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These comments are the unsolicited and unedited personal views of the customers who have written the reviews. They should not be taken as health claims or representations by The Finchley Clinic Ltd employees for the products concerned. Reviews do not necessarily express the opinions of The Finchley Clinic Ltd or its employees. They do not represent or replace medical diagnosis, opinion, advice and treatment for any health concerns. Individual results vary.
by Selamawit A - Date Added: Tuesday 17 January 2017
OptiBac Probiotics One-Week-Flat (Formerly For a flat stomach) - 28 sachets / 4 week supplyI gave OPtibac a five star!!! I have been on OptiBac probiotics for almost a week, but I noticed a difference in myself strait away after I had the first sachet. I never taught there would be a product that would help me with my IBS, as I have tried so many products on the market, but here you go!!! I am now very happy and healthy. Thank you so much for the wonderful product. Thanks

by Louay A - Date Added: Friday 13 January 2017
Paratrex 120 capsulesI feel that the manufacturer of this product uses top quality ingredients and I have had experience of many of their other products and so I thought i'd give this parasite cleanse a try. Apparently the main herbal ingredients in this product are the ones that are very effective at killing 100 or so varieties of parasites so it is a very effective way at dealing with a parasite problem. I bought two bottles of Paratrex (which is required to cover the 6 weeks needed to kill the parasites) and took the suggested dosage of 3 capsules before breakfast and lunch. I noticed after bowel movements that I would notice what looked to be small worm like entities. So I guess it worked, and am serious ...(more)

by Chris B - Date Added: Thursday 12 January 2017
Suntrex D3 - Vegan Vitamin D3  (2,000 IU)After finding that my new job (working on computers indoors) has depleted my hours in the sunlight (I was a landscape gardener). I have put on pounds. 2 stone to be exact!!! It took me a while to realise what going on, as I keep a good fitness regime and a good diet.That is no good without D3. So to amend my new sloth "lazy peasants" attitude. I tried this. Within 7 days and a slight change in meal timing, I lost 1.5 kilo!!!! Week 2. lost another 2 kilo and my old niggling aches and pains that had recurred have now gone. I wish I understood about this earlier (yes. It's not a vitamin it's a body hormone)and our new lifestyles lack it along with Iodine. Kind regards  ...(more)

by Jane D - Date Added: Wednesday 11 January 2017
Cell Fuzion 120 capsulesHas helped me tremendously with extreme chronic fatigue - both mental and physical- caused by glanudular fever. I was taking a lot of products already like vitamin C and zinc, but I have improved tremendously since I began taking this product. I noticed a big change after taking it for about 2-3 weeks.

by Sarah M - Date Added: Tuesday 10 January 2017
OxyLiftI love Oxylift. I have previously tried another oxygen product but it did not agree with me. I find my skin is much clearer when I use Oxylift and I don't suffer from debilitating PMT. I noticed the benefits of this product after about 1 week where my skin was concerned as I suffer from acne. This is much improved and after 1 month my PMT symptoms were much better. I would definitely recommend this product even if you have not got on with other brands of oxygen drops.

by Ilan S - Date Added: Saturday 07 January 2017
Lavender FormulaThis is my second review for this product as I've just seen a client who suffered from anxiety, depression and panic attacks and was put on a protocol which included the Lavender Formula, Licorice Formula, Liposomal Vitamin C and CBD Oil. I was extremely happy to see that this lady was in great shape, Laughing, joking and feeling extremely positive thanking me for the protocol she was put on. It seems as if all of her symptoms had disappeared and she was back to her normal self. Her mum who was present told me that she started getting better rom the second day following my protocol and made a complete turn in a matter of weeks. If anyone needs help or advice in identifying a specific p ...(more)

by Lee E - Date Added: Friday 06 January 2017
Restore (for Gut Health) 16 fl ozOn our last phone call you recommended both OREA for heavy metal toxins and RESTORE for gut health and i have to say I have NOT felt this good and my mental state and clarity are back to normal for the first time in the last 7 year's. Being ill gives you time, and I spent my time researching and i have come to the conclusion that gut health IS overall good health. Your gut tells the head brain a lot in fact 75% of the feel good hormone serotonin comes from the gut. I want to take this opportunity to thank you personally and your team for giving me my life back, also a big shout out to the Dr Zach Bush who has given us this very important information and the RESTORE that you can get at the fi ...(more)

by CHERILYN M - Date Added: Friday 06 January 2017
Veganzyme 120 capsulesI had been feeling nauseous all the time and even worse after food for about 6 months. I took 2 x veganzyme capsules after each meal and felt very much better after just a few days.

