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Oxy-Powder 120 capsules
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Oxy-Powder 120 capsules

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Date Added: Tuesday 21 March 2017
I've been using Oxy-Powder for years now, and find it excellent. However, with the recent price increase, I'm going to try Mag-O7 and compare. With Oxy-Powder, I like its flexibility. Once you get used to it, you can fit your dose according to purpose (regular daily support, or intensive cleanse). I take one capsule at night, about 2 x a week for gentle help with regularity. Then 2 capsules 3 x day for an intense cleanse, which I do a couple of times per year, or as needed if I'm feeling unwell. A great product!

Date Added: Wednesday 22 February 2017
Oxy-Powder has made me feel so much better. I travel a lot and it helps tremendously with the dehydration that air travel seems to cauase, and makes my digestive system flow, reducing gut discomfort. Oxy-Powder does what it says on the tin, and is the perfect partner for my health.

Date Added: Sunday 19 February 2017
The best product on the market!!! I have been taking oxy powder 5 a day before bed time for the last three weeks, the result is amazing!!! I love this product so much!! I am going to order another bottle. i would never use any other product from now on.

Date Added: Tuesday 24 January 2017
Hi I used Oxypowder for a couple of years it works every time. I take 10 capsules on an empty stomach with a pint and a half of lukewarm water and a lemon.

Date Added: Thursday 15 December 2016
What can I say? This product certainly works, I recently used this product for a 7 day colon cleanse. My partner in seeing how good this product works, decided she would try it too. We have both noticed an improvement in our general health, and also lost a little weight too, there is flexibility in how you can use Oxy-Powder. My partner and I consider this an excellent product.

Date Added: Wednesday 09 November 2016
Oxy Powder is a fantastic product it cleaned out my digestive system in a days with no side effects apart from having to buy more toilet paper:) What it removes from your the lining of your intestine makes your realize how much toxic waste is inside your body. For some of my friends it took a little bit longer to take effect but when it kicked in the noticed the same positive results.

Date Added: Monday 07 November 2016
Been using OXY Powder for about 5 years now. I usually take 5 capsules in one go a day and this gives brilliant results at the toilet! I do this for about 2 weeks and then stop using it. As long as I am eating fibre and drinking plenty of water I am then going to the toilet normally about once or twice a day. I swear by this product. Feel as though it cleans you out immensely. After receiving my latest order last week I felt the results were not as good. Still good bowel movements but not as good as when I first used it. I then read a newsletter from the company that explained how your body can get used to a product after using it a long time. So on the Finchley clinics advice I am going  ...(more)

Date Added: Monday 31 October 2016
Having MS my life seemed laxative driven resulting in permanent discomfort. For the past couple of months I have taken one Oxy Powder pill per night and it has the desired effect without any discomfort. They worked gently, with no frightening urgency and one pill seemed to work more or less straight away. As far as I am concerned they are excellent and my life has been much improved. Pity they are not available on NHS prescription! The difference they have made to my life means I will happily keep buying them.

Date Added: Friday 28 October 2016
Initially I found that 1 capsule worked brillianely to begin with. Gradually I had to increase the dosage as lower amounts didn't work any. These days I seem to need 4 capsules. This dosage does work, but I just went to get advice from the The Finchley Clinic, and they recommended me to alternate between Oxy-Powder, Colosan and Mag 07 to prevent my body getting used to the product. Apparently this is a known problem for a small proportion of people, but alternating between the products usually prevents them from gradually becoming less effective.

