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Payment Options

Shipping and Returns

Delayed Orders Within the UK

If you selected first or second class post, your package is not trackable and does not have a specific or guaranteed delivery date.  On occasion, we have had goods show up as long as 4 weeks after we sent them in good faith by 1st class mail, and for some years, our record was 7 weeks. However in November 2014 this record was broken when a customer phoned us to say that a missing order had been delivered 6 months later!

Bearing this in mind, 2nd class orders will not be re-sent sooner than 15 working days, and missing 1st class orders will not be sent sooner than 10 working days from the shipping date. If there have been any bank holidays or postal strikes during this period, this will also be taken into account. This is why we strongly recommend selecting Guaranteed Delivery if your order must arrive by any particular date.

If missing goods have to be re-sent we ask that you have the integrity to let us know if it shows up later. You can then either arrange payment if you want to keep them, or arrange to send the goods back to us (we will of course refund your shipping costs in this situation). Replaced goods will have 'replacement' written on the package so you are aware that this is not the original lost item that has arrived late.

Delayed Orders Outside the UK where "Air Mail Non Trackable" has been selected

If you selected "air mail non trackable - no refund in event of loss" as your shipping method unfortunately this means what it says. Usually the goods DO show up, but once the order has been sent there is no point in contacting us for tracking information because as we explained when the option was selected, it's not insured or trackable, and we do not issue refunds in the event of loss. This is why we make every customer who selects this option digitally sign an agreement prior to the completion of their order accepting that there would be no refund if the goods did not arrive and accepting that there is no tracking.

Delayed Orders Outside the UK where a signed for service has been selected

If you select this shipping method, someone has to be available to sign for the goods, though sometimes the shippers leave the goods with a neighbour who signs for it. If nobody is in, they should leave a note, though they sometimes customers claim they never got one. Either way, if you have not received your goods after about two weeks, feel free to contact us. If the delivery agents report back to us that they attempted delivery but you were not in, we may need you to contact them to arrange re-delivery. Where goods have been sent by regular signed-for air mail, we will not replace goods for 28 days from the date of shipment, as they are not considered lost by Royal Mail unless 28 days have elapsed. Where courier has been selected, we don't have a precise replacement policy, as in our experience the couriers never lose packages and always deliver quickly - that's why you pay more for the service.


Any claims for non delivered items must be made within 4 weeks of dispatch (UK) and 8 weeks (non UK).

Wrong Address

It is the customers responsibility to enter / select the correct full address when they place an order. If a customer gives us the wrong or incomplete address for their shipment, such as an address they no longer live in, the wrong country, the wrong post code, or a place that does not even exist (yes, even this has happened on occasion), we will not refund the goods if they get lost. Also, if you change address and have not changed the shipping address on your account, we will not replace goods that have been lost, as this is a result of customer error rather than our error!

Shipping Goods Out Of The EU

If you are purchasing goods from outside of the EU, please note the following:-

  • Some countries have very stringent laws and will not allow food supplements, vitamins etc into their countries. If  the goods are returned, we will gladly refund the cost of the products, but not our shipping cost. In practise this almost never occurs, but we need to mention it nonetheless.
  • We are not liable for any items that are seized, lost or confiscated by any foreign government outside of the UK. This also occurs incredibly rarely, but we need to mention it nonetheless.
  • We are not liable for any tariffs, import duties or international taxes imposed outside the European Union.

How To Send Goods Back:

This is what you need to know if you want to return goods to us:

  • If you send good back to use, the risk of damage to or loss of the goods in transit shall pass from us as the seller to you as the buyer. For this reason we recommend you to package the goods well, and use a trackable service.
  • By law customers within the European Union also have the right to withdraw from the purchase of any unused, unsealed items within seven working days of the day after the date the item is delivered, and have them refunded if they are returned to the supplier. In practise, The EU regulations are irrelevant because we actually allow returns of unused, unsealed items sent within 60 of delivery anyway (except sale items which are strictly refundable within 7 days only).
  • We do not return our outgoing shipping and processing costs or the customer's cost for shipping goods back to our warehouse unless the goods are being returned due to an error on our part.  We charge £5 charge or 10% of the order value (whichever is the greater sum) to cover these costs.
  • Items sent outside of the EU: We do not offer refunds for goods returned to us from outside of the EU. This is because we typically get charged import tariffs to re-import goods, and by the time we have paid those, and taken off our outgoing shipping and processing costs, and the customer has paid to send the goods back, the customer usually ends up with virtually nothing refunded.
  • Occasionally we have had customers spending a large amount of time consulting with us for our advice, ignoring this advice and returning the goods. In this situation, we reserve the right to take into account a consultation charge in the issuing of any refund.
  • Please help us identify you. We are unable to guess who returned goods came from, even though customers seem to credit us with this skill from time to time. You must include a note with your name and post code written clearly with the package, or better still include the original invoice or a copy of it. 

Returns Address :

The Finchley Clinic (returned items)
C/O Circle Logistics Services Ltd.
Units 5, 6 & 7
Headley Park 8
Headley Road East
Woodley, Berkshire
United Kingdom

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