by Thomas B - Date Added: Thursday 05 January 2017
Aerobic Oxygen - 60mlMany years ago I suggested to friends who fly long distance that they use Aerobic Oxygen during the flight in view of the poor air quality in planes. The reports back were remarkable in terms of reduced jet lag and in one case no swollen ankles which had been a feature of long distance flying in his case. As for me, I have used Aerobic Oxygen for many years as I have asthma and live in a polluted part of London. I drink a couple of litres of water a day and I put a few drops of it in every glass. Seems to work.

by Ilan S - Date Added: Tuesday 03 January 2017
Licorice Formula (adrenal maintenance)I have used the Licorice Formula as part of a protocol for some of my clients who suffer from Adrenal Fatigue and Panic Attacks and I am happy to report great result of this product as part of a comprehensive protocol. Licorice Formula played an important role in the recovery of these clients by helping treat the cause for the illness rather than the symptoms. I would highly recommend using this product as an integral part of and possibly the main ingredient of Adrenal Fatigue protocol and the maintenance of the Adrenal Glands.

by Ilan S - Date Added: Tuesday 03 January 2017
Lavender FormulaI have used the Lavender Formula as part of a protocol for some of my clients who suffer from Adrenal Fatigue, Depression, Agoraphobia, Panic Attacks and general high stress levels and I can report superb result of this product especially when combined with other products and the correct nutrition. There is no doubt that without the Lavender Formula, it would have been very difficult to help some of my clients to recover from their condition and enjoy normal life again. I have also helped some clients to come off Anti Depressants and have completely normal life without these terribly damaging pharmaceutical drugs.

by Jessie S - Date Added: Monday 19 December 2016
Medcare (Ozonated Olive Oil) 100mlFor year, I've had a skin fungus/rash growing at the sides of my body which spread to my lower back. I've been to the doctors and they couldn't really tell me what it was. I've been prescribed anti-fungal cream which didn't work and I've tried everything, including spraying apple cider vinegar. I've also put a lot of tea tree oil on my back but nothing worked. I saw an improvement in my condition just after ONE application. I applied it before I went to bed. I have only been using the product for a week and once a day (after my shower). I can tell that the fungus is receding and the marks are getting fainter. For the record, I use products like Megahydrate, Oxylift and ORËÁ on a dail ...(more)

by John F - Date Added: Friday 16 December 2016
Aerobic Oxygen - 60mlI have bought three 60ml altogether. Although I have not yet finished the first 60ml but nonetheless, I can felt the benefits almost immediately. Being a 68 year old male and suffering from a number of chronic conditions and for me this is a very simple way to receive an oxygen boost. I can only describe what I seem to have experienced since taking the recommended dose. Head aches have eased, less pain overall, blood pressure and circulation appear to have improved, I have more energy and vitality,therefore, my mood improves and I feel more positive about the future. I am very pleased that I have discovered Aerobic Oxygen and shall continue with it in the future.

by Luke B - Date Added: Thursday 15 December 2016
Oxy-Powder 120 capsulesWhat can I say? This product certainly works, I recently used this product for a 7 day colon cleanse. My partner in seeing how good this product works, decided she would try it too. We have both noticed an improvement in our general health, and also lost a little weight too, there is flexibility in how you can use Oxy-Powder. My partner and I consider this an excellent product.

by John F - Date Added: Sunday 11 December 2016
Aerobic Oxygen - 60mlExcellent product, very good value for money. I suffer from a number of chronic medical conditions and have to endure unpleasant side effects from prescription medication. Aerobic Oxygen appears to relieve not only some of the side effects but some of the conditions themselves. Obviously I have not mentioned the my conditions as the effects may not be the same for others.

by Peter H - Date Added: Sunday 04 December 2016
Veganzyme 120 capsulesVery good quality! Love these enzymes, added them to my yoghurt and you see it work. Much better then most other ones.

