Survey of 101 Users of OxyLift
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Survey of 101 Users of OxyLift

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©2004 By Leeda Bucyniak. All Rights Reserved. This e-document has been re-published with the kind permission of the authoress.

Note: Individual results always vary. Users with best reports followed label directions on a daily basis for an extended period. Users not following label directions or couldn't be bothered to take it properly showed least results. No adverse safety effects were reported. The most common improvements reported were in the areas of energy, digestion, and elimination.

  1. “OxyLift is a very good product. It is working in concurrence with other things. I started taking it eight months ago and it has lived up to my expectations. I do not recall having any bad results from using it. No negative results. It definitely gives me an energy boost and it is noticeable enough. It has changed my breathing most of all. It has increased my lung capacity a bit and I feel that more air is going into my lungs. I wasn’t on medication so I did not see that the OxyLift had changed them. My overall opinion of it is that it is a great product. I would recommend to my friends and continue to use it.” M.M. New York.
  2. “I started taking OxyLift one year ago. I have had really good results with it. In fact I started selling a lot of it as it is so good. I get a lot of re-orders and when people get low on the product or desperate I ship it overnight. I have never had any negative results from using it, neither have my customers. It has greatly changed my energy levels and improved my mental clarity. The same can be said for my stamina and endurance. OxyLift is better than I could have imagined. I will always use it.” T.M. MI
  3. “OxyLift is good. I need it because I have congestive heart failure. I also take ozone water. I started taking it about three-four months ago but did not take it so regularly. But it does boost my energy and it has helped my breathing as well. I am pleased with OxyLift as it helped my low energy levels.”D.T. CA
  4. “OxyLift is much stronger than the other products similar to this. I started to take it about nine months ago and it really lived up to my expectations. I noticed that it changed my energy levels and breathing as well. That includes my stamina and endurance and I get more mileage out of my day. The other thing that I noticed is that it has helped my process of elimination, which is easier now. I liked it so much that I sell it to other people and they all tell me how it has helped them. They all say that their energy levels are so much better. I think that the OxyLift is a brilliant dietary supplement. I will always take it. Everyone I know that takes it say that they really love it.”K.R. CA
  5. “I had really bad food poisoning. I was really sick so I remembered the OxyLift and started to use it. The minute it hit my system, which was in august 2003, (I will never forget it) it knocked it right out. It killed the germ immediately. I got my strength back. If it wasn’t for the OxyLift, I would have had to go to the hospital. I never do a thing without it now. Even if someone sneezes I take it straight away to protect myself. I am so pleased as I got stronger. It also helped my breathing, digestion and elimination. Before I took OxyLift I was sluggish and run down. The OxyLift puts me on a high and pumps me up. I never use Meds now. The Meds build up in the system. OxyLift is an excellent product, I don’t need Meds but I will always use it.”S.R. TX
  6. “I started using it about six months ago. I find that the OxyLift is really helpful. I give it to friends and they feel stronger. One of my friends gives it to her kids. I use about ten drops three times per day. One thing I have noticed is that I did not get a cold this year. Overall OxyLift is a very good product.”R.S. CA
  7. “It is hard to tell what it does since I started taking it in October 2003 but one thing I can say is that it gives me more energy.”E.Y. MI
  8. “I switched to a product called Cellfood, only because I could get it at the local health food store. There was no other reason. I noticed though that the Cellfood irritates the throat which the OxyLift doesn’t. I am moving and if the OxyLift is at the store I will get that instead.”B.S. OR
  9. “I started taking it six weeks ago and I think it is too soon to tell what the results will be, but I sure feel different.”D.S. CA
  10. “OxyLift, thank you for being my salvation. Now that I have been taking OxyLift for over six months, I have more energy than I have had in a decade. The wonderful unexpected effects have been many. Fewer migraine headaches and a much stronger “second wind” than I had dared to dream of in way too many years. I have also noticed a delightful decrease in the number and duration of the hot flashes associated with my menopause that I have been dealing with for over twenty years. I have never been the type of person that has responded to supplements of any type. When friends would get a B-12 shot for energy, all I would get is a sore arm. I have tried many types of supplements and vitamin combinations, etc to no avail and with an unheard-of cost. So OxyLift truly seems like a miracle for me. If I do not take OxyLift for even a couple of days, I notice a large and immediate difference in my energy level and overall sense of well being. Therefore I wish you a long and profitable existence. For purely selfish reasons I need you around forever.”J.K.
