Electro-Crystal Therapy Patient Testimonials
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Electro-Crystal Therapy Patient Testimonials

This handful oftestimonials are all written word for word from the files at the Finchley Clinic. All clients are welcome to see them for themselves when coming to the clinic for an appointment. We have removed the full names and replaced them with initials as some clients have asked for their privacy to be protected.
Please note all testimonials are anecdotal. They should not be construed as a replacement for medical diagnosis, advice or treatment.
From S.T.
Hi Mark, I must put pen to paper, or in this case fingers on keyboard, to let you know, just how much better I am since I came to you for the treatment of my Arthritis.
When my friend Dave told me that you were going to cure my arthritis, I was highly sceptical, but he insisted that I should come. After all I have had Arthritis for the best part of 20 years and with two replacement knees and a restructured hand, I know that there is NO CURE. But, as my Arthritis is spreading gradually up my spine (they don't do replacements for that) my hips and my foot, I have little to lose by giving it a try, I have tried most of everything else.
After just 3 sessions of Electro-Crystal and Ozone Therapy and a mineral supplement which you suggested, I am almost free of pain, for the first time in many years. I am actually able to cope with Public Transport for the first time in years.
Just to prove that it is not due to the power of my imagination, wishful thinking or anything else, let me tell you, that the first two of your treatments did not include my right hip. While other parts of my body are now pain free, the pain in my hip only improved when it was included during the third session.
With the removal of constant pain, and the debilitating effect this has, not to mention the depression that goes with it, I feel not just better but rejuvenated. This I believe is due to the Ozone treatment, which you use in conjunction with the Electro-Crystal Therapy. My skin is smoother, old operation scars are fading and my system seems to be regenerating itself(if that is possible).
My colleagues certainly seem to think so, as I am told on a daily basis, how well I look and does it come in a bottle or is it a pill. So I am spreading the word (and your web site address) about one of the the best kept open secrets. I hope it brings you many more customers/converts.
From M.H.
Just a quick note to let you know how beneficial the three Electro-Crystal Therapy sessions were in healing my psoriasis on my feet. I have suffered for over 25 years with psoriasis on both feet. UV light helped marginally to reduce the skin condition but various creams were having very little benefit at all of late.
After your second treatment session I noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin condition with virtually all of the dry areas becoming smooth and flesh-coloured again. After the 3rd treatment 99% of the condition had disappeared .
From D.W.
I just wanted to say I am sorry I have not contacted you before this and also to say how greatly I am improved with your treatment. I have been able to go away and I am shortly going to my relations in Southampton. I feel a different person now I am not in pain. Thanks again for your help.
From D.F.
As you know when I came to see you for the first time I had been suffering from what I considered to be very extreme food allergies but which I think you correctly identified as a severe form of irritable bowel syndrome. After several sessions with you I can report that the condition has entirely cleared and I am now able to eat anything I wish which is in marked contrast to the severely restricted diet I had suffered for the last three years. I want to thank you for your efforts on my behalf and I can say that my opinion on alternative medicine has been strengthened by my visits. A Professor Consultant at a top London hospital advised that there was nothing that conventional medicine could do for me, which was in marked contrast to the stance that you took. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you in December.
From D.G.
I just wanted to drop you a line to express my appreciation in how you have managed to improve the quality of life since I've been having the Electro crystal treatment therapy. For five years I have suffered chronic back pain as a result of years of spinal abuse in the workplace. I am now 38 years old, and arthritis to the lower back has been diagnosed by way of a hospital x-ray. I came across your therapy by chance when I heard you speak, and my decision to come to you for treatment was clenched when a patient of yours spoke so highly of the treatment he received. I too can now confirm the difference it has made to me. I have had four one hour sessions spaced out over a few weeks, and the pain has now diminished beyond all recognition, I can now bend, sit on a (normal) hard seat, and even after a day at the bookshop, which necessitates heavy lifting, the most I get is a noticeably dull ache. The previously indescribable pain has now lifted. After only three treatments the chronic pain in the back of my ankle region has lifted too. It really has transformed my life from the unbearable to the comfortable. Finally I would like to thank you for the advice to leave my bra off where possible, the pain in the area of the sternum has completely gone. I hope your invaluable work will go from strength to strength so you will be able to help others like myself and other ex-clients who have been enabled to go forward in their lives due to absence of physical dysfunction. Once again many thanks for all your help.
From M.S.
