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These comments are the unsolicited and unedited personal views of the customers who have written the reviews. They should not be taken as health claims or representations by The Finchley Clinic Ltd employees for the products concerned. Reviews do not necessarily express the opinions of The Finchley Clinic Ltd or its employees. They do not represent or replace medical diagnosis, opinion, advice and treatment for any health concerns. Individual results vary.

Customer reviews for Aerobic Oxygen - 60ml

Displaying 1 to 40 (of 40 reviews)
by RUTH S - Date Added: Saturday 5 August 2017
My late husband first heard about aerobic oxygen many years ago. He had wood preservative poisoning from accidental inhalation, in his 70's. The aerobic oxygen helped enormously with this problem. The aerobic oxygen also helped him to be able to get back to lecturing again, which he couldn't do before because of the breathing problems he was suffering from. Friends of ours who went climbing in the mountains also found aerobic oxygen helped tremendously with high altitude walking
by Lorraine C - Date Added: Saturday 5 August 2017
I purchased 2 bottles of this and really does work, I have an alkaline water filter and add the drops as directed into the water. I can tell it works because when I have taken it my sinuses are clear in the mornings when I get up.
by Margaret P - Date Added: Wednesday 2 August 2017
This product has no side effects except better health. It works not only on yeast infections, but also on anaerobic bacteria such as C. difficile & other difficult to treat infections when antibiotics have failed. Drug companies would rather patients died than take an effective oxygen product. This is an admission of failure, which they try to cover up by attempting to ban effective oxygen products. This product made a difference to my energy levels within a week at the recommended dose. ....See full review
by Maxime L - Date Added: Sunday 28 May 2017
My partner and I have been purchasing Aerobic Oxygen in liquid form from you for over the past 17 yrs and feel it has played a vital part in my partners longevity.He was Diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour 18yrs ago and was given 6 months to live. He had radiation and ate healthily and took oxygen but did slack taking it at times during this period, and believe this is probably why he had a reacurrance of the tumour in 2015.He had 6 months Chemo and now has a healthy regime of good food,vitamins and keeping up with 60 drops and sometimes more of Aerobic Oxygen which has given him a lease of life again. He is now in remission and feeling positive and much healthier.We believe the Aerobi ....See full review
by Andrew M - Date Added: Saturday 6 May 2017
My alternative health therapist told me it was no wonder I was feeling tired as my oxygen levels were very low and recommended this product. Felt more energetic through taking the recommended dosage on the bottle almost straight away. I have to be careful about taking it when I don't need it, though, perhaps when i'm feeling fatigued for another reason, as I won't then sleep property, and therefore I use it in conjunction with a pulse oximeter which provides a reading of blood oxygen levels in percentage terms.
by Kevin D - Date Added: Thursday 4 May 2017
I have used Aerobic Oxygen for many years, since 2003 and has helped me manage my chronic health condition enormously. Aerobic Oxygen helped me with clearing Brain Fog, reducing Bloating, Chronic fatigue, reducing the number of times I slept during the day, preparation for getting out of the house, prep for walking from house to lamp post and back, helped with recovery from initial lamp post walks, get my evenings back etc. My recovery was not straight forward, restarting many times, doing too much on one day generally meant six to eight weeks before being able to start all over again. Eventually a walk to the first lamp post was no longer a massive effort.
by Simon C - Date Added: Tuesday 2 May 2017
I've used this product for years on and off. Probably not as regularly as I should but I've always been impressed with the results.
by Sheila B - Date Added: Monday 1 May 2017
I first started using aerobic oxygen many years ago. I have had M.E., sinus and digestive problems, dizziness and allergies for the past 30 years. All of these symptoms have been greatly mitigated by consumption of this product. What I love about it is the fact that, unlike almost all pharmaceutical drugs, it is totally non-toxic and has no noticeable side-effects.
by Veronica H - Date Added: Thursday 27 April 2017
I have been taking aerobic oxygen for longer than I can remember.Initially I used it to help clear the rampant candidiasis that was invading my system.Boy! did it work.Now I take it for all sorts of things:increasing my energy, clearing sore throats, colds, chesty problems.It makes a brilliant mouth wash.I wouldn't be without it.