  11. “OxyLift reduces the severity of my colds. I have had positive results with it and it lives up to what I had heard. ”C.B MS
  12. “I like the way OxyLift works and it gives me more energy. I haven’t always been constant with it, but I do take eight-to-twelve drops three times a day. It is better than coffee. A few times when getting a cold I have avoided getting one. It helps my digestion and seems to burn my food more thoroughly. The same is true for my intestines. Cleans me out. I have noticed that my skin is softer and my mental clarity is better, it is easier for mental gymnastics. More people should know about it and I think students and kids should take it.”B.P. WI
  13. “I took it to boost my health and OxyLift is an excellent product. I have tried a lot of oxygen products and I like this one the best since taking it for about three-to-six months. It us easier to take and has a good taste. I carry it with me and keep a bottle in the car. It gives me more energy and I have more mental clarity. I also sleep about ten percent less. I now take a maintenance dose of about nine drops in the morning and I take it to protect against toxins and pollution.”D.J. CA”
  14. “Our bodies feel clearer and the physical and mental state is absolutely amazing since taking it. We never get flu’s since the family started taking it. I have noticed that my digestion and elimination had improved as well. There has been a wonderful change in my complexion as well. OxyLift is a wonderful product. I recommend it to all my friends. Thank you OxyLift.”M.W. FL
  15. “OxyLift has helped my general well being. I can say that it works for me. I take three drops twice a day.”C.D., CA
  16. “I think OxyLift is really good. I take other things as well but I still take twenty-two drops per day and I like the way that it tastes. I would much rather do this than peroxide.”S.P., PA
  17. “It’s great and I just feel the difference with it even though I only take a couple of drops.”T.A., NY
  18. “I really love the OxyLift. I have had chronic fatigue. My energy has increased, I have overall better health. My symptoms have gone away, that includes PMS and food cravings. So many little things have gone away as well. Since I was a little girl, I had problems with digestion and being bloated. My shoulder muscle tension has gone and the lumps on my neck have gone. With fifteen drops, the pains in my back go away. When I get the fibromyalgia pains, I take fifteen drops and in about fifteen minutes the pain is gone. OxyLift has improved my ability to break down food and I get less gas. On top of that, my mental clarity has improved. I have an autistic son and he seems to be remembering words and has better clarity. My skin is bright and glowing. I would recommend OxyLift to everybody.”D.W.,NJ
  19. “I feel more clear-headed with the OxyLift. I take about eight drops three times per day and my breathing is getting better.”C.B., PA
  20. “I like the OxyLift as it is great when I use it as an after shave lotion. Cuts heal when I apply it topically. ”A.B., CA
  21. “OxyLift had helped me recover quickly if I feel a cold coming on or to maintain general well being. I take it as I get results. My energy and breathing is better. It is an excellent product and it seems to be an immune system. I noticed results from the first time I started taking it.”M.Z., NJ
  22.  “Ninety-to-ninety five percent of my stomach problems have gone. There has been a drastic change in the function of my lower bowel. In the P.M. dose I get explosive movements.”L.R.,CA
  23. “When I lift weights my work outs are better. My energy, mental clarity and digestion have improved. I will keep taking it. ”T.L.,OH
  24. “I started taking OxyLift about three and a half years ago. I love it, it is just wonderful. I can’t get through my day without it. I always carry it with us on travels, at lunch and I tell everyone about it. It is great on canker sores and spider bites. My energy is much better, so is I my digestion and elimination. I also noticed that my thinking is much clearer. I just LOVE OxyLift. I really LOVE it and won’t do without it.”L.P., CA
  25. “I really enjoy taking the OxyLift. I have fewer allergies. When my husband saw an improvement in me, he started taking it and he feels better as well. My digestion and elimination is better now, more regular and my stamina is so much better. I think it is a wonderful product and will always take it.”J.M.,OR