Date Added: Thursday 27 October 2016
Over the years I've used a variety of oxygen based colon cleansers but have personally always experienced reactions to them so had given up on using them. Increasingly frustrated with all my digestive issues, I noticed Oxy-Powder on the website and decided to give it a try and I'm so glad I did. I started with a very small dose and have slowly increased to effect a real cleanse and have never once experienced any sort of weird reaction but with successful cleansing results. It feels like a much more gentle product and although it's very effective at doing it's job, doesn't feel as harsh as other products I've tried. I wouldn't usually write a review for a product however having been using th ...(more)

Date Added: Friday 21 October 2016
Oh my goodness, this has been a life changing product for me. I have taken it regularly for over 7 years after the initial full colon cleanse (which colon irrigation could not move!). I take a maintenance dose of 2 capsules every other day and it works 99% of the time. I have been slightly worried that it could be detrimental over a long period but I recently discussed this with a colon specialist who assured me that there is no problem taking this product long term. I have recommended it to family members who now also use it and are equally impressed by the results.This is a life long supplement for me!

Date Added: Tuesday 04 October 2016
I used to take Colosan many years ago in the powder form which worked well for me. Then I moved on to Colosan Capsules as I couldn't stomach the powder anymore. They worked for a while but in 2012 I decided to move onto Oxypowder as I didn't feel colosan was working that well. So I've now been taking Oxypowder regularly for about 4 years and it works brilliantly. I take about 6 or 7 capsules a couple of times a week and it gives me a regular clear out plus softens my stools for a few days. I'm on regular medication so constipation comes with the territory but Oxypowder really sorts this out for me. Great product.

Date Added: Wednesday 28 September 2016
I would like to write this review to help hundred of other people suffering similar symptoms like me. Starting with a simple sentence "Oxy-Powder. My life saver", I will explain why. Throughout my youth I have been very sensitive with the function of my bowels. Probably because of the youth my body used to respond by having a good diet to maintain regularity. Over the years my bowels function declined getting to the point to rely of laxatives, and of course until the Cancer developed. I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. The diagnosis was advanced. However due to the most advance treatments, operations and good professionals, I was finally discharged and given the all clear. Of cou ...(more)

Date Added: Sunday 28 August 2016
I am taking this to support a liver/kidney cleanse and a parasite cleanse, so currently taking 6-8 tablets twice a week. At first, they had me on the toilet several times the following morning and early afternoon. As time has gone on, it takes longer to get a reaction, and less seems to be passed. I wonder whether this is because they lose their potency once opened, or because it has actually done what it is supposed to do and cleaned me out. I hope the latter.

Date Added: Friday 19 August 2016
I have been using this product for 9yrs and highly recommend it. I have always suffered from constipation over the years and just put up with it as over the counter products never worked just giving me severe stomach cramps and heavy sweats. I discovered this product in 2007 whilst having chemotherapy and with the combination of steroid medication I was taking gave me such severe constipation I could not go to the toilet for 3 weeks! Being in agony and at the end of my tether and the doctors being less than helpful I took to the internet and came across this product and have used it ever since. It does not cause me any unwanted side effects, no stomach cramps just normal feeling of needing t ...(more)

Date Added: Saturday 13 August 2016
I don't have any digestive issues at all, but take them to cleanse/detox when I have overdone things slightly/ Having previously taken the Colosan powder, I found this, in time to to be quite as effective, so reverted back to these and glad I did. I always take about 5 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach, followed with a glass of lemon water. They take approximately 2 - 5 hours to 'work', but there is no discomfort whatsoever and always feel more energised afterwards!

Date Added: Friday 29 July 2016
Well what can I say does what is says on the tin .. I did the 7 days cleanse and have been happy with the results. You have to adjust it according to your body I took 4 every night and got a good motion the next day. I had a few tummy rumbles but not cramps and didn\'t have to dash to the toilet. The capsules are big to swallow I take them with orange juice mixed with water to help disguise the bigness. I will now continue to take 2 a night and do a cleanse every other month to keep me going regularly as i really suffer from constipation, bloating and was only going to toilet 2/3 times a week and getting really bunged up. These are a lifesaver and will always have them in stock to control my ...(more)

Date Added: Saturday 18 June 2016
I take 10 and it really helps me ... I feel so much more energized

Date Added: Sunday 22 May 2016
Oxy-powder is a great product. I have taken it for 7 days initially and started feeling energy from the very first day. It really works. My bowel movement is OK. I am using it with livatrex. A great combination.

