Homozon and Colosan - My experience
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Homozon and Colosan - My experience

Homozon and Colosan - My experience

by Mark G. Lester

Colosan Capsules -  Special Offer 120 capsule size

I am the guy who runs The Finchley Clinic. Nonetheless, I see no reason not to share my own testimonial concerning homozon and colosan with the public since I have been using it for longer than anyone else in the UK.

I have taken homozon and colosan on and off, basically since I started selling homozon about 8 years ago. In fact homozon was the first product I sold. I originally bought 12 bottles to try on myself and a few patients. Since I only really wanted to try one bottle for myself at the time, I distinctly remember wondering whether I would be unable to shift the other 11 bottles that I was importing, and was a bit concerned as to whether the remaining bottles would just sit in my flat collecting dust. Well, I needn't have worried as I sold all 11 of them in about as many days. At that time I had no idea that my interest in Oxygen therapy, would lead to my selling homozon, which would in turn lead to my selling colosan and oxygen elements plus, then a number of other products, which would eventually lead to my having to set up a limited company, provide credit card facilities, an online internet shop, a full time assistant, and require so much of my time to necessitate the me to reduce my time with patients from 5 days per week to 2-3 days per week.


Anyway, I have been rambling and haven't yet shared my experience with these products. My first and initial experience was that they pleasantly and gently loosened my bowels, and the more I took, the more they loosened. There is nothing surprising about this, as the products have this laxative effect on more or less everyone, and are intended to. I'm not one of these people who noticed any massive shifts, but I DEFINTELY did notice one thing, which was that I woke up much less tired and groggy whenever I used homozon (which is the one I used to take) and more recently, colosan.

One time that I put the product to the test was when I stayed at the house of Dr George Freibott, the developer of homozon. This was during a period of profound and serious stress in my life, and although I was in a beautiful, bucolic environment, my immune system was very low from a combination of this stress and worry, over tiredness from traveling from the UK, jet lag, and lack of sleep. The inevitable happened and as soon as I arrived, I got a cold / flu with a fever, which was to say the least annoying as I hadn't travelled half way across the world just to lie in bed. I knew I was heading for several days in bed, based on previous experience. George assured me that if I took a teaspoon of homozon every hour that my flu would be gone by the following day. I was a little sceptical, not to mention concerned about the bowel loosening effect being so strong that I would end up defecating in my trousers. But I felt compelled to give it a try, besides which he was virtually forcing me to do so. By the end of the day, I had to go to the toilet literally every few minutes. That night I had virtually no sleep due to the constant need to go to the toilet. It was a most unrelaxing and frustrating night as it was impossible to settle down. However, by the morning not only had my flu disappeared completely, but much to my amazement, I wasn't even tired. I had flooded my body with so much singlet oxygen, that I just didn't miss the lost sleep.

Eventually I got bored taking the stuff, and lapsed as one does, apart from taking it with me on holiday trips when I always tend to get very constipated without it.

Then recently, (early December 2005) I began to get an itch and very painful soreness to put it bluntly, around my anus. It got more and more uncomfortable. Actually I had had the problem but at a low level, which I had ignored a many months, if not years beforehand. Anyway, within a week or two, I was so uncomfortable that I couldn't walk or stand for any extended periods, and going to the toilet was a nightmare. I went to my doctor who diagnosed me with “pruritis ani,”which I later discovered was Latin meaning itchy anus (as if I didn't already know this!) and offered me a steroid cream. Despite all my instincts telling me this was the wrong approach, I used the stuff in desperation in the hope it would give fast relief. I realised after a few days this stuff was completely useless. And by this point, the penny had dropped that although I didn’t think I was constipated as I had a motion 2-3 times per day, I was straining, and therefore WAS constipated. So for the first time for some years, I started taking Colosan again. I noticed a slight improvement within 24 hours, and within a few days I was about 25% better. After a week I was 50% better, and after 2 weeks I was cured.

However taking colosan again led to a new and unexpected problem that I had not previously experienced. This was really disgusting and putrid smelling gas. As a vegetarian, I had always prided myself on my inoffensive, non smelly farts, and I found this symptom most unpleasant for myself as well as socially unacceptable. I tried homozon instead, and the effect was identical. How was I to deal with this?

An email I received from the product developer discussing the need to take as much as 12 ounces of water per heaped teaspoon gave me my first clue. Basically I had never taken this kind of quantity of water, or at any rate had never paid attention to how much I water I put the powder in, and previously it hadn't seemed to matter. I don't like drinking this much water, especially in the winter when I tend to be less thirsty, but I decided I would try it and see. The results were immediate. Much less gas, and the gas I did get was back to its old non smelly acceptability. So my advice to everyone now, is to take colosan and homozon with plenty of water! It is important to this with the capsules as well, even though it's tempting to just swallow each capsule with one gulp of water and then forget about it.