  26. “I started taking it about three months ago and I have been very religious with taking the OxyLift. I take about ten drops three times each day. I noticed that my digestion and elimination are better, I can’t say how, it just helps and is better. I have HIV, so I cannot really say if it helps my energy, but it is a good product.”L.L,NY
  27. “I am a Wellness consultant and I know about health matters. I feel that it has cleansed me and although I was healthy it seemed to make me feel better somehow. I have taken it for about five months and have definitely had an improvement in my energy. The same is true of my digestion and elimination and is better than before; more enhanced. I noticed a difference in my complexion as well as my stamina and mental clarity. I like it a lot.”K.E.,FL
  28.  “I have been using the OxyLift for two years and I use it to expand respiration as I am a singer. It helps that. I also feel a good sense of energy when taking it.”I.N.,FL
  29. “OxyLift helps acne a lot when used externally. It has helped me with my acne so I am pleased about that.”B.R., IL
  30.  “I have been using OxyLift for about a year and I notice quite a difference when I stop taking it. My energy levels are much better and I do not get that lull after eating now. My digestion is so much better too. The main difference is I definitely notice a change when I stop taking it.”J.W.,AZ
  31. “I stopped taking the OxyLift when I got pregnant, but I will definitely start taking it after the birth. It gave me a lot of energy, significantly so.”I.W.,NY
  32. “I take the OxyLift first thing in the morning and I feel energized all day long. My husband and I are dancers and we find that it helps us dance more. My digestion is somewhat better and I do not have to use so many laxatives. My complexion is clearer and my hair is not as grey as it used to be. I am seventy-one years old and I have four daughters and one son. I believe that I have more energy than all of them.”S.S., OK
  33. “I truly feel that my oxygen metabolism increased twenty percent. I am not so fatigued after a work out. I don’t have to gasp as much during exercise. OxyLift replaces coffee and gets me on the go. If I get tired I use a few drops and it immediately helps. Friends say they don’t sleep so good when they take it.”O.W., MI   (Note: OxyLift is best when taken during the daytime)
  34.  “I use it for my clients. The ones that take it say they are doing wonderfully well on it.”V.R, SC
  35. “I take so many things that it is hard to say what it does, but one thing I can say it I would not want to be without it. ”B.T., CA
  36.  “I have an internal cyst and I use it for that twice a day. I haven’t noticed any problems with my borderline asthma when I take it. I feel good about it and tell my friends about it. I shall keep taking it.”D.C., HI
  37.  “I use fifteen drops three times a day. I have Hodgkin’s and I noticed my lymph nodes have gone down. As a cancer patient I needed energy and it has improved. I have more bowel movements as well. If I take it after 6pm, I have trouble sleeping, but I feel that the OxyLift is phenomenal. My breast cancer tumor is breaking up.”C.C., AZ
  38.  “I have noticed that my energy, breathing are better but on the negative side, I can’t take it after 6pm. ”M.C., IL
  39.  “I have more energy and stamina; I don’t tire out as fast during work. When I forget to take OxyLift I don’t feel as ‘with it.’ I have more mental clarity and less of that sleepy feeling and I am able to work longer without getting tired at the end of the work day. It works better than an OTC vitamin and I have found that it is the best way I have found to get the minerals that we need that are missing from our food.”G.S., Texas
  40. “I suppose I wanted to get rid of yeast, I don’t know if I had any results from OxyLift. I was constipated and then it was good. I take herbs and Oxygen Elements Plus as well. I have not used it in 3 months but it generally made me feel better. ”L.B.,MA
  41. “I like it otherwise I would not use it. It did live up to my expectations and I had good results.”L.N. CA
  42. “I take it periodically as I take a bunch of stuff. It gives me more energy. I started taking it about 8-9 months ago and I did have good results from using it. It changed my energy levels. Overall, good stuff.”G.C.,FL
  43. “I have been having treatment for chronic mercury and radiation poisoning for some time. This has included a strict elimination diet, supplementation, colonic irrigation, recent intensive ozone therapy, & other therapies. I have been taking OxyLift since August, 2003 & consider it to be powerful stuff. The most striking thing I have found is that I can bring on "healing crisis" (i.e. rapid elimination of waste from my body) symptoms (e.g. rashes, flu-like symptoms) by increasing my daily dose of OxyLift. This proves to me that it is indeed a powerful internal cleanser. I have learnt to regulate my "healing crisis" symptoms by regulating my daily intake of OxyLift.”J.L., Australia