Date Added: Sunday 28 February 2016
This is a essential product. I take take it every few weeks as a 7-day cleanse to purge any detritus in my upper and lower intestines 5-6 caps before bed for 7 days followed by reducing the serving by one very other night. The first night can be slightly uncomfortable if I take one too many caps but it works incredibly well.

Date Added: Friday 19 February 2016
Oxy-Powder has given me much more energy, helped my IBS, strengthened my GI tract, reduced my bloating, and given me clearer thinking (although I think the last benefit also came from taking oxylift as well).

Date Added: Tuesday 08 December 2015
I have used Oxy-Powder regularly for years and it is absolutely brilliant. I use one capsule, sometimes two a day. It keeps me 'regular', stops me feeling full and bloated and keeps my digestive system efficient. Combined with my healthy diet it makes me fell very well. I am happy that it is an animal friendly vegan product as I don't want to harm animals. I will probably use this product for the rest of my life it is so good.

Date Added: Thursday 05 November 2015
I find oxy-powder very effective and find it does what it's supposed to do. I take 4 capsules not every day, usually a couple of times per day. It makes me feel much lighter, gives me more energy, and makes me feel cleaner inside, and it soften and opens my bowels pleasantly without giving me the runs. The results are very consistent.

Date Added: Friday 21 August 2015
Excellent product. I took 5 capsules a night for 7 nights as part of a cleanse. I had none of the pain or cramping associated with taking laxatives, it has really helped with bloating, I usually bloat after every meal but now I only get slight bloating with pasta. I will continue to use this product as and when needed, but will take it once a week to maintain the benefits ive gained through taking it. Highly recommended, especially if you suffer from IBS, constipation or want to cleanse your colon.

Date Added: Thursday 30 July 2015
I was advised to take this product by a nutritionist when I displayed signs of parasites in the gut. I had to start on one a day, steadily increasing until the desired effect (don't wish to say on here). Stay at this dose for 7 days then start to decrease until reaching a suitable level to have regular bowel movements. This took about 5 to 6 weeks and the effect on my well being was remarkable. I felt healthier, cleansed and the "brain fog" I was suffering from completely disappeared. I believe it has lots of benefits but this is what I used it for and it was completely effective.

Date Added: Wednesday 29 July 2015
I started taking oxy powder on the recommendation from my nutritionist. I needed something to help me have a bowel movement daily (which I've never had, I was 42 at the time!). I only needed half a capsule to achieve this. As my body has got used to oxy, I've needed to up to 1 capsule, odd times I take 2. I had in the past tried psyllium husk and soaking linseeds over night and drinking the liquid. Even drinking 2 litres of water a day didn't help, along with plenty vegetables! So anyone who what's to be regular should give this a go.

Date Added: Monday 27 July 2015
I bought these capsules on recommendation from a relative with the same problem as myself - constipation. I took 2 capsules the first night and 2 the next morning the results were immediate, I adjusted my dose to 1 capsule evening and morning and am delighted with the result.Problem solved.

Date Added: Friday 24 July 2015
This is a good product from a very trustworthy source. I have listened to a number of talks by Dr. Edward Group, and he makes perfect sense! I learnt about him and his work through a private computer based TV Channel and was happy to find out that his products are sold at Finchley Clinic! I have used Oxy-Powder for my liver and bowel cleanses, or when I have eaten something not very healthy and I just want it out of my system as soon as possible:) I always travel with it to give my digestive system a boost which it needs when I eat differently or less healthily. Do watch the videos provided as they will help you understand how and why these products work.