by Chris B - Date Added: Wednesday 23 November 2016
ZeotrexI was concerned about the affects that my amalgam fillings were having on my health. Getting them removed would have been out of the question due to the huge expense. My Grandfather always told me that coriander leaf and parsley were great for detoxing metals from the body. Little did I know that Cilantro is the same thing as coriander or Chinese parsley and Zeotrex is full of the stuff. Combined with the cleaning effect that the zeolites provide for removing toxic heavy metal in this product, Zeotrex has put my mind at rest.

by Simmone G - Date Added: Monday 21 November 2016
Colosan PowderI have used colosan powder and it works fantastic for a good cleansing, I take it at night 3 table spoons with a pint of water and a squeeze of lemon and it works better throughout the night . Don't ever stop making this stuff it saves lives thank u so much

by Mick B - Date Added: Friday 11 November 2016
OptiBac Probiotics For every day EXTRA Strength  30 capsulesThis was one of several probiotics which I have sampled over the last couple of years. It is one which I would recommend. I have found that regular use of such products has helped to improve my digestion and the general well being of my gut. This particular product would rate as one of the better examples. I have tended to find that similarly high quality probiotics have the best results. I now have three products from three different sources which I would recommend and buy which ever is on offer. This is one of them!

by Carol B - Date Added: Thursday 10 November 2016
Aerobic Oxygen - 60mlI took 20 drops 3 times day after few days was feeling a lift. After two weeks I was feeling lots of energy. I now take Aerobic Oxygen everywhere I go.

by DAVID D - Date Added: Wednesday 09 November 2016
Oxy-Powder 120 capsulesOxy Powder is a fantastic product it cleaned out my digestive system in a days with no side effects apart from having to buy more toilet paper:) What it removes from your the lining of your intestine makes your realize how much toxic waste is inside your body. For some of my friends it took a little bit longer to take effect but when it kicked in the noticed the same positive results.

by Chris B - Date Added: Tuesday 08 November 2016
LivatrexCombined with Detoxadine this is one of the best cleansing systems you can try. You will never appreciate the body detox until you try it. The weight loss was just a side effect but the energy boost and mind clarity where a absolute gem. I have never had clearer dreams than when using this. Start small and build up over 4 weeks to stop any mild headaches. You might also get a few spots in the second week but this is just the cleanse getting rid of stuff out of your body. I highly recommend it and the lucid dream after are fantastic.

by George B - Date Added: Monday 07 November 2016
Oxy-Powder 120 capsulesBeen using OXY Powder for about 5 years now. I usually take 5 capsules in one go a day and this gives brilliant results at the toilet! I do this for about 2 weeks and then stop using it. As long as I am eating fibre and drinking plenty of water I am then going to the toilet normally about once or twice a day. I swear by this product. Feel as though it cleans you out immensely. After receiving my latest order last week I felt the results were not as good. Still good bowel movements but not as good as when I first used it. I then read a newsletter from the company that explained how your body can get used to a product after using it a long time. So on the Finchley clinics advice I am going  ...(more)

by Svetlana R - Date Added: Friday 04 November 2016
ThreelacI suffered from candida for years - depression, anxiety,brain fog, joints pains, dandruff, thrush, nail infections, sugar/alcohol cravings, weight gain, insomnia, acne. I really did feel like Threelac saved my life! Within 1st week of taking it ( 2 sachets a day) digestive issues went away, became regular/no more bloating, skin started clearing up, after 2 weeks realised I haven't been eating as much sugar and stopped overeating in general - definitely felt lighter! Brain fog and anxiety went away quite soon too, it took a bit longer (a few months) for joint pains to disappear. Sadly I stopped taking it at some point and due to diet high in sugar and alcohol candida is back with some of the  ...(more)

by James E F - Date Added: Thursday 03 November 2016
Suntrex D3 - Vegan Vitamin D3  (2,000 IU)Taste nice more energy and brain flog has gone.going to up the dose to see if it heals my hip joint

by Hazel A - Date Added: Wednesday 02 November 2016
NADH 20mg - 60 Sublingual TabletsNADH works brilliantly for me. I recently had a relapse of M.E / severe fatigue after a flu virus. This product has helped get me going again. It's a shame it's so expensive but I't definely works.

by Oscar Z - Date Added: Tuesday 01 November 2016
OxyLiftI was using Cellfood before. I bought one bottle of Oxylift because of the price difference to try it out. I used it for a whole month and I frankly found it better tasting and stronger somehow, besides I found that the bottle drips better saving on cost. Now I am ordering 3 to save even more.