I went to Mark Lester for the first time in mid December 1994, after recovering from Glandular Fever . I had contracted the virus in mid March 1994 and had been ill for about six months. I had no idea when I was going to be well again. I was suffering with many complaints such as viral painin my upper back and around my neck, total exhaustion all over my body - leaving me to spend most of those months lying in bed to conserve energy. My glands were swollenaround the neck and my throat felt sore. Although I was better when I visited Mark, I still had 'post viral fatigue syndrome', which refused to go, and left me rather tired out, with virtually no energy or stamina at all, and I also found it extremely difficult to concentrate or get any inspiration. If I ever went out with friends in the evening, I had to be continually aware of the time, as late nights had an adverse effect. The month is now March 1995, and due to regular weekly crystal therapy treatment with Mark I have regained my energy and stamina. I am able to cope with a new job and I am feeling back to my normal self with mental strength returned to how it was before I was ill. I no longer have to worry about the odd late night, as my body can cope and I have the urge to socialise once again. I have also had a few sessions of crystal therapy on my legs, as problem veins runs in the family. My legs were often aching and some veins had become more prominent. Although my veins are still noticeable, the pain seems to have disappeared.
From C.S.
I first came along to Mark for some 'back up' treatment for the symptoms of (intestinal) candidafor which I was currently being treated with homeopathy and felt that I needed some extra help. Mark suggested Electro Crystal Therapy which I immediately responded to and the following day felt extremely calm and ready to cope with the day ahead (with ECT, you generally reap the benefits of the treatment the next day). Candida can make you feel quite stressful and uptight often with feelings of despair that there's no end to the symptoms it creates which then makes the problem worse, so by being able to totally relax through ECT it helped to undo some of that stress that had built up. Candida can also leave me lacking in energy and produces an irritable bowel causing digestive problems and often colicky pain, and thrush which was not causing me as much grief as the IBS. I have found that ECT has helped with the IBS as I am no longer reeling in pain first thing in the morning and any inflammation in the bowel region has calmed down a lot. I have to follow a strict non-yeast and sugar diet, which if I do not stick to, may flare up the old symptoms again but only for one or two days instead of one to two weeks as was the case prior to treatment from Mark. After a weekly session of ECT the appointments were made further apart as progress was made. I have been pleasantly surprised by the effects of Electro Crystal Therapy and would recommend this treatment to anyone. Thank you Mark.
From V.C.
I have received Electro-magnetic crystal therapy treatment for my lower back, which has caused much discomfort and pain for the last four months. I also have had problems with my head after falling and breaking my nose. I have felt as if my mind was constantly in a fog, almost like being in a drunken state. With Mark Lester's help, I have felt a gradual improvement of my ailments, over the course of treatment which was given to me. After the first session I noticed a great improvement around my lower back and the pain has slowly faded away. My head feels a lot clearer and much better than it was before having Electro-magnetic crystal therapy.
From V.F.
I had been suffering from tinnitus in both ears for about six months when I went to Mark Lester for treatment. After Mark gave me a number of sessions of Electro-Crystal therapy, my hearing in both ears was back to normal and the ringing noise was vastly reduced.
From E.F.
When I began treatment with you a few months ago my tinnitus was indeed a daily agony. While I had good days as well, they were few and far between. But, I am now very happy to be able to say that the number of good days has increased to the point where I have had to remove the word 'agony' from my tinnitus experience. In short, while I am not cured, my condition today from when I began with you is vastly different. Whereas before I was seldom without my tinnitus, I am now more often than not almost normal, with serious tinnitus now the exception rather than the rule. Anyone with tinnitus will know just what an important advance this is. Thank you very much.
From S.L.
I am writing to you these few lines firstly to express my thanks and appreciation for you personally, as a congruent and open-minded therapist, and to acknowledge the benefit I experienced from having Electro-Crystal therapy. As I was going through at the time a period of stress, changing my career as a teacher into the to me unfamiliar world of business and production, as a result of this my concentration became affected. I experience recurring brain fags and disturbed sleep, and an overall feeling of exhaustion. After the first few treatments I noticed a change in my health, which was gradually enforced with more treatment. I hope this message gets known to more people who could benefit from such treatment. Again many thanks to you, Mark.
From B.M.
I just thought you might like to know how things turned out following my recent visit to you during which you gave me an Electro-Crystal treatment for a very uncomfortablestomach upset. Very soon after the treatment, almost immediately in fact, the griping pains virtually disappeared, and the diarrhoea from which I was also suffering did not return. Actually, I quite forgot about the whole thing once I had left. If and when I am afflicted by anything like that again, your door will be my first port of call. All the best to you, Mark.
From L.D.
I am writing to thank you for your assistance in helping me get well. I came to you with severe stomach problems which caused a great deal of pain, and a general lack of energy. You immediately set about correcting my ill health, by treating me with electromagnetic therapy and at a later stage the Rife machine. Coupled with that I took Acidophilus. I noticed an improvement after the second treatment and by the fifth I was feeling calm and energetic. The stomach pains had gone. I truly appreciate your sincere concern over my health and professional approach. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others.