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OxyLift £17.99

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product nameThis product is in stock and can be shipped today if you order within the next 6 hours and 33 minutes
Vegan  Vegetarian  
Reward Points 179
Price £17.99
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Get 500 reward points for writing your own review
product nameThis product is in stock and can be shipped today if you order within the next 6 hours and 33 minutes
Vegan  Vegetarian  
Reward Points 179

Important note. We are the exclusive UK importers of this vegan version of oxylift. It is made specially for us. The American product is NOT vegan. Other suppliers even advertise that they are selling "vegan" oxylift, but if they are not getting it from us, they are not selling the vegan version, no matter what they state on their web site, and the label will not have the 100% vegan bit found below the product name.

Formerly marketed as Oxymune this is "Mr Oxygen", Ed McCabe's OxyLift. Described by the manufacturers as "The ultimate every day safe oxygen supplement for the masses." 

Not sure whether to buy Oxylift or Oxygen Elements Max? Click here

Oxylift is similar to Oxygen Elements Max which we sold for several years before Oxylift came along and seen great results with. In essence it would be fair to say they are rival brands. It is not possible to say which one is better, as individual results vary, as discussed here

Before Oxylift or Oxygen Elements Max came along, we were also the first seller in the UK of another similar / rival product called Cellfood, We stopped selling Cellfood because it was more expensive, and as far as we could tell no better than Elements Max, and more recently Oxylift. The main difference between Oxylift and Oxygen Elements Max is that Oxylift contains 'subtle energy' in the form of Vital Force™ Technology (VFT), as developed by Russian quantum radiophysicist and inventor Dr. Yury Kronn. On the other hand, Oxygen Elements Max contains fulvic acid - an ancient natural deposit which has some remarkable health benefits - which is not in the Oxylift.

The following remarks come from the manufacturer of this product:

Please don't ask us how this compares to anything else, as this is the best with a singularly unique formula and any attempts at comparison with any other product only take the focus away from the great results obtained. Oxylift is a highly efficient synergistic blend of powerful nutritional supplements providing the body with oxygen, hydrogen, structured water, etheric respiration energies, major and trace minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.

A survey of 101 Oxylift Users suggested that those who took it - continuously for some weeks or months as directed on the label - loved it, and those merely dabbling in it off and on for just a few days have missed the whole point and benefit of the continuous application of a mild oxygenator. Which group do you want to be in?

(Editorial note from The Finchley Clinic: We wholeheartedly agree with this comment. We have found over and over again that customers who dabble with health products, instead of making a serious commitment to their health, do not get results).

Formerly OxyMune® this all-in-1 concentrate is a breakthrough in value, a breakthrough in price, and comes in an easy-to-carry one ounce pocket-friendly 1 oz. bottle dispenser.

1 ounce round bottle : Approximately one month supply.

Suggested Use

OxyLift™ is unlike any other supplement.
Begin taking OxyLift™ with 1 liquid drop 3 times per day between meals.
The drops should be placed in a cool liquid, such as pure juice or water.
As you get acclimated to having an increase of necessary nutrients that may have been missing for a long time, slowly and gradually increase the daily serving to 8 drops taken 3 times per day, or a total of 24 drops per day.
On average it is best not to exceed a total of 50 drops per day long-term unless under the care of a therapist skilled in the oxidative modalities.
Avoid taking late in the evening since wakefulness may result.

Alkalinization Protocol:

Once you have followed label directions for a while, and your body is used to OxyLift try taking 1 teaspoon per day at the same time of day for 30 days. Then resume label directions.


Used properly, OxyLift™ is a gentle long-term daily nutritional supplement. As the body uses the OxyLift nutrients over a period of time, patience is required. Individual results will always vary.


OxyLift™ is a stable synergistic proprietary product. OxyLift™ is a blend of Nano-Ionic Pristine Sea-Source Major and Trace Minerals, Oxygenating Isotopes of Hydrogen, Amino Acids, Enzymes, Fruit Acids, & Enhanced Ultra-Purified Structured Water & Subtle Energies.

Full list of ingredients:

  • Purified Ionic Oceanic Plant Mineral Complex
  • Subtle Energy Enhanced Ultra-Purified Water
  • Oxygenating Blend (Citric and Gluconic Acids, Rice Vinegar, Hydrogen Sulphate)
  • Amino Blend (Glycine, Hydroxproline, Proline, Glutamic, Arginine, Alanine, Aspartic, Methionine, Serine, Lysine, Valine, Threonine, Phenylalanine, Isolecine, Histidine, Tyrosine, Cysteine)
  • Enzyme Blend (Protease, Amylease, Cellulase, Lipase)


You can put it in the fridge if you want to, but all you need to do is keep it below about 40 celcius. It's probably best to keep it away from direct sunlight, though even then the bottle will protect the contents unless subjected to pretty high temperatures.

Vitamin C and Oxylift

Vitamin C is a wonderful nutrient which we believe is beneficial for pretty much 100% of people, but we suggest that they not be consumed within two hours of taking an oxygen product. No harm will occur if you do take them close together. But some practitioners contend that they may cancel each other out. This may not be true, as its only a hypothesis. We have not seen any science which confirms or denies it, and it's very unlikely that anyone is going to fund an expensive trial to investigate this claim. But if there is a possibility that this could occur, why take the risk? Please note, you don't need to worry about a bit of vitamin C if you eat some fruit. We are talking about supplemental dosages only.

Ingredients Label
Ingredients Label