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Xylitol 1kg - Corn free (birch derived) £9.99

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Stock expected within 1-5 working days.
Vegan  Vegetarian  
Reward Points 99
Price £9.99
Get 500 reward points for writing your own review
Stock expected within 1-5 working days.
Vegan  Vegetarian  
Reward Points 99

Larger size of Xyltiol - better value for money than the 250g size bag

  • Xylitol™ is a 100% Xylitol sugar-free natural sweetener. It is not an artificial sweetener. It is derived from a compound called xylan found in birch and other hardwood trees, berries, almond hulls and corn cobs. Artificial sweeteners (saccharine, aspartame, aculsefame etc are all harmful to health).
  • Xylitol not only does not feed candida, it actually has anti candidal effects. So you can now make an anti candidal hot chocolate!
  • Xylitol is a polyol, a substitute for sugar that occurs naturally in some fruits and vegetables.
  • Xylitol™ looks, tastes and feels just like ordinary sugar with no aftertaste, and can be used just like sugar and in equal quantities in hot and cold drinks, on desserts and cereals, and in home-baking.
  • Xylitol™ has a very low Glycaemic Index (GI = 8) so can be used by people on Low-GI Diets.
  • Xylitol™ has the same sweetness as sugar but only 60% of the calories: only 2.4 kcal/g as opposed to 4.0 kcal/g in ordinary sugar.
  • Xylitol™ is suitable for use by Diabetics: Xylitol does not need insulin to be metabolized and does not cause fluctuations in blood-sugar.
  • Xylitol™ Promotes healthy teeth and gums: Unlike sugar, Xylitol is actually good for teeth. It fights plaque by neutralizing plaque acids and stimulates remineralization of tooth enamel. Xylitol specifically inhibits the growth of Streptococcus mutans, the plaque producing bacteria most responsible for causing cavities (dental caries). So Xylitol helps prevent fillings! This is why Xylitol is used extensively in chewing-gum and toothpastes.
  • Xylitol™ also has a prebiotic effect, promoting the growth of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract.
  • Xylitol™ inhibits yeast, therefore it cannot be used to raise yeast in baking.
  • Xylitol™ has a nicer taste than stevia
  • Please note we now sell a corn free only variety marketed as Xylobrit. Most Xylitol brands on the market are derived from corn, which occasionally causes problems with individuals who are allergic to corn.

Please note:

Excess consumption can have a laxative effect. So be careful to begin with. Actually it would be more accurate to state the full facts explained to us by Naturopath Sherrill Sellman, N.D. who has researched and written about it in detail: “Xylitol is not a laxative...although for some people they need more time to make the enzymes necessary to digest a large amount. So, initially, some people may have loose stools if they are sensitive or consume large amounts. If that is the case, they should go slow and then be able to tolerate it over time.”

For a detailed article on Xylitol please click here

Warning: Do not give Xylitol to dogs. Dogs are allergic to Xylitol