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These comments are the unsolicited and unedited personal views of the customers who have written the reviews. They should not be taken as health claims or representations by The Finchley Clinic Ltd employees for the products concerned. Reviews do not necessarily express the opinions of The Finchley Clinic Ltd or its employees. They do not represent or replace medical diagnosis, opinion, advice and treatment for any health concerns. Individual results vary.

Customer reviews for Oxygen Elements Max

Displaying 1 to 40 (of 45 reviews)
by Nicky P - Date Added: Tuesday 29 May 2018
I've had hayfever for 18 years, and I believe this was related also to candida overgrowth. I've tried hayfever tablets, some worked, and some didn't, but I wasn't happy taking them. Then after reading the reviews on oxygen elements max I decided to try it, and within 3 days I noticed a big difference. Usually I get problems as soon as the sun comes out in the summer, but using oxygen elements max, nothing. No nausea, sinusitis, summer cold or migraine! Really pleased with this product.
by Helen B - Date Added: Thursday 24 May 2018
I was told about this product by a friend when she noticed my puppy coughing. He had been coughing for over a month, since we got him, and the vet had not been able to do anything. I started putting the drops in his water three days ago and last night and today he has not coughed once. Amazing. I am so pleased. I am now taking it myself and look forward to seeing what that brings.
by Joanne E - Date Added: Wednesday 21 March 2018
oxy elements max has made a massive difference to my family. My three year old has been so much calmer and happier, she has slept soooo much better and hasn't had a cold since she started having it ( she had a cough for the whole of last year with associated broken sleep). This change has changed our whole families life. Thank you.
by PATRICIA H - Date Added: Sunday 4 February 2018
I am only half way through the bottle and am still building up the dose - now at 14 drops. Almost straight away I noticed I had more energy. Now I feel that it is helping me feel less depressed too. I am about to order another bottle to carry in my handbag during the day. I tried this years ago and it did not seem to benefit me much- but I did not realise that I had candida badly - and Threelac was amazing in getting rid of that. As Mark recommended this, and it is made by the same company as Threelac, I decided to give it a go. I am planning to give some to my son to try too.
by Suzanne E - Date Added: Saturday 29 April 2017
I have used this product and found it very beneficial to clear brain fog and ease fatigue, both symptoms of fibromyalgia. It also helps immensely with eliminating die off symptoms when treating candida alongside Threelac. I never reached the full dose as I obtained the necessary benefits at half the stated dose and there was no need for any further increase. As an added bonus it can be very helpful when applied topically as well, blemishes or cuts heal noticeably quicker.
by Sheila P - Date Added: Friday 28 April 2017
I have used this product over many years with only beneficial affects. More energy and I can't remember when I last had a cold! I am 69yrs. old and I have had MS over 35yrs. Oxygen Elements Max has helped me tremendously. Only thing is it is getting more and more expensive but I have tried other cheaper products, from The Finchley Clinic, and they seem to work just as well.
by Janet S - Date Added: Friday 28 April 2017
I have prescribed this product to countless patients and it has been a permanent inclusion in my supplemental regime for many years. It has numerous uses and benefits and is always included in my travelling must haves. I can personally vouch for its efficacy in relieving mucous congestion, for its ability to disinfect wounds,fungal skin and nail infections and for assisting the liver to deal with excessive alcohol intake after a celebratory evening out! My athletic patients have reported less problems with lactic acid build up in muscles. This is one product I shall continue using and prescribing indefinitely.
by Gwynneth M - Date Added: Monday 13 March 2017
I am taking Candizolv, Threelac, Oxygen Elements Max and Pau D'Arco. It's hard to say whether its a combination of all the products or just one of them thats helping me the most, but since taking this combination I have lost weight, have more energy, digestion has improved, less bloating and am sleeping better.
by Amal W - Date Added: Wednesday 13 July 2016
I have been taking Oxygen Elements Max and before it OxyLift since last autumn. The most significant result was its effect on my hay fever symptoms which are normally very severe, with very itchy eyes and a runny nose. This is nothing but short of a miracle. I have to increase the dose to about 30 drops a day when the pollen count is very high and for the first time in 45 years I have not had to take anti-histamines, huge victory!
