What is Electro-Crystal therapy
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What is Electro-Crystal therapy

Developed in 1983 by biologist/physicist/inventor Harry Oldfield, Electro-Crystal Therapy is an effective holistic method of diagnosing and healing, whereby crystals are stimulated by pulsed high frequency electro-magnetic waves (not electricity!). Blending modern technology with ancient healing knowledge and the natural therapeutic properties of crystals, it is a very safe and gentle form of treatment.
The therapy works by stimulating the natural oscillations of crystals. Crystals are oscillators - meaning that they vibrate when stimulated Electro-magnetically. Essentially that is how the quartz crystal microchips in computers and household gadgets work. We have evidence that this effect may be used to promote healing. The crystals may be stimulated with stimulating, calming or balancing frequencies depending on the problem being treated. The pulses range from 1 cycle per second (1 Hertz), which is very calming, to 45,000 pulses per second (45,000Hertz), which is very stimulating.
Broadly speaking, stimulating frequencies are used for low energy states whilst calming frequencies are used more for pain and inflammation. For a more detailed scientific overview of ECT click here
The crystals are contained in glass or flexible silicon electrodes (the flexible electrodes were designed for convenience as they can be comfortably tied around the body) and each electrode contains about 100 small crystals. A headphone set containing crystals in the earset is used for tinnitus and hearing loss.
Patient Responses: Beneficial outcomes do not require "faith" or "positive thinking". We know this because animals seem to respond equally well as humans to this therapy.I mostly use it for various conditions from getting constant colds and flu's to pain releif and sports injuries to M.E. and general low vitality i.e. chronic fatigue.
For many conditions there are beneficial changes after one or two sessions. However foror long-term problems, a course of 3-5 treatments is necessary before making any evaluation of the therapy.
During the treatment you sit in a comfortable chair, whilst crystal electrodes are placed on the relevant parts of the body, which are then stimulated with the appropriate electro-magnetic frequencies, and you simply relax.