by Howard P - Date Added: Thursday 27 April 2017
I have taken Aerobic Oxygen since I was diagnosed with Ischemia - turned out not to be a heart condition but a lung condition. After a 2.5 hour Polyps removal surgery and a botched anaesthetic procedure which took two years to get over, I was able to fly without blacking out - on one occasion wheel chaired off a long haul flight. Prior to the Polyps operation and after I drank 15 - 20 drops of Aerobic Oxygen with water. Be it placebo or functional, Aerobic Oxygen took away the dizzy feeling, and along with holding my breath and coughing techniques to improve capillary circulation in the lungs I now no longer black out on flights. 7 years in a row from 1995 to 2002 I blacked out and needed ox ....See full review
by Heather F - Date Added: Thursday 27 April 2017
I have used this product on & off for past 10-15 years. I tend to take breaks from all supplements at some point. Aerobic oxygen really helps some of my recurring gut problems. I also sometimes use it for cleaning my teeth & I always take it on any travels as its such a versatile product. ....See full review
by Kevin D - Date Added: Thursday 27 April 2017
I can not praise this product enough. It has helped me get through a very difficult period in my life that I continue to use to this day... My health challenges started when a thug hit me from behind, my body spiralled round and my head was smashed open on the side of the curb as I came to rest on the floor. I came too and saw the aggressor had been wrestled to the ground by my mate, I joined in and noticed blood pouring all over him. The police and Ambulance came to our aid, I got stitched up and the thug got 6 months but that was not the end of the matter for me. My introduction to complementary medicine started when after a two year investigation by the medical community failed to ....See full review
by Thomas B - Date Added: Thursday 5 January 2017
Many years ago I suggested to friends who fly long distance that they use Aerobic Oxygen during the flight in view of the poor air quality in planes. The reports back were remarkable in terms of reduced jet lag and in one case no swollen ankles which had been a feature of long distance flying in his case. As for me, I have used Aerobic Oxygen for many years as I have asthma and live in a polluted part of London. I drink a couple of litres of water a day and I put a few drops of it in every glass. Seems to work.
by John F - Date Added: Friday 16 December 2016
I have bought three 60ml altogether. Although I have not yet finished the first 60ml but nonetheless, I can felt the benefits almost immediately. Being a 68 year old male and suffering from a number of chronic conditions and for me this is a very simple way to receive an oxygen boost. I can only describe what I seem to have experienced since taking the recommended dose. Head aches have eased, less pain overall, blood pressure and circulation appear to have improved, I have more energy and vitality,therefore, my mood improves and I feel more positive about the future. I am very pleased that I have discovered Aerobic Oxygen and shall continue with it in the future.
by John F - Date Added: Sunday 11 December 2016
Excellent product, very good value for money. I suffer from a number of chronic medical conditions and have to endure unpleasant side effects from prescription medication. Aerobic Oxygen appears to relieve not only some of the side effects but some of the conditions themselves. Obviously I have not mentioned the my conditions as the effects may not be the same for others.
by Carol B - Date Added: Thursday 10 November 2016
I took 20 drops 3 times day after few days was feeling a lift. After two weeks I was feeling lots of energy. I now take Aerobic Oxygen everywhere I go.
by Delia J - Date Added: Monday 26 September 2016
I have copd, a chronic lung condition, the result of which is that I have the lungs of a 90 year old. I was sceptical at first, but took my first dosage of aerobic oxygen and went to see my nurse 30 minutes later for oxygen testing. when I got there my oxygen levels had gone up to 94% which for me was excellent. I can walk a lot more briskly and climb stairs much more easily since using this product. I have been taking aerobic oxygen now for four years, and I recommend it to other people.
by Bryan C - Date Added: Wednesday 7 September 2016
I have been taking aerobic oxygen continuously since 2007. I use 24 drops twice a day. I originally took it to help with M.E. and poor immunity. Aerobic oxygen has helped tremendously with my energy, I get a lot less colds and flus, and my candida and vaginal thrush have all gone away. Also works very well for mouth ulcers - I mix a concentrated amount in a mouthful of water and hold it for a few minutes before spitting it out. I do this 3 x a day for 2 days, and the painful ulcer is gone. I have also used it successfully with my son when he gets ill.
by Veronica D - Date Added: Monday 5 September 2016
Omg Amazing!!! I did a parasite cleanse, and after start habing the Aerobic Oxygen Results!! In my Colonic so many worms came out!! This stuff is fantastic I never write reviews but had to do this one, has also helped me with my asthma and breathing! I will be ordering more, I just followed the directions on the bottle ❤
by Neil C - Date Added: Wednesday 11 May 2016
I've tried a number of oxygen products now , but this seems the best and most effective. helps with skin , fatigue and my dodgy stomach. Also good for energy levels.
