homozon and colosan on and off, basically since I started selling homozon about 8 years ago. In fact homozon was the first product I sold. I originally bought 12 bottles to try on myself and a few patients. Since I only really wanted to try one bottle for myself at the time, I distinctly remember wondering whether I would be unable to shift the other 11 bottles that I was importing, and was a bit concerned as to whether the remaining bottles would just sit in my  ...(more)

Date Added: Tuesday 03 January 2006
After about 4-5 days taking colosan (1 heaped teaspoon twice a day) I felt noticebaly more energetic. I was also able to stay up later without feeling tired the next day. Its been 3 weeks sine I started and I have just orded my second bottle. Thanks guys!

Date Added: Tuesday 22 November 2005
I have has IBS for 6 years, severely, and less severely for several years before that my main symptoms being bloatedness, pain, constipation alternating with diarrhoea I have been taking the colosan and active digestive enzymes for a few weeks now. For the first couple of weeks I took it every day. Now I take it every other day. I can honestly say that the relief I got is amazing, by body has completely changed - bloatedness has disappeared, I can eat things and without thinking they are still lying there hours later and overall feeling a lot brighter. I'm amazed by it, having literally spent hundreds of pounds on other products; I don't have any pain in my stomach like I used to have.  ...(more)

Date Added: Monday 24 October 2005
I have been using Colosan for a number of months and have found considerable relief from the symptoms of Candida. I have been able to tolerate foods that I have had to avoid for years much better. However, this remains the case only when i use colosan every day. If i stop taking it, the sensitivity returns. It is however, great for temporary relief.

Date Added: Friday 14 October 2005
I have been using Colosan for a number of years and find it to be really effective. I take 1/2 teaspoonful of the powder with water and lemon juice each morning on an empty stomach. During the time that I have been taking this product I have never had constipation or any other bowel/stomach problem. I have recently discovered that this is now supplied in capsule form, which I intend to use when I am away from home. Many Thanks Mark This is a wonderful product!

Date Added: Thursday 19 August 2004
I have been using this product for 3/4 months since having a 'colon washout' and found it to be marvelous. This site is also the cheapest I have found for this product, and although the outlay can be quite expensive it lasts absolutely ages. Well worth buying.

Date Added: Monday 26 July 2004
Have been meaning to write about this product for ages. It has been the biggest factor in improving my health. I used to be in agony with my stomach, terrible pains I even ended up in hospital after collapsing in the bathroom. With Colson I have no more pain and quite a lot more energy. As I have big problems with my immune system ( A primary immune deficency) I do not make enough antibodies. Most patients with this condition have really bad problems with their stomachs. I filled in a questionare recently and I am pleased to say most of my stomach problems have gone. I was slightly confused by the section as it did not apply to me. I take Colsosan about twice a week now and feel much bet ...(more)

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