by Diana G - Date Added: Monday 31 October 2016
Oxy-Powder 120 capsulesHaving MS my life seemed laxative driven resulting in permanent discomfort. For the past couple of months I have taken one Oxy Powder pill per night and it has the desired effect without any discomfort. They worked gently, with no frightening urgency and one pill seemed to work more or less straight away. As far as I am concerned they are excellent and my life has been much improved. Pity they are not available on NHS prescription! The difference they have made to my life means I will happily keep buying them.

by Graeme C - Date Added: Saturday 29 October 2016
Sublingual Unique B12 1000 mcg with Folic acid and B6  - 90 day supplyI've been taking these 1000mcg B12 tablets for over 2 years now. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with Miller Fisher Syndrome, which is a neurological disease where your immune system attacks your nerve fibres following a simply infection or bout of flu. It was pretty serious stuff. I couldn't walk and was in hospital for 2 weeks. I couldn't see properly for 6 months! I did a fair bit of research and discovered B12 is part of the "repair crew" for nerve coverings. So I asked my Neurologist if B12 would help. He said it wouldn't do any harm. So I started these tablets, 1 per day. I do get nerve "flare ups" with burning sensations etc, but since starting the tablet ...(more)

by Anthony L - Date Added: Friday 28 October 2016
Oxy-Powder 120 capsulesInitially I found that 1 capsule worked brillianely to begin with. Gradually I had to increase the dosage as lower amounts didn't work any. These days I seem to need 4 capsules. This dosage does work, but I just went to get advice from the The Finchley Clinic, and they recommended me to alternate between Oxy-Powder, Colosan and Mag 07 to prevent my body getting used to the product. Apparently this is a known problem for a small proportion of people, but alternating between the products usually prevents them from gradually becoming less effective.

by Maria B - Date Added: Thursday 27 October 2016
CandizolvIn common with many people suffering from chronic candidiasis, I don't have a 'straighforward' picture, so this can't be a review exclusively of one product. I took Candizolv at two capsules a day for a month, and am currently on the month off. I can't say I feel any better... *BUT*... reading my diary for last Monday and Tuesday, I moved about 8 tons of gravel [the drive now looks very nice], went shopping, planted a dozen plants and seven lots of bulbs and spread bark around the area I'd planted. Before starting the anti-candida regime, my diary would likely have read "went shopping", as that would be as much as I could cope with earlier this year. So although I don't re ...(more)

by Anna B - Date Added: Thursday 27 October 2016
Aloe Gold Natural 485mlI was recommended to try Aloe Vera to help with constipation and digestive upset caused by diverticular disease and after doing some research found this to be one of the best quality products available. I found that it does have a calming effect on my digestion however I did find that it also had a pretty strong detoxing effect too causing headaches and brain fogginess which personally was quite strong for me so I have not continued using it until my body is stronger. I would recommend for the overall calming effects on the digestive system and will try again in the future.

by Anna B - Date Added: Thursday 27 October 2016
Colosan Capsules - 120 CapsI have used Colosan capsules on and off over the past few years, I switched to the capsules from the powder form for convenience. Personally I found the powder form more effective although stopped using it as I didn't like the chalky taste! I find that I can experience quite strong reactions to the product when taking higher doses so usually stick to just one or two capsules and would recommend building up to a higher dose if you have a sensitive system.

by Anna B - Date Added: Thursday 27 October 2016
Vitasorb B12 15mlI follow a pretty strict diet lacking in B vitamins and have noticed a positive difference since taking this product. My energy levels have increased and I don't feel as much tension in my body.

by Anna B - Date Added: Thursday 27 October 2016
Nutrisorb MolybdenumI have been using this product along with Oxy-Powder whilst doing a cleanse recently and have found it has relieved some of the brain fog and other unpleasant symptoms I expect when cleansing. I've been using 1 drop a day and will continue to do so after the cleanse. As it's such a small bottle, I've forgotten to take it on a number of occasions however I do feel mentally clearer when I do - I've now set myself a daily reminder!