by Susie B - Date Added: Monday 15 February 2016
I used to buy this product from a private therapist that I no longer see and found it almost impossible to find until I looked on the Finchley Clinc - such wonderful product selection. Easy to use and has helped me no end on the quest of internal healing.
by Andrea I - Date Added: Tuesday 24 November 2015
I've suffered for years from bad breath. Although I could disguise if I brushed my teeth on an hourly basis, nothing resolved it. A few months ago I began taking aerobic oxygen on the label dosage of 20 drops 3 x per day. Within a few days my bad breath stopped completely. It's still had not a total cure yet because if I stop taking it, it comes back. But it does keep my breathe smelling clean and fresh all day, and I am delighted with this benefit. I have spoken to the company director, who says that with time it may resolve the problem for good, but he has also recommended some additional supplements to use as well. Ironically I didn't even take it for this reason to begin with. I ac ....See full review
by Teresa-Iche X - Date Added: Tuesday 28 July 2015
Thank you for the opportunity to give a review on this product. I began taking Aerobic Oxygen to assist with detoxing of gut candida and within three days of taking 20 drops in a glass of water three times a day I felt an improvement to the body. The headaches have become less and there has been an overall improvement to my general mood. I have been taking it fir just one month and plan to re order.
by JEANNETTE H - Date Added: Monday 27 July 2015
I have been using this Product for some time as I usually buy it locally.I now find it more convenient to buy it from Finchley Clinic and much cheaper too.I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E and Fibromyalgia.I normally get exhausted and wiped out and I do get results from taking Aerobic Oxygen.I helps with the extreme tiredness and is particualarly good when struggling to breathe.I take 20 drops 3 times a day in a glass of water.This is excellent for Brainfog which I find very disabling as without my Aerobic Oxygen I am unable to function due to the effect M.E, has on the Brain.I do find this work very quickly to clear your head.I will continue to use this product
by Agness N - Date Added: Friday 17 April 2015
I am a practitioner and recommended Aerobic Oxygen to the parents of a 9 year old child with Down's Syndrome. The next time I saw the little boy, a few months later, he had gone from being a hyperactive, but non communicative child to behaving like a normal, interactive, calm child. An astonishing result.
by Hebe F - Date Added: Friday 30 May 2014
I've used this product for years and find it to be the best stabilised oxygen product on the market. Taking 20 drops three times daily helps retain and boost my energy levels, aids skin condition, digestion and general well-being. Being in front of several computers for most of the day can be quite draining - taking Aerobic Oxygen helps to prevent exhaustion at the end of the day. I would certainly never be without it. I constantly recommend this to clients and receive excellent feedback for all manner of health conditions. I've even recommended it for pets - it's great for digestive issues and thinning fur! Hebe Fearn Health Synergy
by Brendan W - Date Added: Monday 30 December 2013
Excellent product which i have been taking for many years.If I run out of it, I notice that I am much more thirsty even though i drink water and i am not able to fall asleep as easily.As a result i can become quite anxious and know that i do not want to miss any days without this supplement.
by Ann P - Date Added: Thursday 25 October 2012
This is a testimonial on Aerobic Oxygen as well as Oxygen Elements Max I have, (or had) ME, chronic sinus, digestive, and joint problems, severe high blood pressure and ‘sticky blood’. I have been taking aerobic oxygen for many years. Soon after I started taking it, I noticed my chronic pain was reduced, my sore abdomen, bloating, gas and wind began to improve, and eventually disappeared completely. For the first week it gave me diarrhea, but this passed after about a week. My energy also increased. I also had a constantly sore and painful throat I don’t have these symptoms since taking it. I started on 20 drops once per day using my own intuition (the label suggested taking 20 d ....See full review
by Heather B - Date Added: Thursday 18 October 2012
This is a wonderful product that is excellent for getting rid of candida and almost anything. High doses need to be taken to work effectively for more stubborn viruses. This helped my daughter get rid of very bad candida within a few months of taking it.
