How The Charisma Products work
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How The Charisma Products work

How The Charisma Products Work, by Chris Dennison

I am often asked how my products work. I can assure the reader that you will not find the answer within physics. One has to have a more philosophical understanding of the nature of "reality." I offer the following as a starter along this route. All emphasis in bold type is mine. The principles are ancient and all I have done is to put those principles to use with modern technology as the medium. When I say ancient I mean by thousands of years. From cave painters to the Byzantine and Eastern Orthodox Churches. In more modern times Hahnemann and Bach created homeopathy and flower essences by the same principles. Now I would like to quote from a few books. These quotations are reproduced under a fair use policy for the purposes of education. The first quote comes from David R Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. Power Vs Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour. ISBN 1-56170-933-6

The Database of Consciousness

Noting the ubiquity of archetypal patterns and symbols, Carl Jung coined the phrase "collective unconscious" - which refers to the bottomless, subconscious pool of all of the shared experiences of the human race. We may think of it as a vast, hidden database of human awareness, which is characterized by powerful, universal organizing patterns. Such a database, comprised of all of the information ever available to human consciousness, implies stunning inherent capabilities; it's far more than just a giant storehouse of information awaiting a retrieval process. The great promise of the database is its capacity to "know" virtually anything the moment it's "asked," for it's able to tap in to all that has ever been experienced anywhere in time.

This database is the origin of all information obtained sub- or suprarationally - by intuition or premonition; by divination or dream; or simply by "lucky" guess. It's the foundation of genius, the well of inspiration, and the inventory drawn upon by kinesiological testing. Thinkers who are troubled by the notion of "paranormal" or nonrational knowledge usually balk at logical - or illogical - inconsistencies with Newtonian concepts of simultaneity, causality, or time and space. But it's a bigger universe than that................

The database behaves like an electrostatic condenser with a field of potentiality, rather than a battery with a stored charge. A question can't be asked unless there's already the potentality of the answer. The reason for this is that the question and answer are both created out of the same paradigm and, therefore, are exactly symmetrical - there can be no "up" without an already existent "down." Causality occurs as simultaneity rather than as sequence; synchronicity is the term used by Jung to explain this phenomenon in human experience. As we understand from our examination of advanced physics, an event "here" in the universe doesn't "cause" an event to occur "there" - instead, both appear at the same time.

What's the connection between these events, then, if it isn't a Newtonian linear sequence of cause and effect? Obviously, the two are related or connected to each other in some invisible manner, but not by gravity or magnetism, or even by a cosmic field of such magnitude that it includes both events. The "connection" between any two events occurs only in the observer's consciousness - he "sees" a connection and describes a "pair" of events, hypothesizing a relationship............

Omniscience is omnipotent and omnipresent. There's no distance between the unknown and the known - the known is manifest from the unknown merely by the asking. For example, the Empire State Building was born in the mind of its architects - human consciousness is the agent that can transform an unseen concept into its manifested experience, which is, therefore, frozen in time. What "happened" on Fifth Avenue in New York City in 1931 is there for all to see, and what "happened" in the consciousness of its creators also stands recorded in the database for all to see to this day - both exist complete, but in different sensory domains. By transferring concept into concrete and steel, the architects simply enabled the rest of us to experience their vision.

We "normal" humans are completely preoccupied with our function as transformers of concepts from the invisible level, ABC, to the sensorially perceptible A => B => C. Extraordinary individuals live primarily in the world of ABC (those who live beyond that, in the completely formless domain of pure consciousness itself, we call mystics). To such individuals, the origin of everything is obvious; they're uninterested in the process of making things visible and manifest In everyday life, these are the creative people who spawn new enterprises and then turn over their execution and management to others.........

Existence without form isn't imaginable, yet at the same time it's the ultimate reality - this includes both yin and yang; the unmanifest and the manifest; the formed and the formless; the seen and the unseen; the temporal and the timeless. Thus, the real world is simultaneously the Real world, for that which is All Possibility must include within it all that is. Creation is, therefore, continuous, or there could be no creation at all.

