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Colosan Powder
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Colosan Powder

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Date Added: Tuesday 24 January 2017
Hi I have been using colosan for a bit now it works really well in clearing you out. I use 3 heaped table spoons into half a pint of water followed by squeeze of half a lemon. I did however take a break from colosan for 7 days and used oxy-powder as colosan wasn't giving me the clear out. It still did the job but not quite as good. But I used again and it worked like a charm. It is important the day you use it to eat plenty of fruits and veg and take the colosan on an empty stomach before going to bed and you will get an entire clear out. Please don't ever stop making this product its saving lives thank you so much.

Date Added: Monday 21 November 2016
I have used colosan powder and it works fantastic for a good cleansing, I take it at night 3 table spoons with a pint of water and a squeeze of lemon and it works better throughout the night . Don't ever stop making this stuff it saves lives thank u so much

Date Added: Thursday 27 October 2016
I have used Colosan capsules on and off over the past few years, I switched to the capsules from the powder form for convenience. Personally I found the powder form more effective although stopped using it as I didn't like the chalky taste! I find that I can experience quite strong reactions to the product when taking higher doses so usually stick to just one or two capsules and would recommend building up to a higher dose if you have a sensitive system.

Date Added: Saturday 15 October 2016
Colosan Powder is my best friend for detox days. Over three years together with my husband we follow 5:2 diet promoted by Michael Mosley: 5 days a week we have normal food, 2 days we have one light meal in the middle of the day. We call these two days D-day, Detox-day. A night prior the D-Day we have very light dinner, and before sleep take 1tea spoon of Colosan mixed in 200ml of water. Immediately followed by juice from ½ lemon mixed with 150-200 ml of water. The same repeat nest day before sleep. Using t this “formula” twice a week we can control our weight in norm and enjoy our favourite food 5 days a week. Problem with chronicle constipation disappeared as well as bloating. Wat ...(more)

Date Added: Monday 29 August 2016
I take this to support regular bowel movements. I take 3 capsules with 1.5 glasses of water every 3 to 4 days. Have found it not only helps me stay regular, but feel quite clear-headed on the day I take it. I tried 4 capsules once - never again. Had to go to the bathroom about 4 times within 16hrs. 2 capsules just gives a clear-headed feeling.

Date Added: Thursday 04 August 2016
I have been using both Mag 07 and Colosan for a long time. Personally I find them both t be effective, however for me Colosan has the edge over Mag 07. Nonetheless I buy both because Mag 07 is more economical than colosan

Date Added: Friday 15 July 2016
I find Colosan very effective. When I travel I take it along with me as its my best friend. I also introduced my sister in law and graundaughter to it, and they also find it very effective. I usually take 1 teaspoon in apple juice. I do not use the lemon juice as recommended on the label, as I have high stomach acid already and am on medication to reduce it, but the colosan works even without the lemon juice.

Date Added: Thursday 07 July 2016
I have been using this product for several months now and after an initial cleansing of 1 spoon a day for 7 days, I now only use 1 spoonful once a week to keep on top of things. It works very well and I noticed the benefits immediately. Highly recommend it.

Date Added: Monday 04 April 2016
I love this product for constipation. I find it relieves it easily, effectively and gently. I don't use it on a regular basis but like to have it there for if I need it as I know I can depend on it. I only need to take a teaspoon and would advise to start with the lowest recommended dose when first taking to assess how it affects you as when I increased the dose I had quite frequent trips to the loo! The only downside, in my view, is the taste, which I'd describe as a bit chalky. However, the benefits outweigh it and I am a repeat customer of this product.

Date Added: Monday 04 April 2016
I tried colosan capsules as an alternative to the colosan powder but didn\'t find them as effective. I needed to take at least 4 capsules to have any effect. I liked being able to drink just water - and also not need to follow with lemon juice. It showed for me the importance of needing to adjust for my own individual needs and find what works for me. But as I\'d only ordered the trial size I didn\'t have sufficient capsules to experiment for longer and I decided to go back to the powder for my next order. I liked being able to buy a trial size to see how I got on with it but for me there weren\'t sufficient capsules to give it a fair trial and I realised I needed the full size to assess pro ...(more)

Date Added: Tuesday 22 March 2016
Having coeliac, I have had digestive problems for years. Before being diagnosed, I found these on the Internet and decided to give them a go after reading reviews. They really settled my problems, constipation, bloating, excessive wind, and I have continued to take them ever since. I take 2 capsules every evening and on occasions where I feel bloated again, I take 3.

Date Added: Sunday 28 February 2016
Having previously tried the colosan capsules which worked really well, for my second order I decided to try the powder for comparison. I have to say it is not as bad as I had expected it to be. I has a pleasant texture and almost has a milky feel/taste to it when you drink it. Although I haven't been told I have low stomach acid I still find it works better with the lemon juice. Haven't yet decided which one I will continue to use going forward but so far just as effective as the capsules so depends on lifestyle and which is more convenient for anyone. All in all great stuff and wish I'd discovered it earlier!