Date Added: Friday 24 July 2015
I use Oxy-Power whenever I'm feeling sluggish/bloated/constipated & they can be effective in several hours, depending on how many capsules you take. For example, I may take 5 or 6 when I have been constipated for days & they can start to work in a few hours. They have a purging effect which can of course prove 'inconvenient' if you are not constantly near a toilet. Also, I resorted to taking them in the evenings recently which can result in the urgency to 'go' in the early hours of the morning; hence disturbed sleep. Your stomach will start to rumble/churn but there is no discomfort just the sense that they are taking effect. Unfortunately, they do not cure what might be causing slug ...(more)

Date Added: Friday 24 July 2015
I have been taking Oxypowder for many years. It is a great, safe way to clean out your digestive system. Essentially this product floods the colon with oxygen, creating an inhospitable environment for the bad guys who have taken residence there. It really does work and you'll be surprised at just how much waste you're holding on to that gets flushed out when using Oxypowder!

Date Added: Friday 24 July 2015
I take Oxy-Powder every day, and really feel a benefit in my energy levels and reduced bloating/feelings of fullness in my abdomen. I combine it with OxyLift drops, and the combination seems to suit me really well. One thing I would note: it took me a few days [weeks?] to settle down with this product - at first it gave me real urgency to get to a loo, but now I am fine on it, and really appreciate the improvement in my health.

Date Added: Friday 24 July 2015
This product is very helpful for getting stubborn bowels to move regularly. I take anywhere from 2-5 capsules, depending on the effect I need, but around 2-3 is a good dose for me to maintain regular daily bowel movements. I feel the effects the morning after the first dose, so it has immediate effect. As a nutritional therapist I often recommend Oxypowder to my clients with sluggish bowels, and this tends to be the product that works when everything else they've tried hasn't.

Date Added: Friday 24 July 2015
Oxy-Powder really works ! I wanted to do an intestinal cleanse and felt that ingesting something would mean that the cleanse would go all the way through the intestines from the top down which made more sense to me than simply having a colonic or an enema. I also really liked the idea that this mix introduces oxygen into the gut as this helps to knock out anaerobic bacteria. The first time I took Oxy-Powder as recommended, starting with a low dose and working up to 7 capsules in a day. It was easy to take and worked very quickly and comfortably. I did need to drink extra water obviously as a lot of fluid was being excreted. Was there a down side ? Not really, I just had to be careful not to ...(more)

Date Added: Friday 24 July 2015
I have ibs and have suffered for years. I been using oxy powder for about a year now . Taking 1 or 2 daily. The best thing I've found that helps me. I now have less pain and bloating.

Date Added: Friday 24 July 2015
I take one capsule at bedtime with a glass of water, and this helps to regulate the bowel, without any need of laxatives. I've been doing this for over a year now, without any adverse effects whatsoever.

Date Added: Thursday 18 June 2015
I take 3-4 capsules of oxy-powder per day, its made me very regular and bowel movements are effortless. I'm nearly 80 and everyone tells me I look over 20 years younger. The oxy-powder also prevented the side-effects of zopiclone, which is a form of diazapam.

Date Added: Friday 01 May 2015
Dear fellow customers I have been taking oxypowder every night for 3 years now and found it is the only effective product that will allow me to stay comfortably regular I have a very healthy diet full of vegetable and fibre but despite trying senna, psyillium husk, linseeds, chinese teas - only oxypowder really gives regular comfortable results - to start with you may need to take more but then level off when you find what suits -best to take at night and you will need to drink at least two glasses of water with it as it needs to absorb water it seems to work best and nto make you thirsty - then you will find what suits you - my situation is probably different as i have to take various dru ...(more)

Date Added: Monday 02 June 2014
Yo por mi trabajo que es muy sedentario, voy acumulando residuos y esto me molesta, hago el tratamiento una vez al trimestre, y durante 7 dias tomo al acostarme con un gran baso de agua 7 capsulas. Para mi es la sustitución practica y muy agradable de la hidroterapia de colon..

Date Added: Tuesday 25 February 2014
I used the original version a few years ago, four capsules a night for seven days and it worked a treat. I don't know if this new version is different or if its just me but I am going to have to take several more daily to achieve the same result, and I don't know if it is my imagination but the original capsules seemed much smaller and easier to swallow. I think I should have stuck with the original (and best) version.