by Linda D - Date Added: Monday 6 June 2016
My husband has 7 drops twice a day in a veggie juice. He has advanced prostate cancer and is now in remission. He has taken oxy since early on and whilst we do many other things feel this has been a contributing factor to his recovery.
by Karen D - Date Added: Wednesday 9 March 2016
Oxygen Elements Max greatly increased my stamina, and my thinking was clearer, more focused and alert, and increased my sense of wellbeing. I noticed it helping me within days.
by Marion Z - Date Added: Wednesday 29 July 2015
I've been using Oxygen Elements Max for at least a year, probably longer. I really noticed a lift in the fatigue I often feel due to Candidiasis, and swear by it now, I am never without it! I take it twice a day (although I try to remember to take it 3 times, with every meal) and the recommended dose, and I need to take it this much to see the benefits. It fills your blood and body with oxygen which is very anti-Candida and also helps with fatigue. Heartily recommend it.
by Stephen C - Date Added: Friday 10 July 2015
I have **** ****** (words removed by The Finchley Clinic). This often results in shortness of breath (SOB), which can be a little scary at times. I take 25 drops twice a day, the main dose being bed time, I found this works very well for me. If I step-up the dose to 30 drops, I can feel a little light headed. The effects can be felt and seen on my Oximeter, before taking '20' drops, my blood Oxygen reading was 94, after 98/99. Great product, works well and is helping me through this difficult time ...surviving.
by Pamela-Jo L - Date Added: Tuesday 16 December 2014
Has given me more energy. I began to noticed the benefits after 2 weeks, and was waking up more wide awake. Although I still sleep badly, I wake up more alert. My hairdresser has also commented on how well my hair has been growing since I started using Oxygen Elements Max. I also used on my skin (neat), on what looked like a mole on my chest which had been there for many months. I used it once a day on the area. this made the area itch, but after a week, the area went dry, and then whatever it was fell off. My skin healed and is now looking normal again.
by Sharon J - Date Added: Monday 21 April 2014
I take Oxygen Elements Max in the morning -about 10 drops and if tired later in the day or need extra energy would take another 10 drops. I have found it does help me when I have had a stressful, busy time and have a lot of things to do and notice an improvement generally. When I don't use it and change to another product I realise how effective it is. Would recommend for anyone needing a boost for their general overall health. S Jones
by Lorraine R - Date Added: Saturday 16 March 2013
I had to write a review for this product because I`m so impressed with it. Like many people, I am experiencing a miriad of strange symptoms throughout my body and although I`ve had various and thorough tests from my doctor - he can`t find a single thing wrong with me. Is it candida? an allergy? a virus? inflammation? parasites? who knows!! I`ve been taking oxygen for almost 3 months and I started to feel much clearer in my head after the first couple of weeks. At first I thought it was a placebo effect, but then I noticed that a few small brown spots had started to fade from my hands and the dark circles under my eyes had all but disappeared. I can now eat a small amount of wheat without ....See full review
by Elaine B - Date Added: Tuesday 18 December 2012
I've researched the benefits of oxygen products for years, and I believe they are absolutely vital to maintain a clean and therefore optimally functioning body. I've tried OxyLift, Biocare's Oxypro, Oxygen Elements Max and Plus. I find Oxygen Elements Plus suits me best. Even at half the recommended dose, the benefits are noticeable: more energy, wide awake as soon as my alarm goes off, and no colds or bugs - ever. Because oxygen actively detoxifies the body, it will do that if your body needs it, so feeling wonderful immediately doesn't always happen - sometimes you can feel pretty dreadful initially if your eliminative channels aren't working properly. The trick is to start at a low do ....See full review
by Rita R - Date Added: Thursday 16 August 2012
Had conjunctivitis for 6 month. Conventional medicine didnt work. One night I took 20 drops of Oxygen Elements Max (by mouth, not in my eye!). Miraculously, the following morning, it had gone completely, and didn't come back. Absolutely remarkable. It has also greatly boosted my energy levels.
by Laura R - Date Added: Friday 13 January 2012
I cant quite put my finger on it, but Oxygen Elements Max has given me a sense of improved general well-being. I also seem to have been less depressed since taking it.
by Kathleen H - Date Added: Tuesday 8 February 2011
Ordered yesterday, received this morning. Took first dose then went out 10 mins later. I climbed back up the hill to my house with less breathing difficulty and less leg pain than usual. I suffer from asthma and osteoporosis and i can`t wait to see the results in a week or so.
