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Oxygen Elements Max & Candida

Oxygen Elements Plus - Improved!

How Oxygen Elements Max helps with candida overgrowth syndrome

1) Oxygen Elements Max oxygenates the body on a cellular level. In the fight against candida, this oxygenated environment aids products like Threelac and Fivelac in their work.

2) Oxygen Elements Max may also help to directly fight candida yeast. As candida is an anaerobic organism -- that is, it cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment, Oxygen Elements Max creates a terrain in which candida cannot proliferate.

3) Oxygen Elements Max may help to eliminate candida from areas where probiotics do not get to directly. Whereas probiotics work mainly by eliminating candida in the digestive tract, Oxygen Elements Max works on the cellular level throughout the body.

4) Through its oxygenating action to the cells, Oxygen Elements Max also gives more energy to the body, which is a welcome thing to those who are feeling fatigue as a result of their candida problem.

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OptiBac Probiotics ‘For women’ 14 capsules

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