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Homozon £0.00

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Get 500 reward points for writing your own review
Vegan  Vegetarian  
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We discontinued selling homozon a long time ago as it was too expensive, too hard to obtain reliably, and we found that our results were just as good with Colosan or Oxy-Powder or Mag 07, all of which are similar rival brands.  We now recommend one of these products as an equally effective, and cheaper alternative.

The following information is therefore archival.

Homozon was the first and original magnesium based oxygen product manufactured since 1898. Please note the correct spelling is Homozon, and not Homozone, no matter what you see on some web sites.

We have also seen it described as "Nicola Tezla's Homozone" (Tesla and the word homozon both spelt incorrectly). Nikola Tesla was a genuius, but he had nothing to do with this product at any point. As we are no longer selling it, we are only pointing this out for the record. We feel that if you are going to market a copy cat product, and write about homozon as though you are some sort of authority on the subject, you ought to at least get your facts right, as opposed to writing this sort of rubbuish.

Another web site states "In 1939 German physician, Dr. Eugene Blass sought a way to get more oxygen into the body. He created Homozone" (spelt incorrectly again). Apart from the fact that the author was not even capable of spelling the name of the product correctly, this is rubbish. Homozon was developed in 1898 (not 1939) by two German doctors. And it was originally spelt as 'haemozon'. However Dr Blass was involved in improving the product several decades later.

Anyway, despite the claims you will sometimes see (from people who happen to be selling it) that homozon is the only one that works, our experience was that this was basically nonsense. This is one of the reasons we abandoned it, alongside the fact that homozon was ridiculously expensive, and getting reliable supplies proved to be completely impossible. This was frustrating for us, and frustrating for customers.

Follow these links for the replacement products Colosan or Oxy-Powder.or Mag 07