by Lesley S - Date Added: Wednesday 29 September 2010
so far so good....my brother has XXXX (editorial note, for legal reasons we cannot print any reference to this illness and so have had to delete this part of the review) and a week ago he was getting to the point where he wouldnt get out of bed to tired to do anything anyway a good friend reccommended the Oxygen elements max...after 3 days his sence of humours back and he talking so much better ...I was in shock! we will continue with this and see how he gets on.. ps thank you x
by Carol D - Date Added: Monday 29 March 2010
I bought this product and was amazed at the difference I felt after just 10 days. I sleep better I feel I can breathe better which gives me more energy. I am now about about to order more. I can highly recommend this product. another use, I added some to my watering can and my plants are thriving, and my fresh cut flowers lasted for 3.5 weeks, Value for money all round.
by John R - Date Added: Monday 1 March 2010
An excellent product that I have found has made an enormous difference in terms of energy having started using it as part of an anti-candida programme. Definitely one to keep a constant supply of, and not just for candida (I found it works wonders for emerging cold/flu as well!). Something that deserves to be widely known and used!
by Lorna M - Date Added: Monday 12 October 2009
I have been taking Oxy Element Max for 3 weeks now - I notice a change in my energy level, I also have severe thrush problems every month and about a week after I started taking this the problems dissappeared. I am hoping that this continues and will keep taking it. Also my digestive system is working a lot better, this stuff cleanses you in every way. Had a few headaches at first but nothing that bothered me too much. Great product will continue to purchase.
by Lisa C - Date Added: Thursday 24 September 2009
I've just purchased my second bottle of Oxy Elements Max and I am reaping the benefits of this product. I feel less tired, less foggy and I dont seem to get silly colds and bugs anymore. Along with my regular enemas and colon cleansing this product is going to be a great addition to my health regime, I'll continue to use it long term.
by Mark J. H - Date Added: Tuesday 5 May 2009
Oxygen Elements Max made me feel like a corpse that had woken up from the dead - massive boost of energy. A very happy customer!
by Jane W - Date Added: Wednesday 22 April 2009
I noticed a difference in my health the day after taking this product, I can't believe how well I feel. I am 52 and had post menopausal flushes general fatigue and I was having some breathlessness. Now since taking the drops as prescribed I feel energised, my breathing is 100% improved and the flushes are less frequent, all my little aches and pains have gone. I think this product is fantastic!
by Denise B - Date Added: Thursday 19 February 2009
Approximatly an hour and a half after taking my first dose of oxy elments max I realised I had been able to organise and execute my regime in my home and had accmplised many of the tasks I usually put off. I had just seen what needed doing and got on with it instead of finding it a chore. Can hardly wait to get back to work next week with what seems like a new super power at my disposal. wish I'd tried it sooner!
by Dodie S - Date Added: Wednesday 29 October 2008
Can't remember what it felt like to have a head free of heavy, tired, painful, vice-like feelings, until I started to take Oxygen Elements Max one month ago. It started to work after three days, along with Silica Plus. Thanks to my husband who just happened to hear about these products from a friend who had the same results, and thanks to your company! Dodie
by Caroline W - Date Added: Friday 15 August 2008
Oxygen Elements has been incredible. When I am about to get a cold - seems to knock it on the head completely. also gives me a lift if I am feeling low in energy. I dont take it regualrlty which I know is probably not the ideal way of taking it, but when I do take it, I take quite a high ddoage of 20 drops, and it seems to work almost immediately.
by Marion W - Date Added: Tuesday 24 June 2008
Since taking oxygen elements max I have noticed an increased in my stamina and I wake up bright and early.
by Dana M - Date Added: Friday 31 August 2007
I started using Oxygen Elements Max a few days ago, having been a previous user of Oxygen Elements Plus (its predecessor). I have found the new version to be noticeable more effective than the older product on my skin. I usually mix a few drops in a little water and put it directly on skin eruptions as it is not meant to go on the skin undiluted. Although the old product worked, the new one clears up the skin much more effectively. I have also noticed an improvement in my digestion and peristalsis (I have been less constipated).