The second quote is from Ingo Swann's book Everybody's Guide to Natural ESP ISBN 0-87477-668-6.

....Don't let the term "wave structure" throw you. Basically it means that at the energetic level that underlies the physical universe, information is simultaneously available at all places all the time. Now you can be confused, if you choose, but you will be in good company. While advanced physicists feel they can observe this "interconnectedness" with certainty, they, themselves, are at a loss to explain it.

What the gods of physics can't explain, we don't need to bother our heads about. But we can observe that what we are calling ESP and psi can and does exist because of this interconnected information principle, providing, as Dubov and Pushkin indicate, the individual focuses on the simultaneous information available between himself and the desired target. It is this newly discovered universe of simultaneous information - variously being called "waves" or "energetics" - that constitutes part of that which can be called the second reality. Even with this minimal understanding, we can see why that reality is perhaps the first reality, while the physical-conscious reality we have been living in is the more limited second.

In the psychic sense, what now becomes of great imterest is how consciousness gets into shape to attune itself with this vast second reality and its interconnected information. What are the central processes involved?

We will dissuss these shortly. But first, if all the above is true (and it is), then obviously a new concept of consciousness is going to have to evolve. Our awareness of the physical universe and our thinking experience of it is not the only form of "consciousness" we possessWe must also have a second consciousness that integrates with the second reality and with the physical as well........

(Rupert) Sheldrake's conscious self has been referred to by other names in the past. The most traditional name, outside its theological connotations, has been, of course, soul. But it has also been called over-soul, transcendent ego, the super self, subliminal ego, divine self, intrinsic real self, integral subconscious personality, dream self, cosmic consciousness, and as we saw in the quotation at the beginning of this chapter, Leo Talamonti, the well-known Italian parapsychologist and science popularizer, refers to it as the secret self.

Use whatever label you prefer. I've elected to use "deeper self" because it corresponds with the basic ESP core  processes, which themselves lie beneath normal waking consciousness.The capabilities of this deeper self are quite astonishing. We can by now, I think, appreciate how the deeper self participates with the interconnected information universe, the second reality. The deeper self runs on its own realities -  which we might assume are in keeping with the workings of the second reality. Waking consciousness has to become "awake" to it through focusing and training. This focusing and training are not normally available in our present culture, but special education and orientation are necessary to begin to incorporate the realities of the deeper self and the second reality into one's average awareness.

It is the deeper self that is in contact with all else, albeit unknowingly to the normal consciousness.*

There is much, much more that I could add to deepen the reader's understanding of my products. However, there is enough in the quotes above to show that we are far more than just our physical bodies. Also we are far more extraordinary than any other animal on the planet. We have astonishing powers that, for the large part, are dumbed down. Our dependence on communal living in cities has left many of our powers to go to waste. Usually it is in smaller communities where danger lurks in the form of wild animals and wild terrain that the second reality abilities tend to be more prominent simply because survival depends on those abilities being available. City living has it's dangers, it has to be said. Awareness of those dangers is more colloquially known as "street smarts."

Existence without form isn't imaginable. The products have a form, but they also have a second reality component which is invisible to the eye and which is very accessible to the second reality awareness of the soul. It is human consciousness that is "the agent that can transform an unseen concept into its manifested experience". David R Hawkins has provided a "map of consciousness" in his book by which one may test the validity of any product or idea. I invite you to test out the validity of the products for yourselves.

Why do I use magnets?

I suspect that a few people will question why I would use a generic magnet rather than something more special. The reasons are as follows. I am a small manufacturer. The cost of bringing a new product to the market can be prohibitively expensive. To outsource production to another manufacturer would inevitably put up costs which would have to be passed on to my customers. Also, manufacturers tend to have minimum order limits, sometimes into the thousands of units, so I couldn't justify making the investment necessary because I wouldn't sell that many. Manufacturing can require specialized tooling that puts up the costs, too. I have to have something to use that is cheap, available, adaptable and fit for purpose. Magnets tick all the boxes.