  44. “I have blood pressure problems. I have been taking the OxyLift for four months. With the OxyLift, I feel a sort of cleansing and I sleep better. My energy is better and I have a better feeling of well being. In the first week of taking I noticed the above. My doses were much higher, like 50 drops. In the evening I noticed that it gives me too much of a boost. But one thing that I and my family noticed is the change and color of my skin. I am a black person and the tone and color of my skin went horrible. Soon after taking the OxyLift it got normal again and lots of people noticed this.”H.A., CA
  45. “I used one bottle and I am very pleased with it. My energy is so much better than before.”N.K., GA
  46. "I take OxyLift everywhere with me.  It is a wonderful companion when traveling or working hard.  It helps keep me energized and protect me from minor illnesses.  It is one of my favorite products.” L.K., New Zealand
  47. “It’s a great product. I’m an airline flight attendant. The OxyLift keeps me from being fatigued especially when I do the long haul. I just did Japan to Hawaii and sailed through it thanks to the OxyLift. All the airline crew uses it for the same reason. We all carry Ed’s book in the airlines. Everyone loves it. It’s a fantastic book. We all love the OxyLift as well. None of us could do without it.”J.D.,FL
  48. “I eat raw foods. I have tons of energy. The OxyLift seems to be okay. If I am on a plane, or energy goes down - that is when I take it. I’m not a great supplement person anyway.”S.F.CO
  49. “I took too much to drink one night. I usually suffer the next day but the OxyLift stopped the hangover straight away. ”J.I., Fl
  50. “It heated me up a little nothing spectacular. See, I had my gallbladder taken out and I have been so sick. It is pretty good stuff though.”A.L.,GA
  51.  “I did use it. I was just curious to use it. I use it and Homozon. My health is not so bad, but I want it better. It’s a good product.”C.L. CA
  52. “OxyLift precipitated some pretty astounding healing crisis. Even at the minimum dose I had to be very careful as I am a really big guy and it is extraordinarily effective even at low doses. It gives me a good clear out, it works quickly. I have to be near a bathroom, I had to stay in day long at some points as it worked so effectively. It is a very good product.”M.L.,CA
  53. “I used it and had good results with it, but as it was such a long time ago that I took it, I can’t recall what they were in detail.”H.L., VA
  54. “I have been using it and I think it is good. Basically it gives more energy. I am basically happy with it; I don’t have any immediate problems. And I would recommend it.”P.L.,OR
  55. “You know I can’t really tell. I had one bottle and it took it on and off. I recommend it to my clients, but I feel pretty good.”E.L.,TX
  56. “I liked the OxyLift, it gave me energy, but I kept forgetting to take it. I like it whenever I take it.”B.L., FL
  57. “I am on my fourth or fifth bottle. It gives a most definite increase in energy. It definitely helps my mental clarity as well. OxyLift it a good product, it really helps me.”J.H., Rochester, NY
  58. “We haven’t used the entire container. When we did use it, we found it very beneficial and stimulating. The only drawback was I needed to be near a bathroom when taking it. I will use it again. It’s good.”M.M.,KS
  59. “I only took about 8 drops a day. I didn’t find any appreciable results. I didn’t use it after that. ”W.D.,FL
  60. “I took it once a day with not much effect. I suppose I should have taken it 3 times a day. It tastes good.”C.C., OR
  61. “I found out about OxyLift through Ed McCabe’s book. It is a great book! I do not use it much as I use Homozon so I cannot say.”J.L., VA
  62. “I am still using it. I think it is okay, not noticed any changes yet. S.S..,CA”
  63. “I have chronic fatigue. I tired Threelac, chronic fatigue and OxyLift. None of them helped me.”J.T.,OR
  64. “I use so many things including the OxyLift so it is hard to say if it has helped me.”H.T.,CA
  65. “OxyLift did not really help me and I am not happy you called.”J.S.,OR
  66. “Sorry, I hardly used it so cannot say.”S. St John., HI
  67. “I am very clean and have a good diet. I don’t feel anything with the OxyLift. I am very healthy so I don’t notice it. But that doesn’t mean to say that others won’t benefit.”I.F.NY