by Anna B - Date Added: Thursday 27 October 2016
Oxy-Powder 120 capsulesOver the years I've used a variety of oxygen based colon cleansers but have personally always experienced reactions to them so had given up on using them. Increasingly frustrated with all my digestive issues, I noticed Oxy-Powder on the website and decided to give it a try and I'm so glad I did. I started with a very small dose and have slowly increased to effect a real cleanse and have never once experienced any sort of weird reaction but with successful cleansing results. It feels like a much more gentle product and although it's very effective at doing it's job, doesn't feel as harsh as other products I've tried. I wouldn't usually write a review for a product however having been using th ...(more)

by Chris B - Date Added: Saturday 22 October 2016
Samento 15mlI was given Samento as a gift from a friend after mentioning a long term knee complaint I had. I was amazed at the difference it maid in just two weeks. I followed the Samento dosage suggestions and could not believe the results. This is a great natural solution to joint problems. I highly recommend it.

by Tak Chuen L - Date Added: Saturday 22 October 2016
Optibac Probiotics For Every Day EXTRA Strength 90 capsulesSInce I started taking it daily, my digestion improved slowly but steadily. I lost my belly which turned out to be a bloated stomach. I did lose some weight but most importantly is the fact that I am now less bloated and 'feel' healthier.

by Elin D - Date Added: Friday 21 October 2016
Oxy-Powder 120 capsulesOh my goodness, this has been a life changing product for me. I have taken it regularly for over 7 years after the initial full colon cleanse (which colon irrigation could not move!). I take a maintenance dose of 2 capsules every other day and it works 99% of the time. I have been slightly worried that it could be detrimental over a long period but I recently discussed this with a colon specialist who assured me that there is no problem taking this product long term. I have recommended it to family members who now also use it and are equally impressed by the results.This is a life long supplement for me!

by Andrew F - Date Added: Thursday 20 October 2016
CandizolvI bought this for my son who had problems with his gut by way of bad gas and odours which wouldn't subside whatever he took. The docs did various tests but could find nothing. He started taking Candizolv taking 2 caps per day as directed. After one week the digestive system was functioning properly and the symptoms subsided. Once he finished the course, the symptoms returned gradually but not as severe as before. This has remained that way. It is a case of trial and error and he is now moving onto 5 lac.

by Sheena H - Date Added: Tuesday 18 October 2016
Saccharomyces boulardii (formerly OptiBac Probiotics For bowel calm) 16 capsI had diarrhoea for 6 months! And had tried various supplements which, whilst improving things a little, did nothing to cure the problem. Then, last month I tried S. Boulardii and had success in under 4 weeks! My regime is one S. Boulardii, one Every Day probiotic (with L.acidophilus Rosell-52 + Fructooligosaccharides) and one Veganzyme, three times a day with food. My GP had thought I might have had campylobacter but it never showed up in any tests. I voluntarily stopped taking anything with sugar in it, carbs like potatoes which would turn to sugar in my system, and milk.

by Devorah K - Date Added: Tuesday 18 October 2016
CandizolvI used Candizolv for one month, and it seemed to help quite a lot (main symptoms are chronic fatigue and dizziness). However 3 weeks after stopping it, my symptoms started gradually returning. The suppliers recommend taking it every other month for 6 months in stubborn cases, however I am wondering whether I would be better taking it continuously for a while, and am currently contemplating doing that. I have also used The Finchley Clinic's Thyme Formula, and this product also helped, but the symptoms eventually returned when I stopped using this as well. So probably I am one of those people who needs to continuously taking something to control my candida symptoms. In fairness, readers  ...(more)

by Tatiana F - Date Added: Saturday 15 October 2016
Colosan PowderColosan Powder is my best friend for detox days. Over three years together with my husband we follow 5:2 diet promoted by Michael Mosley: 5 days a week we have normal food, 2 days we have one light meal in the middle of the day. We call these two days D-day, Detox-day. A night prior the D-Day we have very light dinner, and before sleep take 1tea spoon of Colosan mixed in 200ml of water. Immediately followed by juice from ½ lemon mixed with 150-200 ml of water. The same repeat nest day before sleep. Using t this “formula” twice a week we can control our weight in norm and enjoy our favourite food 5 days a week. Problem with chronicle constipation disappeared as well as bloating. Wat ...(more)

