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These comments are the unsolicited and unedited personal views of the customers who have written the reviews. They should not be taken as health claims or representations by The Finchley Clinic Ltd employees for the products concerned. Reviews do not necessarily express the opinions of The Finchley Clinic Ltd or its employees. They do not represent or replace medical diagnosis, opinion, advice and treatment for any health concerns. Individual results vary.

Customer reviews for Megahydrate Powder 50g

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by Millie W - Date Added: Monday 2 July 2018
Megahydrate has reduced the burning sensations in my back due to spinal stenosis. I've also notice my head feels ligher, less headaches, and I feel generally more energised. I began to notice as difference by the third day of taking 2 capsules per day***, and I've only been taking it for a week. I've also noticed that I am less thirsty, so it does seem to be hydrating me as well. It's also helped my brother who recommended it to me after it greatly increased his energy. ***[Note from The Finchley Clinic - not everyone benefits this quickly]
by Ian G - Date Added: Thursday 22 March 2018
Unique value with immediate benefit in mental clarity, mental stamina, and feeling of being "clean" and balanced. Seems to store water in my body and only release when my body has made full use of water. Eg I urinate fairly dark urine even after maybe 2 litres of treated water each morning. Takes maybe 2 hours before I urinate a second time. Contrasting with frequent light coloured urine soon after drinking water. Pretty good indicator that water is penetrating cells. Filling them fully, then taking on toxins fully before being excreted. Also I get a subtle and enjoyable boost of energy that feels smooth and natural ....See full review
by Mandy J - Date Added: Tuesday 4 July 2017
My Husband and I swear by these tablets. I have suffered with acid reflux for years and been on prescription tablets that have never really elivated the problem totally.....then I found Megahydrate. Not only has it eradicated my acid reflux, my Husband and I have found them to give increased energy, mental alertness, my hair has thickened, my nails are stronger and both seem to grow more quickly. In a nutshell, they are worth every penny and we could not be without them. Thank you the Finchley Clinic for stocking them!
by ANTONIOS A - Date Added: Friday 2 June 2017
I am amazed from the results of megahydrate. I never felt such hydration before. My body ask for it. It is life saving, in relation with the problem of toxins and heavy metals within our bodies. I feel that it gave me great help with psoriasis I had in my hands. Antonios
by Rossitsa (ID 31183) A - Date Added: Wednesday 17 May 2017
The Best thing i have ever tried. Feel hydrated, more energetic and cannot go without it.
by Lynn W - Date Added: Friday 5 May 2017
I am definitely dehydrated and bad at taking enough liquids. Took this ongoing and more during a long flight, and did not feel as washed out as I would normally.
by Jeremy J - Date Added: Tuesday 4 October 2016
I have used Megahydrate for the past 15 years. This product is peerless as there is nothing else like this in the marketplace that cascades such a high antioxidant negative charge. This product enables me to train without ever getting a stitch or cramps and it increases the intensity of my training programme giving me increased energy throughout the day. You must hydrate well with this product. Its particularly good when travelling to empty a capsule into apple or orange juice of any other water soluble supplement as it increases penetration and absorption of nutrients.
by Olga R - Date Added: Friday 13 May 2016
Goodness in a pot..I take 2-4 capsules a day with Dr Patrick Flanigans' crystal water I felt surprisingly instantly light on foot which certainly gave me more energy and a positive pulse forward and upward in my life. Great to find a UK outlet for this superior supplement.
by Jessie S - Date Added: Thursday 25 February 2016
I have been taking Megahydrate for about 10 months and I feel a major difference in terms of energy and hyration. I normally take 2 in the morning and a second dosage in the afternoon if I'm doing a lot of mental work. You need to drink a lot of water for megahydrate to work its magic. For better absorption, you can open the pills into a glass of water, wait for a few minutes and drink it up. It makes you pee more because the water has an increased ability to rid your body of unwanted substances. I feel this is the best way to detox. I have taken extra megahydrate on occasions where I have a headache, lacked sleep, going for a night out, on long haul flights. It makes a difference so n ....See full review
by Mark B - Date Added: Saturday 12 December 2015
Good product really puts a pep in your step, I wouldn't do without it now, only downsides it is a tad pricey and the gasses in the pot can cause the seal to pop when you open it...
by Alenka S - Date Added: Wednesday 12 August 2015
Very good product. My skin looks healthier and smoother, although I have lost 5 kilos. I have more energy. I take 2 pills per day in the morning.
by Karolina K - Date Added: Sunday 2 August 2015
The BEST supplement on the market. I feel HUGE difference, it's much better than others health supplements and I have tried many. I highly recommend MEGA HYDRATE. My stress went down, I am full of energy. I feel and I look better. I am about to make another order. Many thanks to the team from Finchley Clinic for making it available for international customers in Europe.
by Marina B - Date Added: Thursday 2 February 2012
Hi. It's me again, Marina B. from Slovenia. Another testimonial from one of my customers: »In the last year I was subjugated to a chemotherapy treatment because of a recurrence of a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. I've tolerated very badly this aggressive treatment, so I've decided to interrupt it. I am continuing with only a kind of maintenance therapy with biologic and various complementary therapies (bio-energy therapy, detoxyfication of the body, Ayurvedic diet, food supplements). Half a year ago I started to use MegaHydrate. Gradually I've increased the dosage and in that moment I use 3 capsules of MegaHydrate per day. I feel very good, I have a lot of energy even for walking to the hills. ....See full review
by Marina B - Date Added: Monday 30 January 2012
I am from Slovenia and have a customer who has reported the following back to me: »It's two months as I am using MegaHydrate. In the beginning I felt a delicate pain in my liver. After a month the pain disappeard. I feel to have more energy now which helps me to work the whole day. In this period I see everyone in my family has viruses, but not me. Thank you for this wonderful product. M.J. Slovenia«. But my own experiences with MegaH and MegaHydrate are as follows: My testiomonials for MegaH. »More than 10 years ago I was a faithful user of MicroHydrin, a product of dr. Patrick Flanagan, named with a new name MegaH now, which helped me to get rid myself of a tough kind of d ....See full review
by Mark H - Date Added: Tuesday 24 May 2011
An excellent product. I have noticed an increase in energyand a general feel good factor since using MegaHydrate. I shall certainly keep this product on my regualar shooping list and reccomend you do too!
by Marina B - Date Added: Saturday 4 December 2010
Hi everyone. I've met with this Flanagan's product a lot of time ago, when in Europe it was still known under the name MicroHydrin. After the change of the ingredients in Europe and the renaming in Active-H I wasn't so pleased. The outputs and the results were not the same as before with MicroHydrin. So I searched and found The Finchley clinic, which led the original Flanagan MicroHydrin, now named MegaHydrate in Europe. Many thanks for this to all the staff of The Finchley Clinic. I'm so excited about this product that I've created also a website which is dedicated to this product only. The address of the website is
Displaying 1 to 16 (of 16 reviews)
These comments are the unsolicited and unedited personal views of the customers who have written the reviews. They should not be taken as health claims or representations by The Finchley Clinic Ltd employees for the products concerned. Reviews do not necessarily express the opinions of The Finchley Clinic Ltd or its employees. They do not represent or replace medical diagnosis, opinion, advice and treatment for any health concerns. Individual results vary.