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These comments are the unsolicited and unedited personal views of the customers who have written the reviews. They should not be taken as health claims or representations by The Finchley Clinic Ltd employees for the products concerned. Reviews do not necessarily express the opinions of The Finchley Clinic Ltd or its employees. They do not represent or replace medical diagnosis, opinion, advice and treatment for any health concerns. Individual results vary.

Customer reviews for Thyme Formula (Replaces Golden Seal Formula F)

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by Maria B - Date Added: Friday 28 April 2017
I took Thyme Formula as part of an anti-candida regime recommended my Mark [Lester]; the multi-supplement approach really worked for me. I would highly recommend both Thyme Formula, and booking a consultation with Mark if your current approach is not yielding the results you hope for.
by Lynn M - Date Added: Friday 7 October 2016
As someone who has suffered from candida for over 20 years I have taken this product for several years in combination with Bayberry Formula (then its replacement, Wild Endive Formula) and later with Fivelac/ Threelac. I took 2 capsules twice a day as directed. It is a very effective product and helped with bloating, vaginal thrush, muscle pains & reactions to moulds ( I avoid yeast an any fermented products but also react to atmospheric moulds) and fatigue. I am prone to ' die off' reactions but as long as I took Bayberry did not have any problems, although sometimes had to increase the amount of Bayberry for a short time. I did find that when I reduced the dose or tried to sto ....See full review
by Christine F - Date Added: Saturday 4 January 2014
Have been using Thyme formula for several months now and it has greatly improved my candida symptoms.
by Davorka G - Date Added: Sunday 21 June 2009
Excellent product. Combined with Bayberry formula, probiotics and vitamin C works wonders for me. I started it after two months treatment with Allicin, which also worked very good (so I didn't experience much of the die-off symptoms). The difference is that GS F in my case works much FASTER than Allicin. I also intent to try Finchley's Oregano formula in the future. BTW, I have systemic candidiasis that almost killed me on several occasions.
by Mark J. H - Date Added: Tuesday 5 May 2009
I found this product very effective. I originally took threelac, but switched to this one because it was cheaper. In fairness I didn't give threelac long enough to assess it, but Golden Seal Formula worked very well for me. My main problems were that my tummy was always bloated, constipated, my skin was dry, I was craving booze and sweets, constant brain fog, which made me always feel like I was drunk.
by Carol B - Date Added: Saturday 4 October 2008
This product is the most effective for candida that I have tried so far. I have had severe candida for a number of years, 2 years ago I tried taking threelac for quite a few months, my symptoms improved but never went away all together, after awhile I gradually stopped taking threelac and my candida came back even worse that before, to the point that I could hardly get out of bed for most of the day. I started on threelac/fivelac, oxygen drops, digestive enzymes, and colostrum, and I started gradually getting better again, after 5 months I had hit a plateau and wasn't improving, I added goldenseal formula and immediately starting improving again. After 2 months of taking it I ran out, and ev ....See full review
by Zoe H - Date Added: Saturday 19 July 2008
I used this for two months and did not notice a great difference - some small improvement but not nearly as much difference as the bayberry formula made to my symptoms or the threelac did to my digestion. I would say it's good as a support formula but does not do much on its own. Also, it is possible to mix something similar yourself using kitchen herbs and spices!
by Josh K - Date Added: Tuesday 11 September 2007
I have been taking golden seal formula and bayberry formula for about 5 months. I'd like to give my accolodades on the golden seal formula and bayberry formula. the golden seal formula has dramatically changed my health. before I tried this product I'd tried everything and crusied the interent for hours. Most of the things I tried didnt work at all. I started off having a terrible die off reaction, and I emailed The Finchley Clinic who advised me to combine the product with bayberry formula. Almost as soon as I started taking Bayberry Formula I was able to tolerate the golden seal formula without the die off symptoms and since then I have got better and better. I had virtually many of the ty ....See full review
by GENISTA C - Date Added: Thursday 23 August 2007
I have used this product on and off for 3 years along with threelac. I improved to a degree, but when I upped the dosage of Golden Seal Formula Formula thats when I really noticed a difference. I was previously only able to do half a days work, but within a few weeks of taking two twice a day, I was able to get back to full time work.
by Joy G - Date Added: Monday 26 March 2007
A friend gave the remainder of her pot of golden seal formula E after hearing my story as she no longer needed it because she had got better. I took it for 2 weeks on 1 capsule per day for the 1st week then 1 capsules twice a day. By the end of 2 weeks I felt better than I had done for years. I had had liver damage (abnormal deposits of fat, which is a recognised side effect) from using diffulucan and had needed to find an effective natural product. I had thrush all over my body - itchy scalp, allergies to most shampoos, severe allergies to toothpastes, oral thrush, vaginal thrush etc.
by Lindsay P - Date Added: Tuesday 31 October 2006
When I started taking golden seal formula I had already been on threelac and and byberry formula, and I had experienced some improvement, but the improvements were unstable. I started taking golden seal formula 2 months ago and have got better and better since then. My main symptoms, which overall are now about 2/3rd better than when I started were ezcema, itchy skin and mild depression. So far this has ben the most effective product I have used for candida.
by Emily H - Date Added: Wednesday 26 July 2006
I have been taking the Golden Seal formula (with Cayenne) alongside Threelac for about a month and I believe it has greatly helped to improve my severe bouts of candida. I started off with 1 pill in the morning and 1 in the evening, with food, and am now taking 3 with breakfast and 3 with dinner. I feel less bloated, less puffy and I think the Golden Seal has something to do with this. I am very grateful for Mark's replying to my queries every time I have a question and offering good advice that so far seems always to have proven helpful and true
by Jon C - Date Added: Wednesday 29 March 2006
I was diagnosed with systemic candida last year and have been on the anti-candida diet along with various treatments for almost 9 months now. My die-off has been quite severe, so initially I couldn't tolerate some treatments without feeling a lot worse. I have been using Canherb now for almost 2 weeks, and must say that this (along with Threelac) seems to be the best treatment I've tried. I am starting to feel so much better.
by Dawn S - Date Added: Saturday 17 December 2005
I have suffered with systemic candida for a few years, and gave up hope of resuming a normal lifestyle unless I stuck to an overly strict diet .Within a few weeks of using canherb my body feels as if a great weight has been lifted from it.I am still careful with what I eat[no yeast/sugar] but I can treat myself now and again without the fear of putting myself out of action for aweek or so due to a flareup.
by Jan B - Date Added: Monday 26 July 2004
I have been a Candida sufferer for many years and started to use Canherb about 6 weeks ago. I have never come across a more effective product - I can honestly say I have NO abdominal problems of any kind any more. It's truly amazing!
Displaying 1 to 15 (of 15 reviews)
These comments are the unsolicited and unedited personal views of the customers who have written the reviews. They should not be taken as health claims or representations by The Finchley Clinic Ltd employees for the products concerned. Reviews do not necessarily express the opinions of The Finchley Clinic Ltd or its employees. They do not represent or replace medical diagnosis, opinion, advice and treatment for any health concerns. Individual results vary.