by Tatiana F - Date Added: Saturday 15 October 2016
Detox Foot Pads™ 100% OrganicDetox foot pads are famous as overnight detox support. To get the best results I would advice to follow Moon calendar: the best result you achieve using 5 nights before Full Moon and 5 nights before New Moon. Water regime is very important. Herbal teas: ginger+lemon, camomile, raspberry (buy in LIDL frozen berries) – your aim is to liquidise mucus to intensify activity of the Foot Patch. I am an accountant. 55 years age. Often I have pain and tension on my shoulders after long hours in front of computer. Emergency remedy my for shoulders / neck pain: after long hot shower or hot bath seal symmetrically patches on both shoulders over-night and cover shoulders/neck with woollen scarf. Take ...(more)

by Jos V - Date Added: Tuesday 11 October 2016
OxyLiftHomeopath originally recommended Cellfood from my 5 year old son (ASD, gluten/dairy intolerant, loose stools, low muscle tone) but opted for OxyLift since it is vegan. Stools have greatly improved since he got to 2 drops x 3 times daily. He is now at 5 drops x 3 times daily and drinks it with r.o. water without any problem.

by Diccon W - Date Added: Monday 10 October 2016
CandizolvWhen I first tried Candizolve last year I had severe diaroeh almost immediately. I returned to it again this year. I had quite intense side effects from it. I felt quite sick and sluggish throughout the month and the following month also as it stays in your system for a further month after you finish the capsules. Did it work? My symptoms feel better. I feel like I'm getting constant die off now. For those of you who are interested I have done two cleanses using the rival Candida cleanse which I felt were slightly more effective than the Candizolve. I am realising now that you need a complete lifestyle change to beat Candida. I have had to look at my own feelings of self worth, and the guilt ...(more)

by Lynn M - Date Added: Friday 07 October 2016
Nutrisorb MolybdenumAs someone who has suffered from candida for over 20 years I have taken this product for several years in combination with Thyme, Wild Endive and later with Fivelac/ Threelac. I am prone to ' die off' reactions and Wild Endive Formula has helped with the muscle pains and ' brain fog' and works within a few days. I regularly took 1 drop a day but increased this to 2 drops for a week or so if I was having a bad reaction as I found this helped. It is easy to overlook this product and whilst I was writing my reviews for Wild Endive Formula, Thyme Formula and Threelac I forgot to mention it. It is worth trying and a small bottle does last quite a long time and is inexpensive.

by Lynn M - Date Added: Friday 07 October 2016
Threelac CapsulesAs someone who has suffered from candida for over 20 years I have Threelac for 2 years in combination with Thyme Formula and Wild Endive Formula I much prefer the capsules to the sachets and found them to be just as effective. I took 2 capsules twice a day. Taken regularly I have much less vaginal thrush which used to be a major problem for me. I also found it helped with my acne which is much better. I did try Fivelac for a few months some time ago but did not feel that this was any more effective. I usually feel really ill in the Autumn as I react to atmospheric moulds. Last year I had very little reaction which I attribute to Threelac taken regularly as I had not changed anythin ...(more)

by Lynn M - Date Added: Friday 07 October 2016
Wild Endive Formula (replaces Bayberry Formula)As someone who has suffered from candida for over 20 years I have taken this product for several years in combination with Thyme and later with Fivelac/ Threelac. It is a very effective product and helped with bloating, muscle pains & reactions to moulds ( I avoid yeast an any fermented products but also react to atmospheric moulds) fatigue and 'brain fog'. I don't recall exactly how long it started to work but think that it was certainly within a couple of weeks. I am prone to ' die off' reactions but as long as I took Bayberry Formula and when it was reformulated, the replacement Wild Endive Formula, I did not have any problems, although sometimes had to increase the dosage for  ...(more)

by Lynn M - Date Added: Friday 07 October 2016
Thyme Formula (Replaces Golden Seal Formula F)As someone who has suffered from candida for over 20 years I have taken this product for several years in combination with Bayberry Formula (then its replacement, Wild Endive Formula) and later with Fivelac/ Threelac. I took 2 capsules twice a day as directed. It is a very effective product and helped with bloating, vaginal thrush, muscle pains & reactions to moulds ( I avoid yeast an any fermented products but also react to atmospheric moulds) and fatigue. I am prone to ' die off' reactions but as long as I took Bayberry did not have any problems, although sometimes had to increase the amount of Bayberry for a short time. I did find that when I reduced the dose or tried to sto ...(more)

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