by Gillian P - Date Added: Thursday 26 January 2012
Having spent a week on the side of a very large mountain called Kilimanjaro, I can thoroughly recommend the Oxygen drops. We had 29 in our group & there were only 2 of the group who escaped a vile D & V bug that flew through the camp for the whole week. Thank you so much for your support on my climb. I got the medal for the first girl back to base camp! ....See full review
by Tina M - Date Added: Sunday 14 March 2010
i have been looking for and trying all kinds of products and treatments for 10yrs since i devloped fibromialgia , i have been in so much pain over the last 10yrs finding releif 2yrs ago with meadowsweet lotion , but nothing i tried and beleive me i tried tons of stuff ,touched the fatigue. on yet another search on the internet i came across this product and i tried it and i am so glad i did its magic in a bottle, and for all you doubters out there who think its all in the mind which is easy to do when your desperate , my dentist will tell you differant its all in my gums after years of inflamation my gums are now pale pink so much so i keep lifting my lip and looking in mirrors just ....See full review
by Lisa C - Date Added: Tuesday 4 August 2009
I've been plagued with Sinus problems for nearly 2 years now, funnily enough ever since I had a horrendous experience getting my wisdom teeth removed! I was fed up with all my symptoms......dizziness, chronic sinus pressure, blocked ears, swollen glands, constant yawning.....and come spring time with the allergies in the air it just got worse. I was advised by Mark to take an Oxygen product so I gave this one a go first and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. My energy levels have been good, my sinuses feel clearer than they have done in years, and my immune system seems to be holding up well. My partner had what can only be described as swine flu and I never myself got sick at all. I'm no ....See full review
by Philip J - Date Added: Tuesday 28 April 2009
Read the blurb and decided to try. Not sure if the benefits I thought I felt were placebo. Clearer concentration etc. Overall this was not a pleasant experience. The Aerobic Oxygen totally changed my bowel habits!! so much so that I went to the doctor as I hadn't had a firm stool for 4months. Couldn't put my finger on what was going on so they took bloods and came back with a negative result for any nasty illness. This meant only one thing. I stopped to Aerobic Oxygen and all is normal again. Seeing what the ingredients are I thought, why would you introduce a mild bleach to your system? Not recommended. NOTE FROM THE FINCHLEY CLINIC: This product is NOT just "a mild bleach", ....See full review
by Sarah F - Date Added: Thursday 13 November 2008
I have used Aerobic Oxygen for both candida and mild asthma. Whilst I am sure there are stronger anti-candida products, the symptoms from die off have been much more manageable with the Aerobic Oxygen than with most other products I have tried. However, the main benefit I have found with it are for asthma; particularly during cold and hayfever seasons.
by Tabitha H - Date Added: Monday 2 June 2008
Aerobic Oyxgen is the best product I have ever taken. I had been dwelling on things that werent a problem and been very inward looking for a long time, and all the negativity stopped. I noticed a difference the day I started taking it. My mother also has a much better outlook on life sonce taking it because its given her such an improved sense of well-being.
by Ishbel M - Date Added: Monday 28 April 2008
I have suffered with dizziness on one side of my head for years. The doctors don't know what causes it. But so long as I take aerobic oxygen, I don't get the dizziness. If I stop taking it, it the dizziness comes back within a few days.
by Brian P - Date Added: Tuesday 15 April 2008
Aerobic oxygen has really helped my husbands circulation, and we have both notoiced we need less sleep. get less colds and have more energy.
by Karen W - Date Added: Tuesday 4 September 2007
I have been taking aerobic oxygen for systemic candida and have also noticed that my exercise related asthma symptoms (not bad enough for an inhaler) has gone. If I take it before exercise I don\'t get any asthma symptoms. In my case, I seem to get on better with this product than Oxygen Elements Plus.
by Marina F - Date Added: Monday 8 January 2007
I have been using aerobic oxygen for over 20 years, and have recently been purchasing it from The Finchley Clinic. I was diagnosed with emphesema in 1983, and starting taking aerobic oxygen a couple of years later. I was supposed to be dead a long time ago, but thanks (presumably) to aerobic oxygen, I remain alive and well and my condition has not detiororated since I started taking it.
by Rebecca W - Date Added: Monday 24 July 2006
"I am a Flight Attendant who has to fly regularly to long haul destinations. Since taking Aerobic Oxygen I have noticed that I am more awake, more alert, less tired, more energised and the jetlag is greatly improved. I tend to only need one good nights sleep and I wake up feeling almost human. I also find it helps my sinus's (i dont know how or why???) and i dont suffer headaches half as often as i used too!!!! It works like a magic wand" " I also want to thank Mark for his help & advice, and RAPID response to any questions.Feels like i've found a private club!! Thanks." ....See full review
Displaying 1 to 40 (of 40 reviews)
These comments are the unsolicited and unedited personal views of the customers who have written the reviews. They should not be taken as health claims or representations by The Finchley Clinic Ltd employees for the products concerned. Reviews do not necessarily express the opinions of The Finchley Clinic Ltd or its employees. They do not represent or replace medical diagnosis, opinion, advice and treatment for any health concerns. Individual results vary.