Date Added: Friday 19 February 2016
My senses feel heightened since taking oxygen elements max. I am sensitive and am able to see peoples auras. Since taking oxylift, this ability has been improved.

Date Added: Sunday 14 February 2016
Oh my! Colosan Capusules where have you been all my life? I started to take these after they were recommended by my colonic hydrotherapist who has been treating me for sever constipation. Having tried so many different supplements, I have to say these are the best! Absolutely amazing! I have now been diagnosed with IBS and I have to say I am not using the Buscopan that I have been prescribed as much as I thought I'd need to and I'm sure these capsules have something to do with it. I was taking the maximum dosage of 6 at night and again in the morning for a whole week for a full cleanse. I am now down to 2 a day to keep me regular. Everybody who has had problems with their bowels/colon needs  ...(more)

Date Added: Wednesday 27 January 2016
I've been taking colosan on and off for around 7 years. Nowadays I just use it if I have over eaten fibrous foods which made be bloated and colicky. I originally took a teaspoon at night with a little lemon juice and in the morning I had a very happy elimination. When I used it for the first week I eliminated what I can only describe as material that looked like black tar, but without and discomfort. Since then I haven't looked back. It gave me my energy back and an overall sense of lightness and wellness. I also gave it to my sister who was also thrilled as it helped her so much with her occasional constipation.

Date Added: Wednesday 20 January 2016
I have used this product for several years and swear by it. I started noticing the benefits after a few days when my gut was cleaned out. I now use the product for 7-10 days at the time, 4-5 times a year. I always feel less bloated after each time I have used it.

Date Added: Thursday 07 January 2016
I have been taking this product for a couple of years now and it has been amazing. I have suffered with severe constipation for many years and tried all kinds of remedies and products but this is the first one to help. I have found though that over time I have had to increase the dose from 1 level teaspoon to 2 level teaspoons or slightly more. When I was on holiday I was so worried about getting bunged up that I took a bit too much for several days and ended up with a very bloated stomach and cramp pains. In the end I stopped the product to give my stomach a rest. It carried on working for about a week before the constipation was back and that was when I decided to try MagO7 as I had read i ...(more)

Date Added: Tuesday 05 January 2016
I very rarely leave reviews for things but these capsules are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !!! I have suffered with ibs for many years , I regularly get bouts of constipation with agonising cramps and hot and cold sweats .... It has made my life miserable for years and made me dread going out !! Unfortunately my epilepsy medication makes my ibs worse but there's nothing I can do about that !!! I regularly take buscapam to help with the cramps and go through a box a week !! This was until I found colosan .... For the first time in years I haven't had to take buscapam, I haven't had any pain or discomfort and I'm going to the toilet regularly every day .... I have lost the horrible bloated feeling I had ...(more)

Date Added: Wednesday 16 December 2015
This product is the best we had tried so far for constipation and in our family we have tried some. It's very effective, even in small doses. With respect to dosage, please be aware that you should take it gradually, because each person is different and taking a "normal" dose of a teaspoon can cause your stool to become so loose that is very uncomfortable and it can impede you carrying on your daily routine. For us it worked with only one dose per day (before bedtime or so), or even few days apart, 1/4 teaspoon not heaped, but flat. Also, follow the instructions and take it on an empty stomach and followed by water with lemon juice, and not eat after that for at least one hour. The ...(more)

Date Added: Tuesday 24 November 2015
This product has done wonders for my husband. He takes 1 level teaspoon before bed and it clears him out very effectively in the morning. Without it he gets blocked up very quickly.

Date Added: Sunday 26 July 2015
I have used this product to do a full cleanse, and I have also used it to maintain "regularity". It works brilliantly for either purpose, however, if you do a full cleanse, you do need to factor in 24 hours where you stay close to home.

Date Added: Friday 24 July 2015
I have used this product for a couple of years now though I have changed the way I use it. At first I took 6 or 7 tablets before bed and 2 more in the morning once a week for a thorough cleanse but this became difficult to maintain. I now take one at night most nights and it is less dramatic and may take two or three days to work but it is very effective. I would recommend this product and also Finchley Clinic from whom I have always had excellent service.

Date Added: Friday 24 July 2015
I don't personally have any problem with constipation/bowel regulation, but use Colosan for a general 'clean out' as and when I feel I need to. It has a positive effect on my energy levels and doesn't create any discomfort whatsoever. I take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with plenty of water (and lemon juice thereafter as directed) and it works within 3 - 5 hours. A great start to a 'detox' I find, especially if I've been overdoing it!