Date Added: Wednesday 01 January 2014
Excellent product that does exactly what it says on the tin! My bowel literally stopped working after giving up cigarettes after many years of addiction. I ended up with ulcerative colitis specifically proctitis due to build up of faeces in the bowel. No laxative medication worked unless I overdosed on it and then would have to stay indoors near the loo for days at a time. oxypowder has literally changed my life and I couldnt be without it. initially used it as described for requisite number of days and now take maintenance dose of 3 capsules every other night. Earlier u eat the better as it really does work best on empty tummy. On nights I take it I try to eat before 6.30 at latest th ...(more)

Date Added: Monday 30 December 2013
I had suffered from IBS, constipation for a long time before trying this product. It certainly works for me. I find 1 or 2 capsules per day is enough to keep me regular.

Date Added: Tuesday 07 May 2013
I suffer with candida and this product is just amazing. It literally blasts the candida out after a week or so i feel amazing and look great with boundless energy. I would highly recommend this product.

Date Added: Sunday 29 July 2012
I started suffering from Constipation about 3 years ago, and this started to worry me. Sometines going 3 days without going to the toilet! I then found Oxy Powder and I have never looked back. My method may sound extreme, but i believe this works. I usually order a pack of 120 capsules every 3 or 4 months. I take 5 or 6 capsules either last thing on a night or first thing on a morning on an empty stomach. I drink plenty of water and everything just comes flushing out. It is literally UNREAL what comes out of your body! Note! make sure you are close to a toilet about 3 hours after taking these capsules. I sometimes have 4 or 5 bowel movements a day while on these capsules. I do th ...(more)

Date Added: Tuesday 06 March 2012
Excellant product. It really works for constipation. I only started taking it for less than a week – within 3 days, I was waking up at 7 in the morning, full of life – after about 6 hours sleep. To be honest, I felt like my life was going nowhere – with lack of energy and therefore lack of enthusiasm to progress in work. I really hope that this continues to work. The thought of being on something for the rest of my life is not appealing, but if I feel like I have done for the past couple of weeks, it doesn’t bother me as much. Anyway, it is also important to try to keep a fairly healthy diet as well. But doesn’t have to be too restrictive.

Date Added: Tuesday 24 January 2012
Have found this to be very efficient. I take 2 capsules per day, and this works incredibly well st keeeping me regular, it gives me an increased sense of well being, and since taking it my nails have grown better.

Date Added: Monday 05 December 2011
This product is truely brilliant. I have had trouble going to the toilet for 20years and have tried every remedy going until this. The tablet has no taste and is very easy to take and I now go to the toilet naturally every day.

Date Added: Thursday 03 November 2011
I have been using these caps for about a month, they have caused no side affects so far and I am now begining to feel a lot better in myself, more energy and such. going to the loo twice a day, which is very good for me. will keep you up to date as to how things progress in the future, right now I am delighted with these capsules.

Date Added: Thursday 15 September 2011
This product does exactly what it says on the tin. Gives good bowel movements, well controlled and predictable. My wife, who has had constipation problems all her life tried a herbal remedy which we bought in France which did work, but it also caused pain. Oxy-Powder works and does not cause pain. Great stuff.

Date Added: Monday 05 September 2011
Three of us tried this product. One found it worked well, if a little violently, on 4 capsules a day. The second person found 11 or 12 capsules were needed to get 3 to 5 bowel movements a day. The third person found it did not work at all, even after increasing dosage by 2 cpsules a day (as recommended) up to 11 capsules at night AND 11 capsules in the morning. Still no effect. So, it works well on some people and not on others.

Date Added: Monday 27 June 2011
What an incredible product. It has completely got rid of any form of constipation and has given me more energy. It also has helped in reducing the die off reaction I am having from treating the candida. I also suffer with huge reactions from the candida one of which is facial swelling and body bloating and it has reduced it down a great deal. It's one of those products that if you stick by it, even if you have a slight reaction at first it will disappear as your body begins to heal.

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