by SHARON C - Date Added: Wednesday 22 August 2007
I have an older sister who's a dancing fanatic. She says she notices the difference between when she takes it and doesn't take it in her energy for dancing. I also noticed it gives me a lot more energy. When I forget to take it, I notice my energy levels are much poorer. My husbands sinusitis seems to have improved on the product too.
by Amanda B - Date Added: Monday 20 August 2007
I have a lot more energy when taking these drops, my parents both take them and they are convinced they help them have lots more energy. I have given them to my 12 year old son as he was struggling with his hormones, I have a happy, helpful teenager now!! When I stopped giving them to him we all really noticed!! Needless to say he is back on them and so am I. I have found all three products have helped me, I read the comments on-line and decided to have a go myself and have been ordering ever since and have recommended to many others! Mark has been very helpful when I have ever had any questions and I have really appreciated this.
by Brigitte S - Date Added: Wednesday 25 July 2007
HOW OXYGEN ELEMENTS PLUS HELPED ME STOP SMOKING I have been smoking since I was 14, and in the last 15 years have been trying to stop. I used various methods - willpower, nicotine gum, inhalers etc. The last time I tried to pack up I ended up feeling suicidal and started smoking again. Then a friend at work told me about Oxygen Elements Plus which he believed would help, along with a special breathing method. I managed to give up smoking in 10 days, and suffered virtually no cravings while I was giving up or subsequently. I also noticed that I felt Oxygen Elements Plus gave me more energy during this period.
by Mark B - Date Added: Thursday 28 June 2007
This is quite a long read but please bear with me as I want to fully explain how Oxygen Elements Plus has effectively 'cured' my Hay fever. I'm 42 years old and first came to London in 1989. I had a very bad allergy problem which was diagnosed by a 'specialist' as being allergic to the fumes and general urban environment of smoggy/dirty London. He prescribed a steroid spray which did relieve my symptoms and told me I would be on it for life. To make matters worse, every summer I get VERY BAD hay fever attacks. It's the most miserable time of the year for me, experiencing the usual symptoms...nasal cavities itching like mad, runny eyes, blocked nose and terrible trouble trying to get to sl ....See full review
by Wendy M - Date Added: Tuesday 9 January 2007
I have been taking oxygen elememts plus for a year. I am pleased to say it has given me a lot more energy, which I began to notice fairly quickly.
by Alison P - Date Added: Thursday 27 July 2006
For the last 18 years I've suffered from extreme fatigue, aches, dizziness and depression culminating in a complete nervous breakdown 5 years ago. Since then I've tried all sorts of therapies and remedies with only limited results. I've been taking Oxygen elements now for 4 months. I take 15 drops three times a day. It takes some convincing for me to endorse a product, especially as my doctor has never diverted from the path that my symptoms were psychological. Whilst not denying that counselling certainly helped with many issues, my physical symptoms never abated however buoyant my mood! I remember as an 18 year old student, dragging myself up the stairs by the hand-rail; heart beating wi ....See full review
by Trish G - Date Added: Tuesday 4 July 2006
I started using oxygen elements plus because I developed what seemed like an arthritis like condition (even though I was only 25 at the time). The symptoms were very stiff joints, severe pain, swollen and puffy face, itching throughout my body. I went o my GP several times and had a number of tests which showed nothing. The GP prescribed scabies cream and later steroids, which made me more comfortable but did not take away the pain completely. But the steroids caused my face to puff even more (moon face), eat more, caused depression, frequent urination and sugar cravings (in other words diabetes symptoms). Later on I discovered The Finchley Clinic and I went to see Mark Lester for a sessi ....See full review
by Agness N - Date Added: Sunday 21 May 2006
"After taking oxygen elements plus for 5 days I was able to walk for a mile with no difficulty, whereas beforehand I couldn't walk this far as I always got tired. My wife also gave our daughter one dosage of the product when she had had a blocked nose from a stubborn cold for 2 weeks. Much to our amazement, the blockage started clearing within a few minutes and disappeared within an hour." - Reported by my husband. ....See full review
Displaying 1 to 40 (of 45 reviews)
These comments are the unsolicited and unedited personal views of the customers who have written the reviews. They should not be taken as health claims or representations by The Finchley Clinic Ltd employees for the products concerned. Reviews do not necessarily express the opinions of The Finchley Clinic Ltd or its employees. They do not represent or replace medical diagnosis, opinion, advice and treatment for any health concerns. Individual results vary.