Date Added: Friday 24 July 2015
Colosan capsules are still my go-to product for quick and effective results. I usually take 4 capsules first thing in the morning, with a large glass of water (+ lemon juice, where available, for optimal results) and wait at least an hour before eating. It may take 2 days to kick it at the start, but boy when it gets going, it gets going. I quickly have more energy, better skin and less cravings.

Date Added: Friday 24 July 2015
I tried Colosan to deal with occasional bouts of constipation, but have found it to be too harsh for my system, even in much-reduced doses. The "starting" dose was massively too high for *me*. It is *VERY* effective, but gave me explosive diarrhoea and unpleasant stomach cramps. I have a history of IBS, so that may be the reason for my *over-sensitive* reaction? I continue taking oxyegen products to deal with candida & adrenal fatigue, but find that OxyLift and Oxy-Powder are much kinder to my system. If Colosan is too harsh for you, I would recommend trying other products - I did, and found ones that suit me better. I additionally take OptiBac or Fivelac when I am awa ...(more)

Date Added: Friday 24 July 2015
This product was the only thing to sort out my months of extreme constipation. I tried so many other products and even had colonics, but this was the only thing that had a proper impact. I bought the trial size to start out with so I could see if the product was suitable, and it certainly was.

Date Added: Monday 27 April 2015
At last an answer to my problem. It is gentle and very effective. I took 4 tablets to get things moving which only took a day to work and gradually decreased the amount over the first week , dropping down to 2 twice a day. I now take 1 tablet twice a day unless for some reason I feel I need to take 2 at night. They are amazing and I feel so much better.

Date Added: Thursday 23 April 2015
Having taken this product for many years, I have found that Colosan had cosistentley helped me with colon, digestive health and greatly improved my energy levels, which is great!

Date Added: Monday 09 February 2015
If you suffer from IBS, fluid retention during your monthly cycle or indigestion and constipation during season changes, this product is the perfect remedy. First thing in the morning with hot water, it's easy to take, no taste or smell, follow it up with the recommended lemon juice or table spoon of apple cider vinegar and all day you will find you have regular bowels and no gas or bloating. After a week you will see the difference in your skin and feel the difference round your waist. Most importantly you will feel an increase in your energy levels through out the day. Better then any colonic or hot enema, because it is a daily ritual that works with your own body's flora and i ...(more)

Date Added: Monday 15 December 2014
I love Colosan, it is the best product I have tried for colon health. I have been taking it for at least 10 years. When I first took colosan I did the big cleanse but I now take just 2 capsules per day. I have tried other similar products, but always come back to my good old faithful colosan! I find the capsules more convenient than powder, easy to take on holiday etc. Along with biokult, I find colosan the best way to keep me regular and bloat free.

Date Added: Wednesday 10 September 2014
I find colosan is very effective at oxygenating and cleansing my bowels. I have also tried Oxy-Powder which didn't seem to work as well in my case. However I have a number of clients who have used Oxy-Powder who are delighted with it both its health giving effects and intestinal benefits. I am a homeopath who recommends both products to clients when needed.

Date Added: Tuesday 03 June 2014
This has to be one of my favourite products. It really is a fantastic colon cleanser as well as lifting energy levels. I regularly (excuse the pun!) recommend it to clients for constipation - one mum was absolutely delighted that not only did it completely eradicate her daughter's constipation but lifted her mood so much it brought her to tears to see how happy her daughter had become. Hebe Fearn Health Synergy

Date Added: Tuesday 04 February 2014
I would like to say that Colosan has made life so much better for my husband . He has been using Colosan now for 12 years and it works so well.he was in Hospital for 7weeks during November and December2013 and there was nothing they had in hospital that worked for him as well as Colosan . In the end they accepted that he could use Colosan and it was such a relief .

Date Added: Wednesday 08 January 2014
As constipation can be a problem for me, it does help. The only thing I have noticed with Colosan and some other oxygen products designed to help with bowel regulation is that if I just have slightly more than enough to stop constipation, I can get caught short. It has happened once or twice, so I have to make sure that with Colosan, I don't have any more than about three quarters of a teaspoon a day.

Date Added: Monday 30 December 2013
The product works very well, one may need to work out a programme or timetable to suit, but its good.

Date Added: Monday 09 July 2012
After suffering with constipation and that awful bloated feeling for a number of years on and off, i have tried EVERYTHING!! I purchased this product with a great deal of apprehension. I couldn,t believe it, this product actually works!! I have felt like a different person, more energy and lighter, i cannot recommend this highly enough! It has taken me a few weeks to sort out just the right dosage, but now i have its happy days for me. Thank you!