  68. “I have been very sick. I reacted to the OxyLift, it’s not the OxyLift it is me. Everything I take I react to. ”E.F.KY
  69. “I got the OxyLift for family members overseas. They seem happy with it. I will email them and ask them more. ”I.D.,CA
  70. “I stopped taking it. I got no results. I don’t want my time wasted telling you why.”C.M, HI
  71. “Sorry, I never stuck with it.”J.G.TN
  72. “I am doing very well with it, but I prefer to take Homozon. I took it for one month and gave up as I was introduced to Homozon.”R.H., WV
  73. “I took 10 drops twice per day. I did not have good or bad results with it. The ‘jury is still out on it’ It was a doctor that told me about it. I will keep taking it.”J.C.,CA
  74. “Can’t say as OxyLift is taken with tons of other things.”K.Q., FL
  75. “My blood pressure dropped when I took 21 drops. I have never been consistent when taking the OxyLift.”G.P.,NV
  76.  “I started and stopped with the OxyLift so I cannot say. I stopped because I take lots of stuff - that is the only reason.”C.P.,FL
  77.  “Never used it, will try it.”J.M.,FL
  78. “Didn’t get many results because I like Homozon.”R.M.,MI
  79. “I haven’t use it that much as I have intestinal problems. I took one bottle and I didn’t notice anything but I was not taking enough each day. I would like to be supervised when taking it by a practitioner.”M.C.,CA
  80. “I don’t use it but I do sell it and it is selling well.”C.A.,MI
  81. “I have never taken it consistently to say how it helps but I will try.”M.S.,FL
  82. “My overall opinion of OxyLift is not negative but I took 3 bottles and got no results. I did not get good or bad results. ”R.C.,OK
  83. “I got 4 bottles and gave 2 away. I am on a special program and the OxyLift is not a part of it. I haven’t been taking it.”D.B., CA
  84. “I only used OxyLift for a little bit. It is not enough to gage. I hate low energy and I love Ed’s work! ”R.O.,WA
  85. “I was not too faithful with it, so can’t say. I ran out of it.”E.M., FL
  86. “It is hard to say if the OxyLift helps me as I do so much stuff. Sorry I can’t help you.”T. E., IL
  87. “It was all right!”M.P.OR
  88. “Didn’t take it regularly so can’t say if it helped me.”R.G .,FL
  89. “I had more results from reading the book, but my mom had good results with the OxyLift. Ed McCabe’s book is a Bombshell!”S.K.,CO
  90. “I have not been consistent with the OxyLift. I took it as a preventative and did not notice much with it, but then I only took it for a couple of months. Ed’s book is a wonderful book. I hand it to all my friends.”K.K., MI
  91. “The OxyLift was for my brother and he likes it. I didn’t get into it, but I do intend to try it.”M.K.,IN
  92. “I haven’t taken any of it so I cannot say.”S.L.,CA
  93. “I didn’t like it, I stopped taking it as I was having too big a detox and doctors advised me to stop taking it. I have HIV.” J.S.,CA
  94. “I mostly use Oxygen Elements Plus instead of OxyLift. Thanks I am too busy.”E.I., TX
  95. “I bought one bottle and stopped it. I plan to get some more. I am generally healthy. I stopped because I ran out and no other reason. I take a lot of stuff, so I can’t say how it was.”P.L.,CA
  96. “It was alright, a little bit of an energy increase but that’s all. I did not use it for long and stopped taking it. ”N.V., OH
  97. “I am not really sure if I can say much about it. I tried it for a time, three times a day, but I never stayed with it. ”B.H.,VT
  98. “I’m pretty healthy, so I don’t know how much healthier I’m gonna get. I took it last summer and I can’t remember what it did for me. Sorry!”M.K.,PA
  99. “Hydroxygen doesn’t work too well for me. My arrhythmia gets worse when I take it, but it helped my energy a little. The OxyLift doesn’t affect me adversely like the other one and it does not affect my arrhythmia. It seems to give me more energy. ”L.D., MD
  100. “One thing I definitely noticed was the significant boost in endurance and speed when mixing the drops into water. It felt like my legs were moving faster than my mind thought they were moving, due to reduced fatigue. Each sip provided an increased, immediate energy boost, especially noticeable when doing sprint intervals! The next step would be to get into a clinical trial! - J.C TX
  101. “Over months I very slowly worked up to 100 drops a day without any problem. I am more flexible, have better wind, and recover from exercise soreness real quick even though I seldom exercise. Best part is that I have not gotten a cold for years because I take it, even though others I came in contact with always did.”E.M., FL

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