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Oxy-Powder FAQ's

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Oxy Powder

1) If I am taking Oxy-Powder, can I still take one of the liquid Oxygen products you provide?

Absolutely. The more methods by which you flood you body with oxygen, the greater will be your health. You might like to read Ed McCabe's book "Flood Your Body With Oxygen", available from any book supplier for further information on the benefits of oxygenating the body. We thoroughly recommmend products such as Oxygen Elements Max, Oxylift, Aerobic Oxygen or Aerobic 07 to be taken as well, which oxygenate the whole body, whereas Oxy-Powder primarily oxygenates and cleans the intestines.

2) How does Oxy-Powder compare with psyllium and other similar fibre based products?

We sell several psyllium husks products, and some people swear by them. Personally I (Mark Lester - The director of The Finchley Clinic) would prefer to use an oxygen cleanser such as Oxy-Powder any day. Psyllium does not oxygenate the bowel – it bulks it. This aids peristaltic movement. So although it may help you to go to the toilet, I do not think of it as a colon cleanser.

It should also be noted that although psyllium works very well for some people, some people find it bloating and irritating on the gut. I know this because I am one of them and personally I just don't get on with psyllium products. It is very rare however for someone not to be able to tolerate Oxy-Powder.

Just as I was writing these FAQ's, I spoke to one of our customers who has used Colosan and Oxy-Powder but stopped taking them. This was because he decided to try our Acai capsules, which is a high fibre product, marketed a little inaccurately by some companies as a 'colon cleanser'. He told me that although Oxy-Powder and Colosan had both worked for him, he found that taking a fairly high dosage of Acai had worked even better for him in relieving his tendency to constipation. He said that Acai opened his bowels in a nicer way (interpret that as you will!). He said he needed 5-6 capsules once per day with his evening meal. This doesn'r really prove anything except that that individual results vary and that Acai capsules might be something to try consider comparing with Oxy-Powder etc.

3) Is Oxy-Powder addictive?

Although Oxy-Powder is non-addictive, a considerable number of people find that if they have the tendency to constipation, that if they stop taking it, that they go back to how they were before.

4) I have noticed that the UK Oxy-Powder does not contain the mineral Germanium, but the American one does. Why is that?

Inorganic germanium is subject to a "voluntary ban" in the UK. The politics of how and why this occurred is frankly nonsense, and not worth venturing into here. In practice the "voluntary" ban is not "voluntary", since we were told in no uncertain terms that we could not sell a germanium containing product. In actual fact the germanium in Oxy-Powder is inorganic germanium which was NOT banned in the UK, and never was. However trying to challenge trading standards (who couldn't be bothered to venture it properly) contention that germanium in any form is "illegal" by taking this to judicial review could have put a small company like ours out of business. So we got Oxy-Powder re-formulated without germanium. Most people detect no obvious difference when taking the UK formulated Oxy-Powder, which is not surprising given that the amount of germanium was miniscule - less than 1% of the formula and about 5mg per capsules, whereas a thereaputic dosage is about 300-500mg per day. What was suprising however, was that the UK version consistently tested better on the company director using muscle testing than the original (having tested this with 3 separate practitioners).

4) Does Oxy-Powder clean all of the body or just the colon?

Oxy-Powder mostly cleanses the colon. We recommend one of the liquid oxygen products we provide Oxygen Elements Max, Oxylift, Aerobic Oxygen or Aerobic 07,  if you want to use oxygen to cleanse the body at the cellular level.

5) Would it be safe to sprinkle Oxy-Powder in food?

The company director saw Dr George Freibott sprinkle a very similar product which we used to sell called homozon into some ice cream and then give it to a 9 month old baby with no ill effects. Based on that, we would say its fine if there is no other choice. But we think it's better to take Oxy-Powder in water on an empty stomach, rather than sprinkle into food if possible.

6) What does the citric acid in the Oxy-Powder do?

The citric acid reacts with the magnesium-oxygen based structure of the Oxy-Powder to release oxygen once the capsules are ingested. Citric acid has other health benefits, but these are unrelated to the reason for the citric acid in Oxy-Powder.

7) I am planning to have a colonic hydrotherapy treatment. Will taking Oxy-Powder for a few days beforehand make the treatment more effective?

Yes, we think it does. It can also be used between treatments for the same purpose.

8) Can Oxy-Powder replace colonic treatment altogether?

To some degree perhaps, but they are not really the same thing. Oxy-Powder wouldn't have the mechanical action that the water flooding the colon has during a colonic treatment. On the other hand, colonic irrigation doesn't oxygenate the colon, whereas Oxy-Powder does. What they will both do is open your bowels and remove the rubbish that doesn't belong there. Basically, we think Oxy-Powder is great. We think colonic hydrotherapy is great. And if you want to combine Oxy-Powder with colonic hydrotherapy, that's great too. Quite a few colonic practitioners refer people to us for Oxy-Powder or Colosan or Mag 07, so clearly they regard them as compatible with one another.

9) I used Oxy-Powder for 3 days, my bowel movements went from normal to very lose. Should I be concerned about that?

Oxy-Powder is supposed to loosen your bowels! However you can lower the dosage if you are finding that the effect is too strong.

10) Could Oxy-Powder cure colon cancer?

Even if we knew the answer to this question, we wouldn't be able to answer it, as it be would illegal to under The Cancer Act 1939, The EU Health Claims regulation, The Medicines Act, and very likely other legislation that we don’t know of. All we can legally say is that we believe that Oxy-Powder pertains to maintaining optimal bowel health in everyone. We cannot legally recommend anyone to substitute conventional treatment for Oxy-Powder, but we are not aware of any reason why it could not be used alongside any other conventional or unorthodox treatment.

11) Are there any clinical studies available on Oxy-Powder

Yes. This youtube video summarises the studies.

12) How does Oxy-Powder compare with homozon?

According to the suppliers Oxy-Powder releases the oxygen over a much long period of time, whereas homozon releases a lot of oxygen very quickly, but before being burnt out.

13) I have bought Oxy-Powder from you monthly for quite some time now, and this product changed my life. However this month it doesn't seem to be working. I’m not doing anything different, I'm not on any medication and my diet hasn't changed. Why has it stopped working?

Sadly we get emails such as this every so often. Unfortunately some people do seem to become habituated to the product after long-term usage causing them to get constipation re-occurring. Why this happens with some people and not with others is a mystery. In fact we don’t know why it happens at all. However if Oxy-Powder has stopped working for you, or is working less effectively, we recommend replacing Oxy-Powder with Colosan or Mag 07 which are very similar products. Although they are very similar, this usually seems to do the trick if Oxy-Powder has stopped working. We think it’s a good idea to consider rotating all three products every 2-3 weeks if necessary to prevent habituation from re-occurring.

14) Will oxy-powder get rid of mucoid plaque in the colon?

The term mucoid plaque is not a recognised medical term. Since doctors do not recognise this term, we then discussed this question with a number of colon hydrotherapists, who all stated that there is no such thing as mucoid plaque as well. We are aware of the fact that there are some web sites claiming that such a thing exists, even demonstrating this with pictures of black, clearly diseased poop as evidence. We do not think this proves anything apart from the fact that some people have very toxic stuff hanging around in their guts as a result of severe constipation, terrible diets, and so on. Oxy-Powder WILL help with this problem in most cases, and get rid of impacted faecal matter.

15) What feedback are you getting from your customers on Oxy-Powder

Click here to read reviews on Oxy-Powder. Unfortunately less that 0.5% of customers write reviews for any product on any web site, so these reviews only amount to a tiny percentage of the customers who have used or benefitted from Oxy-Powder.

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