Date Added: Tuesday 08 May 2012
I have used ‘Colosan’ for around 7 years now. My daughter recommended it and I bless her for it. It is the only product I consider safe to use and the only product which will not cause pain in the gut, unlike other laxative or bulking agents. I had a sluggish bowel in my teens and I am in late middle age now. I have had persistent problems since then and they have increased with time. I have had different diagnoses - for many years it was referred to by doctors as a 'spastic colon' and any substance such as Senna was not recommended as its action would cause immense pain and often, bleeding. I have been hospitalised several times with this problem. Once when I was due to have a colonosc ...(more)

Date Added: Sunday 04 March 2012
This product is brilliant i was going to toilet approx 1 a day suffering with really bad bloating problems. by taking 6tablets 3times a day and completing the course im back to normal as if there was nothing wrong with me my brother was suffering from from really bad constipation 2times a week he used to go to the bathroom he went to the doctors and the gp gave him laxative which had no affect on him what so ever now after taking this colosan he goes regular 3to4 times to the bathroom within a week he has lost 1.5stone his feet and hands were.swolen due to constipation and know his fine. ..

Date Added: Wednesday 08 February 2012
This produce has transformed my life! Had terrible problems with fissures and haemorrhoids creating so much pain I could no longer stand or walk. 3 months of taking colosan everything is healed and life is good and back to normal. I will continue taking this for the rest of my life!

Date Added: Saturday 04 February 2012
i can honestly say this is the only product that has helped me, iv had problems all my life even though i eat a healthy diet and have a healthy lifestyle... i think stress is a factor in my ongoing IBS, i cant recommend this enough if u have constipation, an initial detox cleanse is hard going but worth it and then all you need is to take colosan as and when you need it, i m so grateful that we can have this amazing product that is gentle but so effective, its changed my life, i dont have to worry any more cos i know if i see the signs of a problem arising i have this to put a stop to it before i get ill, THANK YOU!!

Date Added: Monday 12 December 2011
Colosan Powder is a VERY effective colon cleanser. You only have to "visually examine" the results to realise how very well it works. Also, it is an additional way to assist with weight control if used sensibly of course.

Date Added: Tuesday 22 November 2011
I had candida for years with a range of horrible symptoms. I was tired and felt toxic. Colosan powder gave the the quickest and fastest relief I have ever had. By the next day I had more energy, and felt less bloated, and normal basically for the first time in years. I now take it twice a week or as needed.

Date Added: Wednesday 21 September 2011
I like this product as I only need a small amount to ease constipation, and one dosage works for a few days afterwards. I also tried oxy-powder, which does work, but personally I get on better with colosan.

Date Added: Tuesday 12 July 2011
this product was recommended to me by my practitioner. I had 3 years of scalp irritation. Took a sufficient dosage to turn my stools to liquid. Symptoms disappeared within one week. My heair is now healthy again!

Date Added: Monday 04 July 2011
I've been extremely ill since mid-April, have been so debilitated I've been signed off work for 2 months so far, with post viral fatigue. A friend recommended this product and I am gobsmacked at the effect. Literally 3 weeks ago I could barely walk, just did not have the strength, my joints were not working properly, had been through the extreme headaches, couldn't make a decision, could barely think, some days did not have the energy to get off the sofa, and couldn't read, both as I didn't have the strength to hold a book and couldn't translate words into sentences. I've been tested for eveything from glandular fever to rhumatoid arthritis and the latest test was for auto immune disorders.  ...(more)

Date Added: Wednesday 08 June 2011
fantastic! had toilet trouble since i was little, after 2 weeks of taking 2 a day i am a new person! now got 5 friends on them and they all say the same! would recomend to everyone!

Date Added: Wednesday 25 May 2011
I have bought and tried this product and it works. Where does it all come from!!!!! I feel so elated as have tried other products that in no way does what Colosan Powder does. I am so pleased to be a member of The Finchley Clinic and trust in this site 100% The service is excellent too.

Date Added: Monday 14 February 2011
I have been bloated for years and have tried EVERYTHING. At times, it would become so painful, it even hurt to move around. I was told i had IBS. I tried herbal laxitives which did help me go to the toilet but caused major cramps and would not help for the bloating at all. When people would ask me to go anywhere, i would worry as to how i would feel in case i bloated and felt uncomfortable. This is all until i tried Colosan - the best thing to happen to me EVER! Honestly, i would highly recommend this product! In fact, i've told many people about it! I never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable ever again. I can look forward to going places now and know that it'll be fine! I only have i ...(more)

Date Added: Friday 16 July 2010
I have coeliac disease and despite sticking to a rigid diet I had abdominal bloating and constipation. This product works for me, I now have a lovely flat stomach, have managed to lose weight and don't get a bloated stomach anymore. I hate the taste but some things are worth putting up with.

Date Added: Tuesday 18 May 2010
i have been using this for myself and for many clients and can honestly say its fantastic i suffered from a twisted colon and duodenal problems and have been given laxatives but nothing works not even fleet but colosan works every time.

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